Fun and Bizarre Ways of Making Money on Fiverr

People do the strangest things for the almighty buck ­$5US in particular – thanks to Fiverr, a popular online marketplace for purchasing and selling products and services with other users.

Although there are pretty straight­laced sellers on Fiverr who treat their professional services seriously, some seem to get a kick out of making a quick buck out of their “gigs.” Whether it’s the attention or their 15minutes of online fame, one thing is for sure — they earn and the buyers get their money’s worth. At the end of the day, everybody wins.

Below are some of the most popular and top­rated users who have achieved public acclaim for their strange yet effective gigs that have allowed them to become famous and earn tons of $5US orders at the same time.

Make people’s wish come true through an extremely powerful Mayan spell

There was a time when magic was a forbidden art that embraces the paranormal, which stood against everything the norm represented. Master Shaman Crystal Indigo, the spell caster who goes by the username blondey, brings back the power of Mayan magic without the unwarranted hate.

All you need to do is pay $5US, ask, and you shall receive. Ms. Indigo has all the right spells to either banish or solve your relationship, financial, and weight problems. What could seemingly be perceived as a ruse has actually satisfied 106 customers as of this writing with no negative review.

Provide shelter for homeless animals

Despite the increased awareness for animal rights, there are still a lot of them without homes. People dodge the responsibility of taking care of animals by leaving them on the streets with little or no concern for their survival.

Thankfully, blondey ­ the same user featured above – has taken up the role of the good Samaritan by providing food and shelter for homeless dogs and cats. She and her mother will also take care of the veterinary bills and neutered shots for the animals if necessary. Talk about loving thy neighbor.

Create funny prank videos

It pays to be funny, but it takes a lot to make people laugh. Timing, delivery, voice modulation, and facial expressions are just some of the things you need to worry about to tickle the funny bone of people. Jo Uneus, also known by the username oldbittygrandma on the site, has most of the comedic qualities down to a tee.

Her gigs consist of making 30­second rants to recipients telling them that she had their babies or children. Buyers will have to indicate the name of the person they plan on pranking along with the name of his or her three friends and a restaurant, event, or club to make things realistic. Her facial expressions and timing reminiscent of Alex Borstein are sure to draw laughs.

Dressing up in any costume and saying whatever your buyers want you to say

$5US isn’t a lot of money to fuss all over about, which is why some users at play the “less is more” route. Instead of making an effort to act out a scene or memorize a song to perform, all they need to do is wear something silly – I don’t know, probably a banana costume – and say something in front of the camera.

Pretty straightforward in concept, but the results are actually encouraging. Username bethan earns from the site by wearing the said banana costume on the street and saying whatever the buyers want him to say – a greeting, shout­out or something about your business – for approximately 20 seconds.

Make zombie videos

The undead is the craze nowadays. With television shows and popular culture feeding off the mass frenzy about zombies, it’s not a bad idea to jump on the bandwagon and capitalize on “zombie marketing.”

Username kristylynn makes short videos as a zombie saying customized messages from buyers. It’s a fun and scary way of greeting your loved ones, family and friends during holidays or birthdays, especially if they are big fans of rotting corpses brought back to life.

Impersonate a celebrity voice

Imitation is a form of flattery, and username tonydemarco may have gone to great lengths to flatter the irrepressible Scot himself, Sir Sean Connery. Only his distinct delivery and diction of words can rival his acting chops, so if you can’t act like the former Bond, at least try sounding like him.

The user will record a 30­minute audio clip of him sounding like Mr. Connery for any prank, greeting, or anything that requires his voice.

Do math assignments

Among all subjects in high school, mathematics is easily one of the most vilified. Playing the numbers game is difficult, not to mention unnecessary. Who needs to understand the laws of cosine, trigonometric functions, and the Pythagorean Theorem when all you need to know is how to add, subtract, divide, and multiply your savings?

Luckily, username brian1983 lends his expertise in numbers for a fee, of course. He asks people to hand him over any mathematical problem limited to algebra, calculus, basic statistics, and trigonometry that they have and he’ll solve it like a boss.

Create custom videos using original music and lyrics

Music is a pleasurable experience that plays both ways for different people — some people enjoy listening to it while others enjoy making money off of it.

Case in point, username Rapper_man creates custom rap music videos for his buyers at $5US for every 15 seconds. The user encourages people to purchase four gigs, which means you’ll have to pay $20US for a 1­minute video. He will perform the song, which can take the form of a greeting or a birthday gift, and add images you have sent to him. With his fresh beats and original lyrics, Rapper_man has left a lot of customers satisfied.

Given the peculiar yet successful services offered by some of the top users at, you should be able to come up with ideas of your own to make a name for yourself online. If there are any users who have come up with strange ways on how to make money on the site, then let us know by commenting below.