How To Increase Website Conversion Using Color Psychology

What does purple mean? It seems like an odd question, but research suggests that the color purple can create the feeling of wealth, power, and royalty. That might be the reason why large brands like Crown Royal, Yahoo!, Craigslist, Taco Bell, and Cadbury use it. Within the beauty industry, it is most commonly used in anti-aging products. Overall purple is popular in healthcare, technology, and finance.

Variations of blue and green are well-liked among both genders, but purple is a favorite of women. Men do not rate purple highly, but black is high on their list and low on women’s.

Of course, color is not something people consciously consider as they go about their daily lives unless they are choosing clothes. Science proves that it has a much greater impact on us than we are probably aware of. This applies in particular to our emotions, which is why it is important for marketers and designers to choose the right product when branding and launching a product. Get it right, and sales are generated. Get it wrong, and consumers will be put off, and they might not even consciously know why. If wealth, power, and royalty are the image you want to convey or the lifestyle you want to project onto a customer, then purple is the color to use.

You can view a new infographic below from that explores the psychology of colors in more detail. In total, they share 40 facts that are invaluable if your marketing goal is website conversions.

Did you know that when Beamax changed their call to action button to red over blue, they saw a 53.13% increase in clicks? Experiments show that red, orange and green are the best colors for conversions, but they have to be prominent on the page.

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