Pit Bulls: Our Forgotten Heroes

By Jeffrey Lumanog | Last Updated April 24, 2012

They are being labeled as menace, vicious, shows aggression to humans, can snap anytime, etc. Isn’t it sad that this breed suffers the most among the canine family because of the hearsays? I will share another great article that you need to read to understand this breed further.

For most of the folks out there who lived on the negative connotations in which the media is largely responsible for, I do hope this article will help you appreciate a pit bull as a dog, not a monster. You need to believe in the facts and not on what other people say.

I do know that there are good number of literature and written records that you can find all over the web regarding the pit bull. You will realize that there is more to this breed other than the unconfirmed reports, which spread faster than a killer virus. Here are samples of true pit bull heroes that are not widely published for whatever unknown reasons.

Sgt. Stubby: The Brown and White Patched Orphaned Hero

He was just a puppy with an unknown pedigree when a Private named John Robert  Conroy found him in the grounds of Yale University. 1 This was in 1917. At that time, the 102nd Infantry was preparing for deployment to fight in World War 1. This pit bull had this “stubbed” tail, which is where it got its name, Stubby.

As a puppy, and like any other stray dogs, Stubby was living form one garbage can to another. He was left to sleep on the cold finding shelter anywhere he could until he accidentally stumbled into John on the parade grounds of Yale. 2

John started leaving food for this pup and he let him sleep inside the barracks until everyone ended up being friends with Stubby. Everyday Stubby watched the soldiers do their drill on the field until he became familiar with everything including the sound of the bugle calls. He even learned how to salute raising his paw to his brow, which was a very amazing feat for a dog like Stubby. 3


The order came for the infantry to ship to battle in France and Stubby was smuggled on board the ship tucked under John Conroy’s coat. The dog was so smart that he did not move to avoid being noticed until he was hidden inside the coal room. When the ship was too far away to turn back, John decided to bring Stubby onto the ships dock. Everyone was happy to see this awesome stud on board.

You can see Sergeant Stubby standing proud of his army uniform with all the medals on.

Sergeant Stubby, the World War 1 hero

They even made Stubby his own nametag like what the soldiers wore back then.

Finally, they’re in France, another task was at hand to conceal Stubby. He was being hidden in the camp until, one day, the commander learned about the dog.

Back then, dogs or any pet was not allowed into camps, however they told the commander the story of how wonderful he was and loved by everyone. The commander gave the permission to let Stubby stay for “morale purposes.” Stubby became the mascot of the Yankee Division.

Stubby joined the soldiers in the war. The soldiers stayed in the trenches, where water and mud was shin deep, while constantly being bombarded with rifle shots and artillery fire.

Stubby became accustomed to his new surroundings until the Germans had launched a gas attack. This gas attack was so bad that it burns your lungs and skin. This was the first injury Stubby had. However, after surviving this injury, he became sensitive to even the slightest smell of gas and was able to warn the soldiers ahead of time of an impending gas attack. Because of this, he was able to save many lives.

Other than running into No Man’s Land where Stubby, the pit bull, was able to find the wounded and let rescuers know where these soldiers were. He was also able to catch a German spy planning to draw a map about the Allied’s whereabouts.

Another injury the brave pit bull sustained was from shrapnel of a German’s grenade. Stubby sustained injuries on his chest and leg but recovered from them.

This simple dog was so brave that he was promoted to sergeant. He was also given numerous medals and honors for his bravery. He was the first to be given such recognition in the armed forces.

Why Do You Hate Pit Bulls?

A pit bull is no different from any other pet you desire. The way it reacts towards its master and its family is exceptional. I am not saying this because I own two wonderful pit bulls but I also spent some time reading articles and featured readings from very reliable resources on the Web and elsewhere.

An American pit bull terrier with the American Flag

Dog Heroes

I wrote this article to create awareness. I am not forcing you to like the breed. As a dog person, I only want you to give this breed the respect it deserves. This is my way of giving back to the breed.

Believing in the negative reports of others, especially the media, rather than seeing the truth, will keep you prejudiced and fearful of something you shouldn’t be from the very beginning. Maybe you need to own one and experience firsthand how to handle a pit bull. Be a responsible owner before you say bad things about it.

People tend to stereotype – a fault of one is the fault of all. Dogs will be dogs whatever breed they may be. I do hope that one day, this breed will no longer be singled out whenever bad things happen to anyone.

Besides Stubby, there are other pit bull heroes, like Weela who saved several lives during a typhoon, out there. Popsicle, who was also an orphan, helped bust hundreds of kilos of illegal drugs worth thousands of dollars. Dixie saved her family from a cottonmouth snake and lived to see another day after she survived the snakebites. Recently in the Philippines, a pit bull named Chief saved his family from a cobra. Although he was able to kill the cobra, Chief sadly died. Until his very last breath, this pup wagged his tail to greet his master, which was very touching. 4

Many people do not realize how intelligent this breed is. A lot of them too will suggest putting this breed to sleep especially those that were abused and rescued. Let us not forget that pit bulls where not trained to be aggressive to humans but rather to be a great companion. 5


  1. Indeed they are forgotten heroes because of the media.

    • Hi! Yes that is true because what the media did just to sell airtime. If another breed of dog attack happened, they barely make a report about it.

      • They won’t be called nanny dogs for no reason.=)

      • That is true, kids love to play with them because they are patient.

      • Without a doubt! These are sweet big dogs that act like little puppies who love to play with kids!

  2. Meet Brauny Brooks who was saved from a horrible situation and is a true survivor and one of the sweetest Dogs I have ever known. http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLEA028D48374D46B4

    • Hi Amy! Thank you for sharing a wonderful video. This will help me more in spreading the word about how wonderful pitties are.=)

      • Im sorry for your loss. Yes, that is true, pit bulls are called nanny dogs during the early years because of their ability to take care children, their high tolerance suites them the best. There are not much stories being published how pits are wonderful with kids however we are here to do that..=) lets spread the love for pits..one love!

    • What a beautiful video of a handsome dog… I just started watching the first one and I can’t wait to watch them all. Thanks for sharing!

      • Here’s another video that we could learn something…=(

  3. WoW! I wish our dogs will be as brave as Sgt. Stubby!

    • Every dog in this world can be like Sgt. Stubby, because of their unconditional love for humans, they become brave on any circumstances. I do hope man can also be brave for his dog by giving him proper care, attention, and love.

  4. CH BRUNO RHINO! a hero in the showring as well as a hero in my heart! great article!

    • CH BRUNO RHINO will be in our hearts forever bro…thank you once again brotha…

  5. Nicely done article. Some other “pit bull” heroes to check out are listed here: http://www.chako.org/forum/viewforum.php?f=3&sid=d7080b66f6cd016f78a388079d86e48e

    As for dog bites, I have this facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/dogbitetruth where I list under-reported attacks.

    “Believing in the negative reports of others, especially the media, rather than seeing the truth, will keep you prejudiced and fearful of something you shouldn’t be from the very beginning. Maybe you need to own one and experience firsthand how to handle a pit bull.”

    I encourage anyone who has questions about Pit Bulls to do their research, like you’ve done here. They can also call the California APBT Associations’ Pit Bull Helpline at (916) 583-8364.

    I’ve met countless people who said that they were scared of Pit Bulls until they met one, and the proof is in the pudding. Volunteer some time with a local rescue or shelter that had Pit Bulls for adoption and you might just find your new favorite breed 🙂

    • The sites you’ve shared will be very helpful to those who are afraid of owning a pit. I will recommend these pages to friends and everyone I know to create positive awareness for this breed. One love for pitties!!!=)

  6. Just like with any breed of dog, it’s important to do lots of research before making it part of your family. Thanks for writing this article!

  7. Pit Bulls have bad reputation because of the way the media portrayed them. Thanks to Cesar Milan and his pit bulls Daddy (R.I.P.) and Junior, people are gaining awareness that there’s no such thing as evil breed, only bad or misinformed owners. Pits are such loving and loyal creatures. They are also good with children and their tolerance level is high.

  8. I used to be scared of Pit Bulls but now not anymore. My son is a proud owner of two beautiful Pits and because of him I am more open minded towards the breed.

  9. Every breed deserves equality…I am happy that more and more people are slowly being awakened by the truth that pit bulls are not bad..I totally agree on what you’ve said..thank you man!

    • Thank you Jeffrey for posting such an amazing article. I am also writing a essay paper on pit bulls called, ” I’m a Hero, Not a Danger:Pit Bulls in a New Light,” I am writing about the breed’s history and the pit bull heros. Trying to show that it’s not the dog that is mean, but the people who train them to be mean. I will argue with anyone who states they are bad dogs, I have had one and he was the greatest. Before I can get another pit bull I have to be licensed and pay fees. Some states actually has banned the pit bull breed. I use to have a pure white red nose pit bull and he was truly amazing.
      Again thank you for writing this article, I am using you in my reference page of my story so you know. Maybe everyone can come together and help make a change so this beautiful breed doesn’t have to fade. I would appreciate any advice you could offer. Again Thank you

  10. My family has been involved in two pit bull attacks; one belonged to a neighbor who lived behind us, and one belonged to a neighbor two streets down. In one of the attacks, my husband had to go to the hospital and two of my dogs, who were attacked first when the pit bull ran into our yard from the street, had strips of skin ripped off them.

    The difference between a badly treated pit bull and a badly treated dog of most other breeds is that most other dogs breeds, with the exception of a few who should also be banned, would not have the capability to literally kill you when they get mad.

    I’m glad they are now banned where we live.

  11. Also, when my husband went to the hospital that day, the animal control officer who investigated said it was the third pit bull attack he had seen that day, and they were three different pit bulls. So, yeah…they should be banned.

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