Regan Piedragosa

Lifetickler Cartoon Artist

Regan Piedragosa was born on a small Island in southern Luzon, in the province of Marinduque. He loved to draw many different things, a passion he became aware of in grade school.

Without any proper training in the art, he confidently joined many drawing contests and experienced a great many disappointments. However, unperturbed by failures, he still pursued his dream. He continued to hone his skills by drawing for his relative’s school projects and constantly practiced in his spare time as well.

He graduated Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology (BSIT) majoring Electrical Technology at Marinduque State College. He decided to enroll in Electrical Technology believing that it would help him a lot in the near future.

After graduation, like many others, he ventured to Manila in search of a job. He was hoping to start working in electrical companies. He eventually got the job he wanted and started getting involved in building wirings, constructions, and any related electrical works.

Since he loved cartoons and anime, he decided to further enhance his talent. He searched for a training center or a studio that thought the basics of animation and found Take-One Animation Studio, located at Katipunan Quezon city. With the studio’s owner/proprietor’s mentoring, he eventually completed the training and started working in the studio doing traditional hand-drawn animations for local and international clients in September 2009.

On July 2010 to February 2011, he worked in TOEI Animation Philippines, of which Take-One Animation studio is a subcontractor. Here he learned to do digitally rendered animations. Since TOEI Animation Philippines is a subsidiary of TOEI Animation Japan, many famous anime artworks have been done here. These include Dragon ball, One Piece, Slam Dunk, Digimon, Sailormoon and many more anime that exclusively aired in Japan.

He also made some anime characters for a client abroad. At this point, he readily admits that drawing anime or manga (comics of Japan) is his style and comfort zone.