Dog Debate: Purebred vs. Mutt

In terms of cost, purchasing a purebred cost insanely expensive compared to a mixed breed. If the price is a problem, a dog lover could go to an adoption outlet of dogs and adopt one. A dog enthusiast satisfies himself if the price limits him to having a dog to care for and love.

Having a pure breed is great. Pure breeds define their lineage or pedigree. Its ancestors are well defined and recognized. Having documented pedigrees will allow pet owners to carefully select the best purebreds money can buy. The recognition and the selection process can aid the dog lover to assure the pooch’s health, vitality, and stability of the purebreds.

Other dog lovers find excitement in opting to have a mutt as their pet.

A mutt is what the dog world calls the mix breeds. A mutt’s lineage is not known. Its ancestry is not defined. They say that the excitement starts when they bring the mutt home. Unpredictable in size and intellect is the mystery that will unfold in its growing years. The unknown rides on a mutt. The mutt could have the traits of a Labrador retriever, the brute strength of a pit bull, or maybe the size of a corgi.

Some dog lovers believe that they could achieve high profile breeding when they purchase purebreds.

Opting for a mutt or a purebred depends on one’s lifestyle too. If you are living in an apartment that does not allow large breeds, then a dog lover will opt to buy a purebred so its size assured when it grows up.

Here are some reasons why dog owners are settling for Purebreds:

  • Purebreds confirmed backgrounds and traits make it easy for owners to adopt them
  • Owners could determine which skill they want for their purebred
  • Health and genetics will play a role in the selection process,
  • A dog lover would want a pup raised properly.
  • Puppy traits and personality is identified and helps the owner decide on this aspect.

Going for a purebred is good, provided the source is reputable and the pedigree documents available checked and confirmed. An expert advice is also welcome for the option of what Breed is good for a dog owner wanting a purebred. Life with puppy who is a purebred or mutt would make any difference, as long you love them very much.

A dog is man’s best friend and intends to be one too. Our beloved pooches want the tender loving care that we love to give as dog lovers. When we look at our dog eye to eye, we see the reflection of our deep mutual love for them. Feeling their expression through their eyes make us want to hug and comfort our pets with whatever emotions we have, happy or sad, pure breed or a mixed breed.