Unusual, But Cool Appliances And Gadgets Can Make Life More Interesting

Home appliances are electrical/mechanical machines that accomplish some household functions, such as cooking or cleaning.

Home appliance

Many of us live our daily lives using various appliances like televisions, refrigerators and electric fans. There are also gadgets and devices that we fondly use in serving foods and perform other everyday tasks. We sometimes even think that life will never be the same without the appliances and devices we have come to depend on so much. These gadgets certainly make our lives easier and more comfortable. Moreover, there are a lot of unusual items that can also amuse us as much as they can help ease our burdens.  Below are some of these really cool and unique devices.

The Egg Cuber

Apparently invented to combat pesky round eggs from rolling off plates…

Cube Your Eggthusiasm: The Egg Cuber

It is probably for the chicken’s sake that the eggs it lays are oval in shape. However, an oval is not an ideally aesthetic shape for some people.  Thus, its inventor Masashi Nakagawa devised his apparatus that deforms a boiled egg—an egg cuber. He received the US patent for his invention in May of 1978.

As its name suggests, this device practically transforms an oval egg into a cubed egg. A cubed egg serves quite a number of purposes. On top of the list is that it does not easily roll off a surface. It also serves many cooking preparations like making bento, extra interesting salads and other culinary masterpieces.

At roughly $8, it can be quite affordable to use your own egg cuber.  In terms of ease of use, this amazing little gadget has been designed for both young and old. You first need to boil the egg, peel it and pop it into the cuber. Put in a few drops of cooking oil so you can easily retrieve your egg afterward. Put back the plunger and twist to close the lid. Several minutes later, your cubed egg will be ready. If you want the egg to hold its new shape better, chill the cuber in your refrigerator for about 15 minutes. Perhaps its only disadvantage is that you need to put in more time reshaping your egg before you can eat your breakfast!

The Scrubba Wash Bag

At just 160 grams, the ultra-light pocket-sized device fuses old and new technology by integrating a flexible washboard inside a high-tech water-tight bag.

The Scrubba wash bag appoints Travel PR

While many washing machine manufacturers make their products more technologically advanced, here is a product that makes use of the age-old manual laundry but with added perks for more effective washing. Hailed as the tiniest washing machine that needs no electricity to function, this impressive appliance is an original idea of Ashley Newland from Australia.

As a traveler, one of the concerns you need to deal with is soiled clothes. Laundries can be expensive, dubious or even impossible especially when traveling abroad.  This concern is effectively covered for by the acclaimed wash bag.

The bag is made from light polyurethane in a coated nylon for housing. It is so small when folded up that it will not take too much space in your suitcase. Its dimension, when unfolded, is 24 by 12 inches and can effectively accommodate some t-shirts, undies, and socks.  The interior contains a washboard supplying the shakeup required in the washing process.  At a cost of about $60, you can use a non-electrical washing machine not only during your outdoor trips but also at home during days when there is no electricity (like after a storm) or when you do not want to waste energy just to wash a few pieces of clothes. Wash cycles can be varied by applying more or less pressure and utilizing hard or soft surfaces.

Nevertheless, just like other appliances, there are also some safety measures to remember when using the Scrubba. The temperature of water you need to use should be less than 122°F or 50°C. Be careful when washing clothes inside the bag that have pointed or sharp features as it can pierce the bag. When this happens, the holes may be mended using glue or a repair kit for tires.

Humor Time

Wife 1: Why is your husband not doing the laundry?

Wife 2: Because our washing machine does not run by remote control!

The Air Fryer

The new air fryer from Philips Viva Collection is a perfect fryer for the selective home cooks who want their favorite fried foods significantly less oily than the ones cooked in a regular fryer.

Philips air fryer from Viva Collection

Have you ever fried your foods using air? It was impossible until this appliance came along. The appliance is equipped with the Rapid Air technology by Philips. It has a starfish design at the base so that hot air could better circulate around the gadget’s mesh basket for cooking. With this feature, you need very minimal to no oil in frying, baking and/or grilling.  It is integrated with a timer for setting cooking time up to 30 minutes.  The temperature can also be adjusted to a maximum of 390°F. When you purchase it for about $250, you will also get your recipe booklet.

It is an ideal item to use in quickly preparing healthy foods.  You can cook potato chips in it for just 15 minutes, which is ten minutes faster than cooking chips in the oven. The downside, however, is that the foods taste inferior and are slightly dryer than those cooked via a conventional fryer.

The Musical Wine Glasses

Are your dinner parties a little boring? You could jazz things up with a set of Musical Glasses.

Turn Wine Into Music

Musical instruments can produce harmonious sounds, but wine glasses as instruments? … while drinking your wine?? Now that seems indeed unusual.

Make wine sipping more enjoyable and exciting by using these musical wine glasses. They were designed by Jasmine Lau and Douglass Pott of Nostalgics design studio in London. The glasses have gold etchings that are actually musical notations corresponding to a certain level of the wine. Suppose you drink up to the D level, simply run your finger on the glass rim to make a sonorous, but lush sound. You may also produce a more percussive version of the note by gently tapping on the side of your glass.  These glasses, available at about $61 for every pack of two glasses, are Austrian-made using lead-free crystal and gold luster.  Each glass can hold 20 ounces of liquid and stands at approximately eight inches with a 3.54 inch diameter. The glasses are also dishwasher safe.

It should be noted that some users have reported the glasses barely produced sounds, while others claim that these items are excellent gifts to wine and music loving people.