How to Draw like a Pro (Even If You Are Not an Artist)

You don’t need an artistic talent to be able to draw.

I would like to introduce a technique that makes use of simple shapes.   This drawing style is so easy to do as you just need to put all shapes together in a meaningful way to form a concept.

I use GIMP for all my sketching, but you can also use Photoshop.  Of course, any image editor or graphics software can do the job.  I just recommend GIMP because it’s free.  You can download a free copy of it from the GIMP official website.

Now if you are ready, here are the five samples.

Father and Son

If you need to convey the meaning of fatherly love, a simple drawing will do.  Who said you need to draw like a pro?

Father and son - one big triangle and one small triangle with eyes, legs, hands and they are happy walking together.

The Mother and The Child

Been trying to draw a mother and child without success? Try circles.

Mother and child - one big circle and one very small circle. The big circle is the mother and the small one is the baby. They have eyes, legs, hands, and hair.

The Running Monsters

This drawing is elementary and easy to follow.  Why don’t you fire up your image software and create one for yourself?

Running monsters - These monsters are made up of different shapes. Triangle, oblong, squares. They are drawn to demonstrate that you can draw even if you are not talented. You just need to combine shapes, put eyes, legs, hands and you're done.

The Singer

I know. You can do a stick figure.  But how about putting some volume into your drawing?

The singing monsters - this is not a real monster. This is only to demonstrate that you can combine different shapes to draw anything.

The Dancing Monsters

With this drawing, I just use irregular oblong and a pentagon for the bodies.  You can see that I make use of circles for their eyes.  I used spiral lines for the ears.  Nothing is complex. The arms, hands, legs, and feet are reflections of simplicity.  You can do the same thing.

Dancing monsters - a drawing made up of different shapes such as rectangle, circles, curves. The shapes are combine to form two monsters.

For Bloggers Who Want to Draw but Cannot, Here’s My Two Cents

Graphic artist and illustrators nowadays are so expensive.  If you are blogging on a limited budget, why not put illustrations into your own hands.  You can do it.  You just need to believe.

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