Should The League of Legends Bring Back The Dominion Map?

When you’re leading, the Nexus points of the enemy drops continuously based on the number of towers captured by your team. When it reaches zero, it’s GAME OVER for them, and your team wins.

However, League of Legends has continued to rise with its brand new features and game modes that are more exciting than ever. But here’s one question that comes to my mind.

Will the League of Legends bring back the good old’ Dominion game?

The answer still relies on them. It’s really up to the admins if they’re interested in letting the Dominion come out of retirement or not. But for the recent custom games I’ve been playing lately, could this be a sign for a comeback?

From time to time, League of Legends has been experimenting custom games recently. But one thing that I’m intrigued by is the return of the Crystal Scar map. However, these custom games are only available for a limited time as part of their experiment in the upcoming months. There are a couple of games recently that Crystal Scar map is useful all along, and here are they.


The first custom game that I’ve encountered is no other than the Ascension. I was the guy who tries something new aside from playing Normal and Ranked games in the Summoner’s Rift. When I checked that this is a Crystal Scar map, I was so excited about it because it reminds me of the good old’ Dominion.

The map was fully customized based on the Shurima desert theme. The place was like a wilderness, and the sandstorm is around. In other words, you can’t see the map clearly aside from hiding in the bush. The only visible areas out there are the three portals, three relics and the center part where the “Giant Xerath” stands.

Here’s the fun part….

Once you’re the last hitter to kill the Giant Xerath, you’ll be transformed into your “Giant” self and be given additional stats until you die. The difference between the original Dominion and the Ascension mode is that you can’t go home and heal yourself. You should kill first to go back to base.

It is indeed a fun game for me, and it only lasts for days. But still, the first Dominion is the best!
Definitely Not Dominion

This is another “Dominion” kind of games that’s definitely not it. To be honest with you guys, this game is much closer to the original one. You know why? Instead of five towers to be captured, and there are only three. The two towers below are the so-called “Guardian Towers” like the Summoner’s Rift. Once an enemy approaches your bottom tower, it’ll deal damage to them. I was playing like almost 20 games of this mode. Like the Classic Dominion and Ascension, it only lasts between 15 to 25 minutes. There’s one game I remember that I finished in just under 9 minutes….and I terribly lost due to quitters.

Here’s the strange part of this game mode

In each of team’s bottom tower, there are opposing relics. For you to capture the relic, you should go to your enemy’s side and capture it. Since it has a map visibility, your enemies could easily spot you for the ambush. On the other hand, your enemy could be ambushing your relic as well. Every time you capture a relic, there will be a five-point deduction to your enemy team’s Nexus. Just like the classic Dominion and Ascension, you just need to maintain at least two of the three towers to reduce the points of your enemy Nexus continuously until it reaches zero.

Another unique feature of this custom game is the center part of the map. In the original Dominion map, this is where the relics are in place. But on this custom map alone, there’s a huge circle which is similar to The Twisted Treeline. Once you step into the big ring, it’s like clockwork until it reaches the end point where you’ll be getting additional buffs for the entire team in a limited time.

Maybe this is Definitely Not Dominion, but I loved this one. It reminded me of the good old days a bit, but the classic Dominion still rocks!

Oh…and one more thing!

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Final thoughts

For me, I think this was a sign of hope that the classic Dominion will possibly return. But once again, it’s up to the admins of the Summoner’s Rift to decide if they’ll be resurrecting this game mode or not. I would appreciate if at least they can include it on the custom game mode than the normal mode. But I understand that most of the players today aren’t really playing this game mode, which possibly results for the admins to retire this map once and for all…..until the random custom games have come out like the Ascension and Definitely Not Dominion.

At least…..I’m just one of the few players around the world who have the Dominion icon as a remembrance, and there is no chance of getting this one if I have the intention of using smurf accounts. I missed those days, though. Can someone please bring this game mode back?