How I Turn My Mobile Phone Camera into a 24/7 Money Making Machine

Convinced that I had no need for it since I have my wife by my side all the time and saved a lot on phone bills, I was a happy camper. On top of that, I was relishing the accidental freedom from being “hooked up” and electronically available to everyone who wanted my attention at any given time of the day.

A problem with not having a cell phone gradually became apparent after some time. As the whole family goes to different places, we couldn’t catch snapshots of those picture-perfect moments that just begged to be caught. We also lost those same moments with our baby. These situations happened again and again and the regrets started piling up higher and higher.

Then it hit me. Why not “invest” in a cell phone that also has a camera? Being an entrepreneur by nature, I thought of buying a cellphone that, in time, will pay itself off in time and start making some income as well after that. It’s essentially like hitting two birds with one stone. With this kind of gadget, we can save those picture-perfect moments with the family and make other shots that I can sell too.

Working on the Internet for close to a decade already, I know that photos are in demand online especially for those who create websites and for those who need to add images to their content online. With this in mind, I thought of getting a cell phone that has the highest quality camera possible.

I went to a mall to look around for a cell phone with a high-megapixel camera. On one occasion, a saleslady told me that it’s not the number of megapixels that’s important in a camera but, according to her, its the quality of the lens that produces those great snapshots instead. Images of great Nat Geo photos and the like flitted through my mind as she was talking. I guess there was truth in what she said but, then again, I’m no professional photographer. In fact, I’m hardly an amateur at this stage. Then she went on and suggested Samsung (well, she sells Samsung cell phones). I saw a Samsung V with 5 megapixels and did a test shot. It was good so I thought, if Samsung lenses are good, maybe a Samsung with a higher megapixels capacity would produce even higher quality photos.

I then went straight to the official Samsung shop. I checked out the Note 3, Note 4, and other members of the Galaxy family but none of them caught my attention until I came to the Samsung Kzoom. It was love at first sight! I was convinced that it was the one I needed. Although the price was a bit steep, I really felt that it’s going to be well worth it. Here are excerpts about its features that I got from their brochure.

Kzoom: The Camera Features

The  GALAXY K zoom sports the new retracting lens technology that adds more power to its 10 x optical zoom without sacrificing any of its slim shapes. As such, you get the sharpness of real optics in a slender body. There’s no need to be a professional photographer mainly because of its easy-to-use pinch zoom and one-touch quick zoom. and if I do want professional photographers to show some respect, I humbly tell them that the K zoom has a powerful 20.7MP BSI CMOS sensor that makes low-light pictures spectacular. The images also appear a lot sharper thanks to its onboard ISP chip.

The flash of the GALAXY K zoom is special and is called Xenon Flash. The light from this travel a lot further and are brighter than LEDs. This light also allows for more natural tones. If I need to take a shot fast, the Xenon Flash also has a strobe that freezes that moment. This fit in perfectly for those missed picture-perfect moments I talked about earlier.

I understood that a common photography problem is keeping still during the shot. With this cellphone’s (yes, I even have to remind myself that it’s primarily a cell phone) Optical Image Stabilizer (OIS) all my images are sharper even when taking shots in low-lit places or when I zoom in on distant objects. Furthermore, this feature also ensures higher quality video every time. Speaking of videos, it allows me to shoot full  HD 1080/60p videos while maintaining the natural smooth motion of my subject and still with vivid detail.

Using advanced algorithms, the Pro Suggest feature of the Kzoom analyzes everything through the lens. It actually suggests a broad range of pictures variables from gender to light and color. It conveniently provides me with 5 optimized setting suggestions as it detects your scene aspects. As if that wasn’t enough, there is a Pro Suggest Market to download to my (yes, its mine now) GALAXY K zoom hundreds of extra films. Depending on my choice, they offer me the exact settings I would need to create those “captivating masterpieces”.

Its powerful 20.7MP back camera is also great for selfies. Well, this feature does not interest me much personally but, since it comes with the package, who knows. I might use it to capture an emotional shot with our baby and my wife every now and then, right? At any rate, the phone allows me to simply touch the screen to set where I want to appear. I then turn it around and wait for the beep. After that, it gives me three shots to choose from.

Getting clear images with backlight always presents a challenge in finding the right balance of light and clarity. The Kzoom has that covered as it gives me the freedom to control the light (so to speak) by separating AF (autofocus) and AE (auto exposure). With just one touch, it sets the focus zone and another touch sets the exposure.

A personal favorite feature of mine is the Kzoom’s capability to track my subject. This is called the Galaxy K Zoom object tracking feature wherein it maintains the focus on a subject, which you pick by simply touching it on the screen, and the autofocus will keep track on it even when it makes a sudden movement. This is great for catching those moments our baby changes her facial expression so quickly. Everything is so clear even in motion.

All these features mentioned above are seamlessly handled by the K Zoom’s efficient yet powerful Exynos 5 Hexa processor. Its efficiency is such that it helps extends the life of its Li-Ion 2430 mAh battery while still providing the best shooting solutions. This gives you the precious time you need to shoot faster and shoot more. Additionally, it also provides other useful features that we’ve all come to take for granted nowadays such as geo-tagging, face/smile detection, and panorama shots.

Regarding the physical aspect of the Galaxy K Zoom, the whole covering has a perforated pattern on a deo-classic design. It’s been understood that this texture, along with the smooth edges and curvature, allows for a very natural and comfortable feel. Its overall design is actually based on the soft round curves of pebbles, thus, the rounded back.

On top of all the great features and capability, I also have access to Camera Studio 2.0, which is a hub for photo apps. In here, I can find everything I need to review, edit, and share photos. It also allows me to download new films from the Pro Suggest Market, edit my shots with S Studio, or even add my own apps.

TIP: The Instant Camera Mode is the fastest way to switch the K Zoom from phone mode, or from idle, to camera mode. From lock screen to camera mode, I merely need to touch it once. Another way is to press the volume and power buttons together for just 0.3 seconds.

Kzoom: The 24/7 Money Maker

As you can see, the features of the K zoom overwhelmed me and deftly prompted me to get it right there and then. As soon as I got my Kzoom, the whole family (yes, the whole family since I don’t go out without my wife and our baby) went to different places and I was like a little kid with a brand new toy. I couldn’t stop myself from snapping away like crazy whenever possible. Animals, people, plants, places, houses, everything was a photo subject to me and I didn’t spare them all. I shot them all (pun intended of course).

Here is the stock photo site I created an account in:

123rf website - a place where you can sell your photo

Here’s an example of an image that was approved in my account. (It is protected with watermarks, for obvious reason. They are selling it right?)

123rf sample image for sale

The deal is quite straightforward. Every time someone downloads any of my photos, I earn money. The monetary amount  I receive will differ based on the quality of the photo the user gets. Essentially, the higher the resolution, the higher the pay. The host site adds a little to the price of the download to cover the costs of their services plus their profit margin.

The real beauty of it all is that for as long as your photo is on the site and being downloaded, you get paid. That means your photo is making you money 24/7 even when you’re asleep.

Here are some of the practice shots I made with my Galaxy K zoom.   I reduced the image quality to help the image load quickly.

a tiger in the zoo


The reality is that I am not a professional photographer. I have not gone to any photography school, seminar or workshop. I’m not even sure what “focus” and “exposure” means in photography. Yet despite all these ignorances,  my K zoom somehow always manages to take care of everything for me. There are many settings inside my K zoom that, until now, I still don’t understand. As it is for the moment, I let the “auto” mode do all the work for me in every shot I make. I often end up being amazed by the results myself. One thing is for sure though and that is I will improve along the way.

At its overall price of about $560.00, I see the Samsung Galaxy K zoom as a cheap business investment that goes a long way.

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