You’re a League of Legends Gamer Now… Here’s How You Reach Level 30 Fast!

As they say: you’re in the big leagues now. You’ve graduated from Pac-Man and Mortal Kombat. You’ve played just about every Nintendo 64 and Sega Genesis game ever released. You’re a diehard gamer, and the vintage games were once your wheelhouse that is until you stumbled upon League of Legends. Now that you have entered the world of multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) gaming it is unlike anything you have ever experienced. You’re one of us now, and there’s little chance you’ll ever be the same.

League of Legends (LoL) is the perfect game for gamers who are looking to explore something different – but, not too complicated. Don’t get me wrong; there is a learning curve with LoL, but, it is not as steep as the one experienced by new players of Defense of the Ancients 2 – another favorite MOBA game. One of the things that a player of LoL LOVE about Legends is the excellent design – a blend of fantasy and punk. Another thing that Legends does well is to use their compelling back-stories for characters. As you have already discovered, this game is addictive as all get-out, and you’ve played for any length of time, you can already tell that walking away from your computer is something you almost never want to do. Why eat, sleep or do #2 when you can spend ALL your free time leveling up? It brings us to my next point.

Now that you’re all hooked on LoL, it is time to go from good to vast, and the sky is the absolute limit if you know just what to do. By now, you’re probably itching to graduate from level 2 to level 22, right? You want to play some ranked games and fast, and you’re worried that it could take forever to get there. Most players in LoL are experiencing like you before, and it’s normal.

Maybe. Maybe not. You have options. So you can keep playing as you have been, and it might take weeks or months to get to level 30, or, you could play a little smarter.  Following are three tips that can make your life WAY more comfortable.

The Fastest Ways to Reach Level 30 in LoL 2017

Tip # 1: Win ALL of Your Games

If you want to reach LoL fast, you need to WIN, WIN, WIN! It may not be possible to win ALL of your games, but, you need to win as many as possible. Go for the more straightforward matches when you can. Play bots and other players with fewer skills and experience than you. Keep their hind parts and watch yourself continue to move up the ranks FAST! At this point, your priority is to WIN matches so it will not be as fun or challenging – but that’s ok. You can have all the cake you want when you play against the big boys and girls in the ranked matches!

Tip # 2: Buy an XP Boost!

There’s nothing like an XP Boost to get you on your way! XP Boosts speed up the process of leveling your account by increasing the amount of IP or XP that a gamer arrives at the end of a match for a specified period. The beautiful thing about boosts is that they can cut your play time in half.  I would recommend getting the 7-day XP Boost for 520 RP because it’s the best value for your money out of all the options. Now all you need to do is to play as many games as you can for seven days straight and WIN!

Tip # 3: Buy a Level 30 Smurf Account

You can start playing ranked matches without spending 100+ hours in front of your PC. Skip leveling and avoid the headache of playing beginners and bots. Smurf Accounts are inexpensive and hassle-free. Find a reputable company that you can trust, and you’ll get so much out of the deal: a dedicated server, a bunch of champions, additional IP and RP, great skins, and immediate delivery of your account.

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