Exploring San Diego In A Day Is Not Enough

I can say everyone wants to experience traveling especially for the reason of pleasure and experiencing the beauty of another country. You can visit many great places around the world. There are those that require a visa and there are those do not. In the meantime, let us not dwell on this matter instead. By using the internet, let us visit one of the most beautiful cities in the United States, San Diego.

The city, located on the coast of the Pacific Ocean and adjacent to the Mexican Border, is the 18th largest city in the US and second in California. That means you will never run out of places to visit. San Diego is known to be a city with mild climate most of the year.

San Diego’s economy is primarily the boost in tourism, foreign trade, and manufacturing. San Diego is the birthplace of naval aviation because of its deep ports and it hosts the largest naval fleet in the whole world.

San Diego is also known as a city rambling with attractions. Traveling in this city means traveling in distance. You have the option to take public transport like the famous San Diego Trolley or maybe renting your own car.

Sad thing though, the trolley does not travel to all of the San Diego attractions. Therefore, you need to find an alternative to be able to visit Balboa Park and their famous Zoo.

Why would I Go and Visit San Diego?

As somebody who is eager to travel, it is necessary to visit Balboa Park. This park is considered to be the largest in the US, when you talk about cultural parks. It houses fifteen museums and a number of art venues.

Alcazar Garden, Balboa Park

If you are a Star Trek fan then you will be happy to know that the costumes, sets and everything used in the series can be seen here at Balboa Park. As for me, I am a big fan of model railroads and at this park you will see the Model Railroad Museum.

As for the art aficionados, you have the Art Museum to visit. If you are fascinated with anything that flies and dreaming about becoming an astronaut, then you should not miss visiting the Air and Space Museum.

If you love flowers, I am happy to let you know the Botanical Building houses more than five hundred poinsettias arranged together with varieties of flowers sourced from around the world. And the good news is, this display can be viewed for free.

Other than the museums and displays mentioned, there still a lot to check out and a day would not be enough to roam around the park.

The Old Town and Heritage Park Victorian Village is another great place to visit in this wonderful city. This six block park is the state’s birthplace where a Spanish settlement can be seen. If you enjoy Mexican food then this is the right place to go because you can choose from several Mexican restos available. Other than the restaurants, you will also be able to visit specialty shops, artisan markets, and a number of museums.

Gaslamp Quarter. Once called the red light district, now it is a well-known family-friendly getaway in the United States. Why was it called Gaslamp Quarter? Four gas lamps were mounted at the four corners of Market Street during the early 1900s.

Hundreds of hotels, restaurants, clubs, shops, galleries, and many more can be seen here in this district. In addition, there are a handful of events being held annually which means you will never run out of something to look forward to.

San Diego is also known for its Theme Parks. Sea World is one of them. Opened in 1964, this 150-acre theme park will give you the experience of your life when it comes to fun-filled entertainment.

It would be a shame if you miss seeing the Believe Shamu Show that features the killer whale and the bottle-nose dolphins with their comical acts. In addition, do not forget to try the Skyride and the Sea World Skytower where you will have the chance to see the panoramic view of the park.

San Diego Zoo

The San Diego Zoo is another good place to visit. This is a wild animal park where you will see animals living in their natural surroundings like what you see in Africa. If you are into trailing, there is this two-mile walk trail that’s composed of a botanical garden.

Last thing, you should not forget to visit the mile-long Beaches of San Diego. There are several beaches you can visit like the Mission Bay, South Mission Beach, Pacific beaches, Silver Strand State Beach, and Coronado Central. I am sure you will enjoy going to these beaches especially if you love the sun and sand. Relax as the wave kiss your feet and the sand is your seat.

As always, do remember to stay away from tourist traps if you want to save money whenever you travel. Be wise and be careful. There are still those individuals who will take advantage especially when they see you as a tourist.

San Diego Skyline at night

Traveling should be fun and it should not drain money out from your pockets. When it comes to hotels, ideally, you should book ahead to take advantage of early booking promos and discounts.

Airline companies also give discounts when it comes to airfares. They offer promos every now and then. Most of the time, it is better to book during off-peak season since this is the where you can find a significant price difference to normal rates.

San Diego is considered as the most hospitable city in the US. However, there are certain rules you need to follow just like any other city. For instance, it is forbidden to use cell phones while driving in California.

When you travel, always have your cards photocopied and always keep your tickets when you travel by air or train. Do some research beforehand so you won’t get into trouble while on vacation.