Only A True Insomniac Would Understand The Beauty Of Sleeplessness

5% Indians suffer from sleep related problems and talking about the capital city, at least 70% people suffer from sleeping disorders. The reasons as cited above may be physical or psychological but there is some beauty in this phase also. I mean those are ailing and complaining of this insomnia thing won’t understand that but those like me who enjoy this orderly disorder really have their best time when the whole world sleeps peacefully.

There are some beautiful advantages of being an insomniac and here are they:

  • As the whole world is sleeping in peace, you have no one to disturb your thought process and you come up with some lovely poems that garner appreciation from people in daylight. The creative process that brings out the stories, poems, sketches at night feeds people’s soul in the morning.

art brushes

  • You are the best advisor to your friends going through career dilemma, marital issues, or coping with heartbreak. They always know that when they are extremely stressed out, they have you as the solution.

A woman calling a friend through the phone

  • Most of the insomniacs who enjoy their process of sleeplessness are better cooks for sure. Because with full freedom, they love exploring the kitchen and experiment with various things ranging from bread jam to eggs to rice and vegetables. They also know the quickest way to cook anything which would fill the stomach and mind.

The man cooking the carrots

  • You are always the first witness to an earthquake that was trying to wreck your life for some 30 seconds. You can give the minutest details of the room, its things, dog’s reaction, etc. to all your friends and relatives the next day. Some of them get to know that through TV and also say that they have missed something important!
  • Being the insomniac in the building, you know all the joints where you can get midnight cake delivery in Delhi/Gurgaon/Noida, or anywhere you are! People would call you when they have to surprise someone at midnight or when they are hungry. You even know which shanty bistro serves the yummiest Maggi at 3 A.M.

Many studies have revealed that those who fall asleep in the wee hours of morning waking the whole night are more artistic and creative by nature. So, there’s nothing bad being an insomniac till the time you can culture it.