Lottometrix Review – 7 Things You Should Know Before You Join

Want to join Lottometrix? Then, this Lottometrix review hopes to shed some light on how it works and see if it’s for you. Jerry Jay Lendlsmith leads the whole team, and they offer a lotto strategy based on number patterns.

Perhaps, you are unsure if their strategy will work for you.

I know.

But I know something sure about you. You want to win the lottery. And you want that happen as soon as possible.

And why not?

Winning the lottery is life-changing.

With money, you can buy your dream house. Travel anywhere you want. Buy the best looking car. Eat the food you like. Buy anything you fancy. And most of all, never worry about money ever again.

Sound’s great, doesn’t it?

But winning the lottery isn’t easy.

You’ve slaved over your lottery spreadsheet. You’ve tracked the most frequently appearing numbers in the last 500 draws. You’ve tried everything from birthdates to quick pick, to lucky numbers recommended by your favorite fortune teller.

And after more than a decade of playing, you still haven’t found a perfect strategy that will beat the odds.

Should you give up your dream?

What if you knew which numbers are more likely to occur in the lottery?

What if picking those numbers would help you increase your chances of winning the lottery in no time?

What if someone has done all the needed mathematical analysis and bring everything to you on a silver platter?

Let’s proceed with my Lottometrix review now.  Shall we?

Here are the 7 things you should know about Lottometrix:

#1. Lottometrix doesn’t use statistics to calculate probability

lottometrix review - Lottometrix divides number patterns into three groups namely the bad, the good and the best

Many serious players track lottery results believing that it will help them compose a better number combination.  Sadly, all they are doing is tallying the frequency of each number and come up with a hot list.

Mathematically, hot numbers or even cold numbers, don’t work at all.  Because if they do, then the lottery would have lots of winners every draw.  The lottery doesn’t work that way.

Lottometrix takes it up a notch using a scientific approach.

They use the method proposed by Renato Gianella in his study called The Geometry of Chance.  In Gianella’s theory, two major mathematical formulas are being used.  First, the binomial coefficients invented by an Italian polymath Gerolamo Cardano in the 15th century. The second one is the probability formula.  The combined power of two mathematical tools produced a list of number patterns with different probability group.

Lottometrix divided the patterns into three major groups namely: The Best, The Fair, and The Worst.

Using the above approach, Lottometrix doesn’t need to gather the past winning numbers to determine the trending pattern.  Story short, they only need two variables to start with.

x and y

 For example, with the U.S. Powerball 5/69 game, the required variables are:

x = 5

y = 69

Those two variables are all they need to compute what works in the lottery.

Math is so powerful that from these two variables alone, they can determine the best number patterns in the lottery.

In short, statistics is not required.

Nonetheless, though not required in the calculation process, statistics is necessary to prove the calculation.  What is the point of calculating when you have no way to know if it’s right or wrong?  Otherwise, everything that Lottometrix calculates will just reduce to mere “assumption.”

Thus, Lottometrix tracks the past lottery results to prove that everything matches with their theoretical calculations.

If you become a member of lottometrix, you will believe with your own eyes.

Their calculation matches exceptionally close with the actual lottery results. See their lottery analysis here.

#2. Lottometrix doesn’t support all lotteries

lottometrix review of the lottery

I sigh.

If only Lottometrix supports all the lottery systems in the world …

So, if you play the Lotto 649 game, then, it’s not available in their system.

If you play the Florida Fantasy 5, sorry but Lottometrix doesn’t support it.

Or if you play the South African Lotto 5/90 game, you won’t find it at Lottometrix.

Fortunately, for other lottery systems, you’ll be glad to know; another website exists for that matter.

Having said that, you may visit Lotterycodex which is run and managed by Edvin Hiltner.

#3. It’s a free service but it doesn’t sell lotto tickets

Lottometrix is a free website

Yes, it’s free.

And maybe it’s free just for now. We don’t know.

Perhaps, another reason, why you should join while it’s free.

However, I have to clarify though. Inside the member’s area, you will find links going to external services.

That’s because, without sponsors, Lottometrix will not survive.

The website’s biggest sponsor is Overseas Subscribers Agent or OSA.  So don’t be surprised if you see some links going to OSA website scattered around the member’s area.  They also promote OSA via email newsletter as well.

Thanks to all the sponsors.  Access to Lottometrix is free of charge.

Lottometrix keeps its business through sponsorship.

So, if you see links that offer to play the lottery online, it is offered by a third party service and not by Lottometrix.

For example, you will see inside Lottometrix a link offering to join “The Billionaire Series” by OSA.  If you want to join, you will be asked to complete your contact details.  Your entry to the Billionaire series is managed by OSA not by Lottometrix. See more details about the Billionaire series on Lottometrix site.

Another thing, since Lottometrix doesn’t sell lotto tickets, it is your responsibility to buy a ticket from wherever you like either online or through your nearest lotto outlet.  If you don’t purchase a ticket, don’t claim a prize if one of your numbers made a match.  Especially, don’t claim it from Lottometrix because Lottometrix is not a lottery entry service business.

Now, worried about your information being shared? I guess it’s also important to touch that matter in this Lottometrix review.

And according to their privacy policy page, they don’t share your information with outside parties.  In other words, you only share your personally identifiable information when you opted to play lotto from one of the third parties advertised in the member’s area.  If you don’t play with one of the companies being promoted, then your information is safe within Lottometrix.

#4. They do generate numbers for you

Lottometrix generates numbers for you

Find it hard to pick numbers to play?

Don’t worry. Lottometrix has got you covered.

It generates 500 numbers for each lottery. 100 of these belong to the best probability group, and 400 of them belong to the fair group.

Get your own list of numbers.

These numbers are picked from the list consisting of patterns with a high probability of occurring in the lottery. In other words, those numbers are better than random picks.

#5. Lottometrix do offer “play” and “don’t play” signal

Lottometrix provides their proprietary stop and go signal

Hacking the lottery involves too many factors.

It’s too hard and complex for the layman and time-consuming for those gifted with mathematical ability.

Fortunately, automation comes in handy.

Thanks to the internet. Lottometrix uses its workforce to provide the needed data analysis to know when it is the right time to play the lottery.  See this play signal in action.

This analysis frees everyone to focus on playing.

#6. Lottometrix reviews number matches while you sleep

Lottometrix review number matches for it's members

Now, forget about your lottery spreadsheet.

You don’t need them.  Sign up to Lottometrix and set up your own lottery progress report.

Tracking whether your numbers have matches in the lottery is done automatically for you.

If you remember, in item #4, I mentioned about the numbers generated for you by Lottometrix.  The benefit doesn’t stop there.  Lottometrix continues to track those numbers and notifies if you get a perfect match.

Needless to say though. If you do get perfect matches, that doesn’t mean you are entitled to a prize.  If you don’t purchase a ticket, then you don’t win.

#7. They do allow you to unsubscribe anytime

Lottometrix unsubscribe link

If you are interested in joining, go ahead.  Sign up here.

Because if you find that it’s not something for you according to your own Lottometrix review, you can unsubscribe anytime.

Click on one of the unsubscribe link at the bottom of one of their email newsletters, and you are removing yourself from the list.

It also removes you from the membership.  And also, you will no longer be able to log in as well.

Lottometrix Review: My Verdict

Lottometrix features: based on science, proven by actual lottery results, and analysis are presented in plain english

I believe, this group is awesome. I like to stress that in this Lottometrix review.

Jerry Jay Lendlsmith answers email personally. You can ask any question should you need any assistance regarding the use of their strategy.

And if you agree and you want to join, here’s the link to the registration page.

You don’t pay to get access to their mathematical research.

But they get paid through sponsorships.

It’s similar to how tv and radio networks make money and how they bring information to the masses at no cost at all.

I think that is a win-win relationship.

Keep in mind that the website is sponsored by Overseas Subscribers Agent or OSA.  So, it’s natural that you see OSA links within the lottometrix member’s area.

Buying lotto tickets online through OSA is all up to you.  Purchasing is not a mandatory thing.

Whether you purchase through OSA or opt to play at your nearest lotto outlet, you are free to access Lottometrix at all times.

And when you join, and you find that it’s not at all useful to you, then you can go away anytime. So nothing to lose.

After all, it’s a free service.