Remember These Tricks If You’re In An Accident

Millions of individuals get into a car accident every year in the United States. Whether you’re in a minor fender-bender collision or a total loss, the activity afterward is very hectic and can be overwhelming to deal with.

Here are a few things to keep in mind if you’re ever in an auto accident to ensure that the process goes as smoothly as possible. Whatever you do, even if you think you are, don’t admit to being at fault. That is for the insurance company to decide based on the facts surrounding the incident.

Move Out of the Road

To keep other drivers and yourself safe, move your vehicles to the side of the road and out of the lanes of traffic if possible. This reduces the chances of another accident occurring. Turn on your hazard lights to alert other traffic of the situation. If it isn’t safe to get out of the vehicle, everyone should remain in their position until help arrives or it is safe to exit.

Call the Police

It might seem like overkill, but it’s always beneficial to file a police report about the accident. This is useful when insurance companies need to determine fault, especially if the police department issues tickets for traffic infractions that may have contributed to the collision. The report should include all parties information along with statements of what happened from everyone involved and witnesses. A police report is also likely to speed up the claims process with your insurance company. If you decide that it’s not necessary to involve the police, ensure that you have the necessary information from the other parties including their name, address, phone number, insurance company and policy number so you can still file the claim.

Take Pictures

In the age of smartphones, almost everyone has access to a camera on demand. Take photographs of the areas that are damaged for proof. Take photos of the damage to the other vehicles as well to help illustrate the chain of events to the insurance company. Pictures can validate your claims and protect you if there is a dispute with the other party or their insurance regarding what happened.

Know your Coverage

Don’t surprise yourself with unexpected bills by not knowing what your insurance policy covers if you do get into an accident. Towing expenses vary from one policy to another. Your automobile insurance company might offer to tow up to a certain distance, such as 10 miles, and charge you for each additional mile. You don’t want to get towed 30 miles and discover that you’re stuck paying for those other 20 miles. Costs add up. The same applies for rental car coverage. Most policies allow you to expand your towing and rental car coverage limits for a couple dollars a month, a small price to pay to eliminate a huge financial burden post-accident.

Automobile accidents aren’t something anyone anticipates happening, but they do every single day. Being prepared if you do unfortunately get into a car accident ensures that the process isn’t as overwhelming as if you had no idea what to do. You’ll also be more prepared for the process of submitting a claim without dealing with delays associated with discrepancies or lack of documentation.

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Dog Debate: Purebred vs. Mutt

Most dog owners will prefer the pure breed. Some owners are fine with the mixed breed for their K9 buddies. Does it really make any difference if your pet is a purebred or just simply a mix of breeds?  Or is having a dog companion dependent on the right dog for a pet lover?

In terms of cost, purchasing a purebred cost insanely expensive compared to a mixed breed. If the price is a problem, a dog lover could go to an adoption outlet of dogs and adopt one. A dog enthusiast satisfies himself if the price limits him to having a dog to care for and love.

Having a pure breed is great. Pure breeds define their lineage or pedigree. Its ancestors are well defined and recognized. Having documented pedigrees will allow pet owners to carefully select the best purebreds money can buy. The recognition and the selection process can aid the dog lover to assure the pooch’s health, vitality, and stability of the purebreds.

Other dog lovers find excitement in opting to have a mutt as their pet.

A mutt is what the dog world calls the mix breeds. A mutt’s lineage is not known. Its ancestry is not defined. They say that the excitement starts when they bring the mutt home. Unpredictable in size and intellect is the mystery that will unfold in its growing years. The unknown rides on a mutt. The mutt could have the traits of a Labrador retriever, the brute strength of a pit bull, or maybe the size of a corgi.

Some dog lovers believe that they could achieve high profile breeding when they purchase purebreds.

Opting for a mutt or a purebred depends on one’s lifestyle too. If you are living in an apartment that does not allow large breeds, then a dog lover will opt to buy a purebred so its size assured when it grows up.

Here are some reasons why dog owners are settling for Purebreds:

  • Purebreds confirmed backgrounds and traits make it easy for owners to adopt them
  • Owners could determine which skill they want for their purebred
  • Health and genetics will play a role in the selection process,
  • A dog lover would want a pup raised properly.
  • Puppy traits and personality is identified and helps the owner decide on this aspect.

Going for a purebred is good, provided the source is reputable and the pedigree documents available checked and confirmed. An expert advice is also welcome for the option of what Breed is good for a dog owner wanting a purebred. Life with puppy who is a purebred or mutt would make any difference, as long you love them very much.

A dog is man’s best friend and intends to be one too. Our beloved pooches want the tender loving care that we love to give as dog lovers. When we look at our dog eye to eye, we see the reflection of our deep mutual love for them. Feeling their expression through their eyes make us want to hug and comfort our pets with whatever emotions we have, happy or sad, pure breed or a mixed breed.

Wine Glass Etching – A DIY Guide to Ideas and Patterns

If you know the first thing about crafts that involve glass, you must have come across and even tried glass etching.

This is quite close to glass sandblasting and produces almost similar results. Glass etching uses an acidic etching compound that needs some practical experience to work with. This process has become more and more popular in the recent years as it is easy to perform and there is no special equipment required.

The Rising Popularity of Etched Wine Glass for Gifting

Wine glasses are a popular gifting option as they are elegant and available in a number of qualities and price ranges. Earlier, generic crystal clear wine glasses were popular choices and the ones with designs on them came to a close second. However, nowadays, etched wine glasses are being increasingly preferred. Whether it is a friend’s birthday party or a solemn wedding ceremony, there are hardly any events in which wine glasses are not a good gifting option.

The main reason for this is that there is hardly anything else that matches the practicality of etched wine glasses as well as their aesthetic factor. These can be used for dinner parties as well as displayed as show pieces on shelves. While you can buy beautiful etched sets off the internet or gifting shops, there are some who prefer to do the etching themselves or through a service for a personalized effect.

Benefits of Gifting a Personalized Etched Wine Glass Set

Nowadays, a new wave in the gifting world has been seen. Personalized gifts are becoming popular universally as it appeals to the sentiments of the people and it brings both the parties together. There is no lack of choice when it comes to gifts but most of the items are so generic that it takes absolutely no time to forget. Therefore, in this world of mass produced goods, anything with a good personal touch is considered to be immensely thoughtful and worthy of being remembered.

If you want a gift idea which is fairly inexpensive but has high recall value, etched wine glasses are a great choice. You can choose any design to be etched on the surface. This is a great idea especially if you know the receiver personally as you will be able to choose a design close to their hearts.

DIY Tips and Ideas for Inexpensive Gifting Option

If you want to go further with the personal touch by doing the etching yourself, here are some tips that might prove helpful:

  • While looking for an inspiration for the design, there are some important things you need to determine. Firstly, determine whether the design will be a decorative and ornamental pattern or a personal message. Once you have narrowed it down to one of these two broad categories, picking the right design will become an easier option.
  • For decorative designs, look around to find patterns on bed sheets, curtains, or tablecloths that will look good when etched on glass. If the design is to be more personal, pick a quote or pattern that will remind the receiver of your friendship or the relationship that you share.
  • All that you need for perfect DIY etched wine glasses are stencils, etching cream, paint brushes, tape to hold the stencils in place and the wine glasses. Make sure to wash the stencils in warm soapy water are you are done to keep them new for a long time.

Therefore, if you are looking for inspiration for personalized designed, then there is nothing better than these hand designed wine glasses. You can also try the etching technique on glass picture frames, vases etc.

Are Home Security Systems Worth the Money?

Home security should never be taken for granted – in fact, it should be a priority among homeowners because they don’t just need to keep their possessions safe; they also need to ensure that their family stays safe and secure at all times.

A break-in often conjures powerful images just like what people see in the movies of black-clad thieves deliberately and expertly bypassing complex security systems using sophisticated technology. This then provides a misconception that only those equipped with such technology and the very wealthy homeowners are vulnerable to burglaries.

In real life, however, most burglaries occur within three to five minutes, and are accomplished by thieves gaining access to the easiest entry points, such as the roof, open windows, or a door with locks that are easily taken apart. Thieves usually test the window or turn the door handle, in case the home owner forgot to secure it. A common method of entry is to break down the door at the locking mechanism. Sometimes, all it takes is a forceful kick to open the door. The same goes with windows – if a window is large enough to fit a person, they will break open the window and enter the house through it.

Stay Safe with Security Systems
It is important to understand what happens during a forced entry to provide home owners with an idea on how to secure their homes adequately. Home security does not need to be very expensive, nor does it need to be complicated. While changing the locks every so often and destroying the keys can work (ensuring that all the previous keys are destroyed), it can be troublesome. You need something that is reliable, yet something that does not need constant maintenance.

Incorporating security features in your home from the time you are building it is a good idea, because you no longer need to worry about it once your home is finished. It can also be cost-effective, because you no longer have to allot another budget for it in the future – the cost is already included in the initial budget. It also means that from day one, your home is already safe from intruders and thieves. Needless to say, in building your home, security is one thing you need to discuss with your contractor or designer so that you can secure your home while keeping it aesthetically pleasing.

Protect Your Valuables
This is where home security doors come in very handy. Doors do more than just accessorize a home – they are its safeguard. Installing a door with added protection instantly upgrades your home’s security.

A main door made of sturdy wood, such as mahogany, gives your home a rustic yet regal appearance to your home. These doors are usually pre-hung, with two panels that are weather stripped and bronze finished hardware. You can opt to have a working speakeasy window with a grille so that you can see who is at the door anytime.

You can also opt for a heavy duty door made with Galvan neal steel, which is extremely durable and secure. It can even slow down the spread of both fire and smoke. The only downside to this strong steel door is that it has a very industrial design, which may not work with homes that do not have a minimalist design. You can, however, paint it with colours that suit your home’s look, as it is simply bare metal.

Additionally, here are some features that ensure your front door does not get compromised by burglars:

  • It should have no glass near the door knob, to prevent them from opening the door from the inside.
  • It should be made from solid material, preferably hardwood and steel. Fiberglass might be an appealing option, but remember that it can crack with enough force.
  • It should have a strong dead bolt, because it stays closed even with a credit card swipe or a forceful kick. It should extend through the door frame into your home’s framing.

Home Security Equipment
A security window is often overlooked, because home owners tend to focus on higher-technology solutions in securing their homes. It is one of a home’s weakest point of entry because much of the investment is placed on solid locks and doors.

Here are some features you might want to consider for your windows:

Reinforced glass
You may choose tempered glass, which is more durable than traditional glass, making it more difficult to break. Laminated glass also works, or you can look into wire mesh glass or bullet-resistant glass. Burglars would have to strike repeatedly in the same spot to break into a safety glass, which makes a lot of noise, which can definitely serve as a deterrent for them.

Iron bars
You can also opt to have iron bars installed, because even if thieves manage to break through the glass, they cannot squeeze through the bars to enter your home.  If you fear that your home will end up looking like a prison, keep in mind that you can opt for decorative window bars that can be customized to suit your home’s design.

Invest in these products today, because home security should never be taken lightly. Your home should be safe and secure at all times.

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7 Ways to be Romantic Without Being Pretty Cheesy or Corny

It’s not necessary for romance to be like something cheesy or corny. Although it might look pretty good at the start but with passage of time, it becomes unnaturally awkward. Cheesy lines like “you complete me” don’t look so romantic like the way it used to be at the start. But does it mean that the bonding between you two has diminished over time? It’s just that the infatuation level has diminished by a notch or two which isn’t much of a problem.

So how can you be a little less cheesy and still express your indefinite love to your partner? Here are a few ways.

1. Pay close attention to the little things in love

Sometimes these things can really be that trick up your sleeve to an improved relationship. An example scenario should clear this thing up.

Say for example your partner has forgotten his/her lunch at home. If you have some time to spare, drop into his/her office with a special lunch of his/her choice. This might look pretty simple on the hindsight but the look on your partner’s face will be priceless.

2. Talk to your partner about your day and those good old days

That’s a great way to spend your evening. Do remember that nostalgia can really be one of the keys to ignite the passion yet again.

Talk about how you spent that day; whether it was interesting at work or was full of boredom. Ask him/her about his/her day. Talk about the ways you miss your good old days. This conversation will definitely lead to something romantic.

3. Do something simple

Sometimes simple things are capable of making you a standout person among the crowd. These also have the best result.

Do simple things like take a walk with your partner. Fresh air can work wonders. Is it romantic enough? You bet it is!

4. Surprises can be an ace in the hole

You can use surprises to your advantage. Everybody loves a surprise gift. But the traditional gifts like the roses and chocolates aren’t novel enough to serve your purpose. How about something different? How about something that can be free, beautiful and comes right out of the blues for your partner? Surprises you wanted; surprises you’ll get.

You can opt to send an ecard to your partner to express your love for him/her. Several free online ecards with beautiful designs and fonts are available on the internet. So this entire activity is just a piece of cake and can happen within a matter of minutes. It is simple but nonetheless, pretty effective.

5. Always be genuine about your love

If you are genuine with your partner, you might be sure of this fact that your romantic efforts will be well-received. Figure out the things of your partner that you really like and compliment him/her on it. Don’t just lie to him/her by stressing on unnecessary things or saying things like “everything about you is beautiful.”

Statements like that would not be well-received because your partner will be able to detect this fact that you are not being completely honest with him/her. Another thing is that don’t compliment him/her all the time, because that is where you get too cheesy. Timing is everything.

6. Do some meaningful things for her

Gifts like chocolate and flowers are romantic. But like we said before, those are traditional gifts that look good at the start of a relationship. But with time, those gifts lose their true meaning. How about you do something meaningful for your partner for a change? That will have a positive effect on him/her and can also make him/her feel extra special.

7. Take a break and go on a holiday

This should always be a part of a well-organized plan. You should inform your partner of this earlier so that both of you can take necessary leaves from your respective offices at more or less the same time as per convenience. Then just pack your bags and go. Nothing’s more romantic than a holiday where both of you can spend quality time with each other away from work, away from home and most importantly away from stress.

Being cheesy isn’t going to help much to ignite the passion between you two yet again. But the ways highlighted above can definitely help you in that endeavor of yours. We wish you the best of luck and a happy romantic life yet again.

6 most popular high-tech wedding trends to look out for

Weddings are particularly viewed in a traditional way. That is not necessarily a bad thing. How about giving it a high-tech push? Break out of the classic mould and make that special day of yours a stand out one with the incorporation of a few avant-garde forms of detail.

Let’s go through a few of the most popular high-tech wedding trends to look out for in 2017 that can give your party that X-factor you’ve been craving for.

1. Using drone for wedding cinematography and photography

Cinematography coupled with still photography are considered a part and parcel of every wedding party. The demand for skilled wedding photographers is still quite high. But do remember that the very skilled photographers don’t use the traditional camera set up to take photos anymore.

Drones are the new hot topic of wedding photography as well as cinematography.

With these drones, you’ll be able to capture the aerial footage of your weddings in a jiffy. Who doesn’t like a bird eye’s view? Almost nobody; right?

2. Robot bartenders for all your cocktails and mocktails

Isn’t that exciting? Course it is. It’s going to add to the excitement of your party and increase the level of fun a level or two.

Satellite bars are considered to be one of the hottest wedding trends of all. And the best thing of getting a satellite bar is a robot bartender that comes with it.

Your robot bartender will be capable of serving your guests drinks and entertain them at the same time with various cool tricks. Want to up the wow factor? Get a satellite bar in your party straight from the pages of a science fiction novel. Well, it’s part of the reality now.

3. Hi-tech wearables capable of tracking movements

Wearable technology’s become extremely popular these days. The same thing is perfectly applicable in the case of weddings.

Integrate hi-tech wearables in your wedding plans to make the day more memorable. With these devices, you will be able to track things like heart rate, pulse rate, movements etc.

Now you will actually be able to answer questions like: ”How fast was your heart beating at the time of your first kiss?” Isn’t that neat? You bet it is.

4. Hire a mirror photo booth

Photo booths are fun and are usually considered the heart beat of every party. How about giving your photo booth a high-tech touch?

Get yourself a mirror photo booth.

Mirror photo booths are the latest of all photo booth concepts. These photo booths capture full-length photographs through the use of a touch screen based reflective surface. Just strike a pose and let the booth work its magic. You will be able to customize the photos inside the booth itself.

Your photo would be printed within ten minutes. That’s pretty neat; isn’t it? High tech stuff you wanted, high tech stuff you would get for sure.

5. Incorporate a 360-degree live stream of your party

This one’s done mainly for those people who failed to attend your party for any reason whatsoever.

Through 360 degree videos, people would be able to get a 360-degree cinematic view of your wedding and visualize each and every significant incident of your wedding in minute details.

Several videographers have incorporated this technology in their wedding cinematography projects. They also provide the options of an app through which you will be able to send out personal invitations to the invitees who can then watch the 360-degree live stream on their respective mobile devices.

6. 3D print your wedding decorations

3D printers have created a huge buzz in this technology-oriented society. With the passage of time, they have become cheaper and also readily available.

You can incorporate this technology in your wedding decorations. 3D printed decorations can be an inexpensive and stylish alternative to traditional decorative items. The best thing about this is that you are pushing up the hi-tech stuff of your wedding on one hand and your budget’s getting cared of on the other.

So what do you think? Aren’t these ideas cool? Of course they are!

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How to Save Big on College Textbooks

Don’t let the high cost of college textbooks stand in the way of your college dreams.

The cost of higher education has been on an upward trajectory for many years. But it’s not just the runaway tuition that has been causing so many to go deep in debt. The cost of the required textbooks is also out of control.

It’s not unusual for college textbooks to cost well over $100 each with the total book tab per semester topping out at over $1,000. Such is life as a college student, right?

Not necessarily. There are two simple strategies you can use to dramatically lower the cost of textbooks. These strategies are very easy to implement and can save you thousands over the course of earning your degree.

But before we dive into the strategies, it’s important to understand something…

The College Bookstore is Not Your Friend

School bookstores exist to make money. It’s all about turning a profit for the school. They aren’t there for your convenience, and they aren’t looking out for you, either. If they were, they would tell you to get your books someplace else to save money.

Since school bookstores exist to make money, you can be assured that they are going to charge top dollar for the books and other merchandise they sell. And not only that, when you resell your used textbooks back to them at the end of the semester, they typically give you very little money for them. The bookstores then turn around and resell your books again for as much as they can. It’s all about maximizing revenue.

If it’s best to avoid your school’s bookstore, where then do you get your books? Glad you asked…

Go Online For Big Savings

The first strategy to save big on college textbooks is to buy them used online and then resell them online at the end of the semester to recoup most of your investment. There are now many websites that sell used textbooks like Amazon, Abe Books, Chegg, and many others.

These websites almost always list books for much less than your college bookstore. It’s about shopping around for the best deal.

In order to find the right books online, you’ll need some information. You will need the title, author, edition, and a special identification number known as the ISBN (International Standard Book Number) for each book. Don’t count on your school’s bookstore giving you this information. Remember, they are there to sell books to turn a profit. If they sense you are trying to obtain your books somewhere else, they may refuse to give you the information.

The best way to obtain the necessary textbook information is to contact your course instructors. Be honest with them and let them know you are trying to save money by purchasing your textbooks online. Most instructors should be fine with this.

Once you have the necessary textbook information, enter the ISBN in a search engine (any good search engine will do). This will reveal many online book sellers with the exact book you need. Find the best deal and go with it.

Reselling Your Books

What do you do with your textbooks after you have completed your courses at the end of the semester? Selling them to your school’s bookstore isn’t a good option since they usually give you very little for them.

The best way to sell your books at the end of your courses is to sell them online. Amazon is the best company to do this with since they make it very easy to list your books right on their massive website. If you price your books competitively, you can count on a quick sale if you list just before the big textbook buying rush prior to the start of the new semester.

You can usually recoup most of your investment by reselling your textbooks online when your courses are over. If you use this simple strategy, textbooks no longer have to be a financial burden.

Consider Renting Instead of Buying

A second strategy you can use to save big on college textbooks is to rent them instead of buying. In recent years a number of online textbook rental companies have emerged that make the process very easy. A simple Google search for “textbook rental” turns up several companies to choose from.

Although you will probably save more money by buying used online and then reselling online to recoup your investment, renting is still a great deal. Renting makes a lot of sense for those who don’t have the money to purchase books or for those who don’t want to have to deal with the hassle of reselling.

Two Simple Strategies

College textbooks are expensive if you purchase them through your school’s bookstore. But in the internet age we now live in, we have choices. We have other options. You can very easily save thousands while earning a college degree by either renting your textbooks or buying them online.

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