Online Banking + Smartphone = A Very Cool Life

Whenever I see people lining up in long queues and getting more and more flustered with each passing minute at money transfer shops, I can’t help but feel like maybe something is lacking in the process of information dissemination in my country. If they only know what I know, their lives would be so much more stress-free to say the least. Just like me, they can also transfer money in seconds instead of wasting so much precious time.

Men, online banking is much easier and way cheaper. As a matter of fact, money transfer can be done without any charges whatsoever. You do not need to pay extra for having someone else hand over your money to another person far away.

In my case for instance, I can transfer money to my son, wife, or mother wherever I am, even from my bedroom. Furthermore, this service is available 24/7. I can transfer money anytime I want, even if its two in the morning. To make things even cooler, my online money transactions happens not in days or hours but in seconds (of course that depends on my Internet connection speed). All this means that I do not need to fall in line and wait for hours sometimes feeling the oppressive heat of the streets and dust from passing vehicles. I do it in the most comfortable and efficient of ways possible.

Furthermore, this technology allows me to conveniently pay people that work for me. I essentially put in the account number and the amount of the person I’m transferring money to and that’s it. I’m done in seconds. After that, I simply send an email to my employee notifying him or her of the payment. In some instances I call them up about it but, of course, I stick to emails as much as possible since they also serve as written documentation or proof of payment, something that a call cannot provide.

I run a website that publishes useful articles on the Internet. Whenever I need content, I ask one of my writers to provide it and since content posting is practically automated since its done directly on my site, I simply pull out my smart phone and check the status of the article, real-time. When every thing has been fulfilled to my satisfaction, the writer saves it as a draft and duly notifies me through email regarding its (the article’s) completion. At this stage, I call up or email my editor to check out the article and have it go live (publish) either immediately or on a predetermined date. Paying my writer is as easy as tapping the bank’s app icon on my phone. Business is done. Simple.

paying my writer using my mobile phone

Also using my mobile phone, I can transfer money to my stock broker. I just wait for maybe 10 minutes and the money becomes available for buying stocks. Very convenient, wouldn’t you think?

depositing money to buy stocks

And then paying bills has never been easier as well. I pay my Internet connection from my cellphone too, among other things.

paying my internet bill by cellphone

reloading my data connection using my cellphone

I work on the Internet developing websites for people in the comfort of my own home. This also include performing server side programming and managing web databases. My clients are generally from Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

Payments are made online. They’re sent to my Paypal account. Whenever I want, I transfer my Paypal money to my bank account. It takes approximately three banking days (clearing period they call it) before the amount can be seen and become accessible in my bank account.

Apart from my work online, I also have an affiliate account with several companies online. They very conveniently deposit my commissions straight to my bank account. This way, my money is readily available and gets replenished automatically. Some of this I send to my loved ones, and just as I mentioned, I use my cellphone to transfer my money into their bank accounts. I have, thus, effectively eliminated the need to go out and stand in queue. Online bank transfers are largely possible because, in my case, my bank provides a mobile application that we can use to transfer money, check balances, reload cellphones, and pay bills to their respective companies. As long as I am connected to the Internet, I can do these tasks with my cellphone.

Some banks also have great products, like a debit card, such as that of my bank. With it, I can transfer money to anyone, even if the person you are paying to has an account in a different bank. And since my EON debit card is also a VISA card, I use it to pay items online like website hosting charges, buying images, and services. Since its VISA, I can use this like a credit card too. This means I don’t need to bring unsettling amounts of money around with me all the time. Another perk of the card is that I can withdraw money from any ATM anywhere in the world where VISA is accepted. Now isn’t that just cool?

Who can do it?

Online banking is not limited to people like me who make a living off the Internet. Case in point is what I’ve read on the news in the UK.

Online banking has seen a boom among the older generation, with nearly 2.3 million aged between 70 and over 100 years old now using internet banking, according to figures compiled by the British Bankers’ Association (BBA).

The BBA said more than 450,000 customers over the age of 60 are using banking apps on smart phones, iPads and other tablets.

The oldest HSBC customer to have downloaded its banking app is aged 108. – BBA

Obviously, its never too late for you to upgrade your banking methods. If they can do it at 108 years old, so can you.

In the event you start thinking that you’re too young for this kind of seemingly-sophisticated way of banking, let me tell you that you cannot be more wrong. If you are able to read this article and understand what’s in it, you’re good to go. Another case in point on this matter is something I gleaned from ComputerWeekly website.

Halifax has launched an online banking service aimed at helping 11 to 15-year-olds better manage their money.

The service provides financial education and online safety information, as well as access to the Halifax mobile banking app. It was designed with Childnet International and The Money Advice Service.

The Expresscash account, as it is known, is the same as the online banking service offered to all customers but has the educational material on top.

Halifax head of digital Anita Hockin said online banking is having a positive impact for customers.

That is why it is extremely important to introduce our younger customers to this, and help them make the most of their finances…A lot of work is being done to improve financial education for children, and what better way for them to learn than through the management of their own accounts in a forum that will be second nature to them. – Anita Hockin

In case you’ve missed it, you should note that both seniors and kids alike do their banking remotely. That is, they hardly need to go around or out of their comfort zones. Personally in fact, this mobility is what makes modern banking a huge success.

There you have it. What other possible excuse can you have to stop waiting in line in long queues, sweating away and hating the fact that you will have to do it again after another 15 days? If 11 to 15 year old children can do it, so can you apparently. It is also worthy to note that apart from providing banking services to kids, the system also aims to help in educating them about their finances. Banking education at age 11! I can only wish I had that when I was at that age.


I have a lot of obligations to fulfill such as paying my writers, paying my bills, sending money to my loved ones, reloading my cellphone, paying items online, and so on. But I have kept abreast with technology and have made full use of it. Hence, all these things take place on the Internet.

Money is going out all the time but luckily, and with careful planning, I have ensured that money also finds its way into my bank account and replenishes it. What’s more, everything is done on autopilot and all I’m left to do is check the current amount and withdraw what’s necessary.

Furthermore, because mobile application is available, I’m enjoying the best online banking conveniences since I am now able to do all the things I’ve mentioned above wherever and whenever I so desire. I do not have to fall in line and wait in long queues just to send my money somewhere. I have thankfully avoided that headache.

Now online banking does not just mean sending money to loved ones as is mostly the purpose of money transfer shops these days. There are many more benefits or advantages that, should this be made known to the public in a more efficient manner, would make virtually everyone forget about money transferring shops and have more time for themselves to do something much more productive than fall in line for hours at a time.