What Everybody Ought to Know About Showering With Cold Water

Over the years there have been many debates over the benefits of cold showers. They have varied from those who call them a torture technique to people who swear by them. Have you ever had a cold shower? Which team do you belong to?

It is definitely not the nicest of surprises when the water jetting down your skin is suddenly cold, but perhaps it’s not the end of the world. There are many benefits of having a cold shower and the benefits impact your hair, body and overall health. Do you believe these claims? If not, perhaps you will change your mind after this, but if you already use the cold shower as a part of your routine – this might be another confirmation of you doing more good than harm. Here are some of the reasons you should include cold shower on your agenda.

Hair and skin health

Showers, in general, are not just a way for us to get the hygiene back on track. It also has some serious beauty elements. Hair and skin are the two things people take care a lot. The whole beauty product industry has grown from the smart marketing of a better-looking skin and hair being linked to success and emotional health. However, you don’t necessarily need to have the high-end products to be able to achieve the same result.

Taking a cold shower or even if the water temperature is just lukewarm can be helpful for the natural oils that people have on their skin. It will allow pored to close up and not become filled with dirt. Wash your hair in lukewarm water or at least give your scalp and hair a good rinse after washing to help smooth down hair follicles. Your hair will become shinier and healthier.

Hot water naturally makes your skin dry, and it can eventually start peeling and have a negative impact on your overall skin condition. If you have a problem with acne outbreaks, for example, washing your face with hot water will not help the cause at all. Cold water, on the other hand, has been noted to help with skin outbreaks, skin dryness and the overall look of your face.

This applies to both men and women, so perhaps it is worth using. You don’t have to ditch your hot showers either. If you want to have a hot shower and then slowly turn the water to lukewarm it also can be beneficial. Do this every day and slowly allow the temperature of water become colder till it’s quite cold. You can also switch from hot to hold. This method is known as the »Scottish method« because Scots are said to be very cautious with their spending, especially their spending of hot water.

It is not only a challenge for the body, but also for the mind. However, it will definitely have a positive effect on your skin.

Some people build up their tolerance and resilience to later go swimming in ice cold lakes. Also, they swear by the positive impact on their physical and mental health and capacity after they have started the process.

Cold water and other health benefits

When you are trying to improve your health and lifestyle, it sometimes seems like a daunting task, and you don’t even know where to begin. It is also not always easy to stay motivated because this day and age are high in activity and stress. However, starting with small steps and creating better habits will help you along the way. Start slowly and stick to your goals, rewarding yourself for success and not punishing yourself for failure. These principles also work when you are trying to start improving your mental and [physical health with such a simple thing as a shower.

Having a cold shower will encourage the blood flow increase allowing your heart become more active. The blood circulation becomes more efficient, and it can help with blood pressure and help you give the immune system a boost too.

If you are dealing with sore muscles or trying to ease stress, a cold shower at least once a day help you move easier and it can also be a good recovery routine after a gym session or jog in the park. It will also allow you to stay alerted and wake up easier in the morning. All because cold water will encourage your body to circulate blood through the body.

One more important aspect that you should take into consideration is the way cold water overall stimulates your body. That has not only a physical but also a mental effect, helping you to wake up, stay alerted longer and even feel more positive and inspired.

If you are trying to lose weight, your healthy eating and exercise routine with a cold shower can help. The good and the bad fat should always be separated in your mind. Activating the fat that generates energy will burn calories while keeping you warm. However, if you don’t combine it with healthy and balanced diet and exercise, nothing will happen. One thing impacts another, so sometimes it’s the little things you do.

There is evidence that having a cold shower at least once a day will help keep the depression away. Because your mood gets that important boost and you feel healthier, more awake as well as happier, it is less likely you will suffer from bouts of depression.

Any more health benefits?

Cold showers have been linked to a better circulation that also impacts fertility and testosterone. It also improves female fertility.

Lymphatic system will allow your cells to filter out water with more efficiency. When it doesn’t work properly, it will cause different symptoms to become more frequent. It will also lead to colds and flu stopping you from living more often. This ties back to the immune system boost and the easing of joint pain.

The vessels in the system will construct and relax if you alternate between hot and cold water, helping to unblock any blocked parts of the system. This is an excellent way to improve your health while still enjoying yourself.


Overall there are quite a few health benefits noted about switching up your shower routine. It seems like quite a challenge at first if you have never done anything like it, but it will be worth it. Not only you will look healthier, but you will also feel healthier. Improving the quality of life has always been important, but it is even more important today when people have become more stressed and rushing.

In the end, you are the most important person in your life and if this is a way you can take care of a little aspect of your health – it is definitely worth it.

Start slow and then only you can stop you from achieving everything you want in life. Besides, if a hot shower lulls you back to sleep in the morning and in pleasant daydreams during the day, a cold one will make you very focused and aware of your surroundings. Unless you are already used to having cold showers, and then the only thing that can be said is – don’t give up even when the motivations seem to be leaving you high and dry. Ask your friends and family to join you with this kind of challenge.

Image credit: Wikimedia