Do Women Need More Sleep Than Men?

Good health is a vital part of a person’s life. Supposing that you do not get enough sleep, your mental and physical health will be greatly disturbed. You consume enough energy in one day that sleeping becomes essential to gain further strength for the upcoming day.

The cycle goes on and on. This is never ending. There might be days when you would feel you are not sleeping much; you will feel the change in yourself. A natural reaction would be that a person becomes cranky. They do not feel like talking to anyone. They might skip their work as well. Their routine could get so disturbed that they can agree to commit anything, just to sleep. Conclusively, sleep is a fundamental element in one’s life regardless of the gender.

Women’s brains are designed for multitasking. They can spend time at work, cook food, look out for family, do household chores, all in one day.

I highly doubt that any man could ever do all these tasks (or more) for a duration of one day. Men who are reading this can take it as a challenge as well. For once, try to be the woman of the house instead of the man of the house. You will have to accept it; we women do a lot more than you do in one day.

Let us give credit to our brains which are made to do various duties in a short span of time. Because of these responsibilities, women feel completely drained by the end of the day. You may argue that men spend their entire day at the office to work and all the credit here is going to women. Well, to be very honest, we deserve it.

When we all sleep, our brains are allowed to repair themselves and relax. Every part of the brain goes to recovery. The rule here is, the more you use your brain, the more you need sleep. Since women tend to multitask, the usage of the brain is relatively greater. Because of this, they also need more sleep.

A man who has a job of critical thinking might also need more of sleep, but then again, not more than women. We win here again! According to some calculations, women need 20 minutes of more sleep.

Scientists have proven by their study results that women who fail to get sufficient sleep suffer from more health issues than men. Women who are having poor sleep schedules experience high levels of depression, anger, and feelings of hostility. These feelings were not found in men after taking the test.

The health problems may rise a lot. According to the study carried out, 33% of women with poor sleep had C-reactive protein levels contributing to a risk of heart disease.

The study contained 210 middle-aged men and women for a test. Professor Horne states that women’s brains are “wired differently from men’s and are more complex, so their sleep need will be slightly greater.” Apart from this, there are more tests carried out in previous times too (you can look up through the internet). All investigation have proved that women do have the right to sleep a bit longer than men.

After having this argument scientifically proven, I would suggest men to never wake up their sisters, mothers, daughters or wives whenever they are fast asleep. The crankiness might increase about the time before they went to sleep.

You might want to save yourself to face their wrath. I am saying this on a personal experience because no woman likes to be interrupted when their brains are recovering from such a tiring day.

I am sure you would need the same lady to work for the coming day without being grouchy and irritable. Women need their time to recover and rise to a better day and work without any annoyance or discomfort.

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