Marriage Is Not The Answer To Untimely Teenage Pregnancy

Marriage is too important to just do it out of parental pressure…

Should We Get Married Because She Is Pregnant?

The decision to get married must be weighed carefully. Marriage should not be impulsively chosen as an option to solve problems such as untimely pregnancy.  Unplanned pregnancy usually happens among teenage couples who took the mistake of consummating their ardent love for one another.

When a girl gets pregnant, the couple and even the people around them think that marriage is the right answer. At first, it may seem like a good idea; as it is what the rest of society is probably expecting them to do. However, marrying for this sole reason of pregnancy is most probably not the smart decision to make. The disadvantages below will tell you why.

Missing Out Important Opportunities In Life

Teenage marriage is also associated with much lower education levels; women who marry before the age of 19 are 50% more likely to drop out of high school and four times less likely to graduate from college…

Early Teen Marriage and Future Poverty

It is true that married life has its own offered pleasures, but the young couple will realize eventually that they are restricted by marriage in many ways. They need to dedicate time to one another and to the coming baby, making a lot of compromises and sacrifices. They need to give up their own dreams so that marriage may succeed and they can raise their family together. Major opportunities in life are missed, such as education.

Immature Behavior And Outlook In Life

One of the surest signs of immaturity and irresponsibility in both young men and young women is a lack of willingness to do a reasonable share of work in a consistent, dependable way prior to marriage. When such an indifferent attitude is demonstrated before marriage, you can be sure that it is only likely to become worse after marriage…

Teenage Marriage: Weigh it carefully!

Teenage couples are still young and far from being adults, thus, they are naturally childish and immature.  This immaturity is what most likely pushed them to make rash and silly decisions like engaging in sexual acts. If they do get married, this juvenile behavior can cause some serious issues like neglecting the duty to bring in money for the family. Eventually, this immaturity can lead them to lose patience with each other and grow tired of one another.

Jokes On Pregnancy

Q: What is usually craved for by women when they are pregnant?

A: For their husbands to be the ones pregnant!

Q: What method is most reliable to determine gender of baby?

A: Childbirth!

Q: For a man, what is the difference between a model and his nine-month pregnant wife?

A: Nothing. If he knows what is best for his sake!

Q: When is the ideal time to stop breastfeeding?

A: When you already see teeth marks on your nipples!

Pregnancy Risks

As a pregnant teenager, you have a higher risk of:

  • Premature labor and/or delivery (going into labor before the baby is fully developed)
  • Anemia (low iron levels in your blood)
  • Preeclampsia (swelling, high blood pressure and protein in your urine)
  • Having a baby with a low birth weight (less than five and a half pounds)

Risks for Pregnant Teens

Pregnancy for women of legal age is already risky and full of complications. How much riskier would it then be for young girls. Their bodies are still underdeveloped and their body weight is possibly lower than necessary for pregnancy. These risks are further made worse by the lack of proper knowledge on how to take care of one’s self while pregnant. An irresponsible and immature husband might also do something that can further stress the pregnant wife.

Possible Changes In The Couple

Studies show that today teenage marriages are two to three times more likely to end in divorce than are marriages between people 25 years of age and older.

Now, the Bad News on Teenage Marriage

Teenagers are still at a stage on their lives when their personalities and behavior are not yet fully formed. Teenage years are years when these young people are still learning what they want and who they really are.  They still have not yet established their true desires and goals in life. Their minds and hearts are bound to change. It is possible they will realize later on that they are not really suitable for each other. This often leads to divorce.

Neglecting The Solemnity Of Marriage

Young people often act based only on impulse, which makes them come up with decisions that they are bound to regret later.  They are probably seeing marriage as just a means to meet with their desires to be together all the time. They have no concrete idea that marriage requires respect, commitment and more. They may simply decide on marriage without evaluating or considering the more serious implications of this committed relationship. At first, marriage may be bliss but later on, they will begin to experience troubles and difficulties that will change their understanding about what its all about. In such times, it may be too late for them to back out without causing damages to marriage.

Financial Instability

They are still young and will most likely not have the financial means to raise a family.  Financial inadequacy can create tensions that could destabilize a blissful relationship. While it is true that they can ask help from their in-laws, it must be considered carefully as well. Depending too much on in-laws or parents for financial support can produce issues and conflicts later on.  Most often than not, the person who gives money will have (or want) some sort of, if not full, control over the situation.

Also, since young couples are generally financially unable to rent a house of their own, they will temporarily stay with either one’s parents. Almost all married persons will admit that living under one roof with the in-laws is not an easy feat to overcome. It is a living arrangement that should be avoided by married couples unless as a last resort. In this kind of arrangement, they should prepare themselves to face family conflicts, lack of privacy and other serious problems, including undue stress for the pregnant girl.

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