Pit Bull: Why Punish the Breed for Man’s Deed?

By Jeffrey Lumanog | Last Updated April 9, 2012

In today’s society, pit bulls remain to be the most misunderstood dog breed. This started in the 80s when this breed lost his tag as man’s best companion and used as a weapon of choice by gangs and drug lords. Moreover, it was bred to fight for everybody’s entertainment. I do hope that after reading this article, your perspective towards this breed will change.

The term pit bull, which is known by many, is a generic term for a bulldog mixed with several breeds. It has its share of difficulties when it comes to popularity. This breed has been onetime tagged as America’s sweetheart during the early 1900s. Together with the development of suburbs, pit bulls were part of almost every American family. 1

This breed was seen as lovable, trustworthy, friendly, and brave. They were treated as regular dogs back then and not as pit fighters. If you do some research, you will see hundreds of vintage photos of family taking care and loving this poor and misunderstood animal.

Pit bulls even showed up on posters, magazine pages, and advertisements. There were pit bulls that became heroes and famous by saving countless lives during the civil war like Stubby, a brown and white American pit bull 2 and Weela, saving several individuals, horses, and a cat during the severe flood which occurred in Southern California back in 1993. 3 It was just sad that quite a few recognizes the traits that this innocent animal truly has.

The American Pit Bull Terrier

The American pit bull terrier is a product of breeding a bulldog from different varieties of terriers to achieve specific qualities like the strength and athleticism of a bulldog and the persevering trait of a terrier. Terriers are bred to hunt pest in any condition whether facing injury. 4

This trait is what the early breeders look up to when selecting dogs to enter for dogfights. In the 1800s, in England, similar dog breeds of today’s pit bull were used to “bait” bulls as a form of entertainment to ease the hardship of life. Not until 1835, bull “baiting” was banned as it was considered inhumane and illegal. Man played a key role on how society looks at pit bulls negatively. Man has been breeding and training them to be aggressive for their own entertainment and satisfaction. 5

Aggression = Pit bulls ?

The dictionary defines aggression as destructive behavior caused by frustration. Being hostile is another. People tend to relate pit bulls to aggression.

Once they see you walking with a pit bull they will warn you to be very careful as it might hurt you or somebody else. It’s so sad to hear these words from people like them; they who have not experience owning a pit.

As per study, the “lock jaw” connotation for pit bulls is nothing but a trash. The jaw of a pit bull does not have any characteristic to lock once it bites. Another myth busted I should say. Do you think I myself will risk walking with my pit bull if I know he is aggressive as others think?

Taking care of a pit bull really depends on the owner on how he or she will take care of it. I believe if you show calmness and kindness, your pit bull will show it too. Your pet will feel how you want him or her wants to feel. If you show aggression, for sure your pet will also show aggression.

Always remember, not just pit bulls will show aggressiveness, any breed of dog will do if you do not show respect to their owners and their turf. It such that the media has been treating the pit bull with prejudice to sell off airtime and newspapers.

As a proof:

A 2008 report on media bias by the National Canine Research Council (full report here) compared the type of media coverage given for dog attacks that occurred during a four–day period in August 2007 with intriguing results:

On day one, a Labrador mix attacked an elderly man, sending him to the hospital. News stories of his attack appeared in one article in the local paper.
On day two, a mixed–breed dog fatally injured a child. The local paper ran two stories.
On day three, a mixed–breed dog attacked a child, sending him to the hospital. One article ran in the local paper.
On day four, two pit bulls that broke off their chains attacked a woman trying to protect her small dog. She was hospitalized. Her dog was uninjured. This attack was reported in more than 230 articles in national and international newspapers and on the major cable news networks.
You will notice how the media can influence other people and legislators to be bias on how they will treat innocent living creatures. 6

What do I think?

Speaking based on my firsthand experience, our pit bull, Sasha have not showed any aggressiveness towards us or any other member of the family. We

got her when she was 2 months old. She still thinks and acts as a puppy although she has grown bigger at 9 months. Whenever she is inside the bedroom with us; she still climbs up the bed and sleeps with us sharing the space when she was still a little one. Sasha is so lovable and full of humor. She always bring smile to your face whenever you see her.

Recently we adopted another pit bull named Halo; he is 5 months older than Sasha is. Our first meeting with him was on the day we took him home. Halo never showed a single aggression even though we were complete strangers. Thanks to the previous owners who did well on raising him.

Once home, I immediately took him for a walk to established the bond. I entered the house before him to show that I am the master of the house. You see, there are basic rules in handling dogs in which not most of us are aware of. Halo immediately became friends with Cody, our mixed Japanese Spitz and Husky who helped him cope up faster with his new home, our home. Halo even made friends with Cuddles, our adopted black cat.

I do hope that sharing this article will enlighten some of you folks to never  judge the breed instead, love the breed.


  1. Pitbulls are just like other dog breeds. They also deserve the same love and affection that other dog breeds receive from humans.

    • That’s very true. Thank you Francis.

      • Who have any shitzu for sale here or chow2 nice article i loves pitbulls 🙂

      • Thank you Lean! I hope you find a nice shih tzu or chow2 for yourself soon..=)

    • So true. My pitbull dog is the most lovable dog there is. Pits should not be treated badly because of there owner or any other reason they act up.( which is not often )

  2. I totally agree. Pitbulls, Staffys are really so lovely, but they get singled out now because of druggie’s etc trying to use them as weapons and teaching them to fight. if they are mistreated, like any other dog, the dog will attack. it’s not the dogs fault, it’s the dog’s owner. Pitbulls, Staffys are no different to any other dog.

    • Yes Lisa, it is good to know there are still open-minded people like us who really cares. And not just being carried away what others think and say especially the media.=)

      • This messages is very inspiring… Thank you for sharing.. We have pitt andhe her name is Gaga she is adorable and lovable

  3. whatever breed it is,, it is just depend on how you raise and trained them, just like humans attitude and behaviors learn by each persons depends on the environment he lives on.. there are people violently raise and trained thats why they have bragged as violent and aggressive, but if you would just think and carefully raised them how it turned out? but if you train and raised them with agrression violent atttude is what you get.. and sad to say some people raising some of this dogs for fun and satisfying thier barbaric needs of thier adrenalin but what turns out after? it is the dogs who suffer!!

    • Very true sir, the breed that suffers most because of man’s selfishness and own sake..last night My wife and I watched the movie Walker payne…I was really touched when his dog died just to serve his master until the last minute…

  4. i wish this could be published.i live in South Africa in the townships my black community has a wild theory about these dogs,they these kill children,don’t feed in time it kills you and don’t work your dog.i agree a pitbull is not a aggressive dogs these are judged by their apperance but forgetting the just beautiful dogs & loyal.

    • That’s the problem, man teach the dog to be aggressive by paying less attention to the dog’s need, care and love is what they need. Feeding a pet is at your mercy as the master. There should be forums that needs to be conducted to make the people be aware how beautiful and loyal this breed is like what you have said sir thank you..=) .

  5. Pitbulls are one of the sweetest and most loyal friends you can ever have.

  6. Pitbulls are the sweetest and most loyal friends you can ever have.

  7. I was there on the first meeting with Halo when she was brought home. Sweet, loveable and gentle brute!

  8. as the saying goes, “looks can be deceiving”…appearance doesn’t necessarily connotes aggression..education can help this breed to break away from such a bad public image..and this article will surely help..spread the word

  9. “Nobody can fully understand the meaning of love unless
    he’s owned a dog. A dog can show you more honest
    affection with a flick of his tail than a man can
    gather through a lifetime of handshakes.”

    Gene Hill – The Dog Man

  10. Well said Jeffrey. Thanks for sharing=)

  11. Punish the Deed, not the Breed!

  12. Regardless of the breed, any dog can be a monster and inflict harm if the animal on the other end of the leash cannot provide a proper upbringing. Sadly APBTs/bullies are also victims of our prejudicial society – Please, let us not look at the tip of the iceberg and preach fallacies that grows deep within our uneducated brothers. I would go back to the one of the most basic sayings “Do not judge a book by its cover”. I bet that even a kid from 4th grade knows this.. but does anyone even consider its meaning anymore?

    Kudos to my friend Jeffrey Lumanog for this article. A very timely literature for an underrated breed.

  13. Pit bulls are the most awesome breed on the planet….everyone who has somethin’ bad to say or doesn’t believe so has never owned one…..there’s a sayin’ “if you’re stupid, your stupid. ” ….if all you do is talk or believe everything that you see on TV related to pitbulls being a bad breed, then read the qoute and realize the sad reality of your own existence, Stupid. Experience before you judge, or you’ll just be another prejudiced moron who has no clue about what he/she is really dealing with….own one before you talk shit.

  14. This is a very informative article, especially to those who have not owned a dog or have been brainwashed by media or hearsays about pitbulls. I know that the Philippines has started tightening the laws regarding animals, however, there will are still a lot of heartless people out there who do not care for animals such as man’s bestfriend and will disregard the law, let’s hope as well that the authorities are fast enough to intercept information on illegal dog fighting to save these poor creatures.

  15. Jeff thanks for sharing.. Very well said my frend:-)

  16. It’s unfortunate that Pitbulls have become synonymous to the word “dangerous” where in fact they are the same as other petdog breeds. I hope the word spreads out so other people would be enlightened too. 🙂

  17. very true bro jeff! pitbulls / bullies are the best dog in the world 🙂 by the way my pitbull also shares the bed with me 🙂

  18. Any dog can be aggressive and the pit bull is no exception. The dog’s behavior mirrors how it was raised by its owner. They need to be socialized at an early age. They live to please their owners and they are one of the most loyal dogs we have around. Pitts are very affectionate and sweet. They make good companions.

  19. Great article! I love dogs, regardless of the breed. Let’s not blame the breed, it’s always the owners fault why dogs become aggressive

  20. Dogs are Amazing creatures ;, they give unconditional love .,
    I am not a Pet Lover But when i had one , i relaize the happiness and love that brings
    to our family 🙂

    very Nice article !

  21. This is a very informative article. Thank you!

  22. before all i know that this dogs are scary.but after reading your article it made me realized that there is no difference with the other breed that i’am mesmerize of…thanks to the author!

  23. pit bulls were once called nanny dogs since they are soooo good with kids! Ours love to sleep with us especially during the cold nights…they’re so sweet and I refer to them as my stress relievers. Who can ignore they puppy-dog face???And their smiles??? These dogs can instantly lighten up your mood, literally! This article is worth sharing ^_^

  24. Some jerks just train their pit bull’s to be aggressive that is why! And those jerks use them as a tool not as a loved family member. too bad…. It really really depends on how people raise their pets.

  25. Please help saved pitts. All animals have bad instincts, the only way to tame them is to show love and affection in there upbringing.

  26. This is a wonderful article…..and I’m soooo happy to be Sasha, Cody and Halo’s dog sitter :)))))

  27. A friend from Facebook shared this article…. It was worth reading! Now I’m sharing it to all my friends, too!!!

    We have to spread the word and save the pits!

  28. The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated… Good job pet owners!

  29. nice article

  30. I’m now sharing this article to my friends :)))

  31. very informative article

  32. hi, this article was very informative. thank you for all the information, this will be very helpful to those who wants to own a dog specially pitbulls. meron aqng dog dto sa bhay, pomeranian shitszu spitz un lahi nya, almost mag two months na xa, gusto q xa itrain pra mging kasing talino nya si sasha, sna mturuan nyu q panu mgtrain, =)

    • Hi Alecks!

      Thank you for appreciating my article. I’m not a dog expert however just a heads up, if mixed un breed more often medyo stubborn sya compared to pure like our Cody who is a mix of Spitz and Husky, medyo makulit compared kina Sasha at Halo. So, going back to your question, you will learn a lot by watching Cesar Millan, Dog whisperer. I Hope you heard of him.=) Second, there are a lot of writings available online on how to train a dog where you can get for free..just browse around..=) unlike the old days you need to pay thousands of pesos to enroll your dog to a dog training school.

  33. I have two pitbulls at home which most people fear at first then fall in love with. Their massive appearances represent the size of their hearts. This breed only aspires to please their masters whatever it will take. My pits even plays with my son’s Lhasa Apso and lets stray birds feed in his food bin. 😉

    • If people just knew how sweet they are. I just remembered a video I shared featuring a pit, a cat, and a couple of baby chicks..=) One Love for pits Rosemarie! Thank you!

      • True, I have my share of experiences with other canine breeds, and so far, I find pits the best, not only for their strenght but for their unconditional love, keen instinct and intellect. This breed basically follows and enacts their masters’ wishes.

      • They will die for their master…have you watched the movie Walker Payne? Great movie..=)

      • The movie Walker Payne was great! I was touched when the dog died for his master.=(

  34. Nice article you got there bro! I’m not a vet nor an expert behaviorist,,but I just love PITS..
    Got you’re point on how MEDIA influences the society to be bias to our beloved breed.
    “FOR ME” Their comments and opinions do more harm than good..
    Pitbulls are pets not “PEST”..
    @kiko: +1 bro! their looks can be too deceiving but their HEART is too big.. It’s Just that they have a bad reputation in their past and it doesnt mean that they only made to fight!
    we cant blame them..There’s NO bad dog, only bad owner’s..so how can we blame these poor pits with the negligence/ignorance of their owners..

  35. Great article! Such an eye opener for people that are not familiar with pit bulls and people who always perceived that they are “bad dogs”.

  36. pitbull -the most discriminated k9 in the world

    • As Metallica said “Sad But True..” So now it is our mission to save this breed from discrimination…Thank you sir for the comment!!

  37. AMEN. Thank you for the positive promotion! This is the LEAST we can do for our loving pets.

    • Yes Mam, this is the least thing we can do for this breed..Thank you for the support!!! One Love for pitties!

  38. Great article. These poor dogs deserve all the help we can give them.

    • Thank you Joan for sparing your precious time reading my article. This is the least thing we can do in saving this breed! One Love!=)


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