Do Violent Video Games Make People Violent?

Video games have been in existence for many decades. Growing concerns about their negative influence are high. Are they directly linked to youth violence or not?

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Graphics and animation software today allow programmers to develop far better graphics and animation effects that provide a realistic experience for video game players. While this brings delight to the players, it has posed a much greater concern for the critics. In fact it has reinvigorated the debate that blames this technology to the increase of violence in the country.

These are just some incidents:

There are many more video game crimes and related controversies similar to these.

The media have their hands full. There are an increasing number of laws created against video games and a barrage of lawsuits filed against game developers. Parents are dragging their kids away from Xbox360, Wii, PlayStations, and computers because they seriously believe this technology affect their kids’ behavior and lead them to commit crimes. But the question is, does this prove that these so-called violent video games cause an increase in violence especially among youths? Aren’t there many other factors at play?

The truth is, researchers are in conflict…

Others say that there is plenty of evidence that shows a link between these acts of violence and the long-term anti-social behavior. They claim the exposure to violence in childhood, the same as when they are exposed to media and television violence, increases their likelihood to behave aggressively and do crimes in adulthood. For them, it is not linked to early symptoms of aggressive behavior, problems in parenting styles, factors related to socioeconomic status and environment safety.

Repeated acts of violence desensitize the natural aversion to violence that that child would otherwise have. And if the game rewards violent acts, but not non-violent ones, the child begins to think violence is not only acceptable but desirable. The longer a child is exposed to violence, the more ingrained these attitudes become. There’s a widespread but false belief that violent games are healthy because they allow kids a way of venting their aggression. They don’t.

Kids, Violence and Computer Games

They theorize that young people may have difficulty distinguishing between what is real and what they experience in the game – most of which are just extremely graphic. Anti-game activists and researchers claim this is what leads them to act out what they have experienced in games. The age and experience of these players allow them to be easily influenced. Social Learning theory states that aggressive video games stimulate aggressive behavior and that long exposure can lead them to be desensitized to violent imagery and human suffering.

Dr. Craig Anderson, a psychologist from the Iowa State University of Science and Technology, claims that violent video games provides a chance for learning and practicing aggressive solutions to conflict situations. In another research, he also paired up with Dill, another researcher and the result was similar. They found out that aggressive personalities are the cause for “aggressive and delinquent behavior.” His research has been one of the most frequently cited and published researchers in video game violence. He also made a team with other researchers Bartholow and Carnagey and same results came out. Steven Kirsh, another researcher also had another study with a group of third and fourth graders and found that these type of games make children react with more hostility compared to children who do not play.

While these studies suggest physiological arousal, increased anti-social behavior and aggression-related feelings and thoughts, many experts argue there is generally a lack of quality studies which can be relied upon and that the video game industry has become an easy target for the media to blame for many modern day problems.

In a study conducted by the US government, the conclusion states that violence in video games is not linked with aggressive tendencies and that other factors are at play.  In fact, there are many benefits one can get out of playing games including its capability to help players deal with stress and anger. Surprisingly, in spite of the studies showing contrary results, some researchers are still continuing to argue that gaming is dangerous.

Jason Della Rocca, executive director of the International Game Developers Association reiterates:

Oh, it was those video games that brainwashed him”’ That’s much easier than saying our society is messed up, people don’t take care of each other, teachers aren’t in control, there’s rampant bullying, and there are no parents at home because they have to work two jobs.

Playing the Blame Game

In order to know the effects of violent images, a study conducted at Ryerson University and published in The Journal of Applied Cognitive Psychology, tested gamers and non-gamers of both genders for their ability to recall shocking images from a selection of benign pictures. Theoretically, those “desensitized” to violence should be less likely to remember the unpleasant images, but the results showed they were just as disturbed as the non-gamers. This suggested that those people of sound mind, able to distinguish fantasy from reality, did not equate video game violence to actual violence.

This is precisely the reason why we all have to take responsibility especially as developers, players and parents. We need to look into statutes and policies related to age requirements and limitations, language, and explicit materials to inform the users of what the game contains and the probable consequences that may or may not result from playing these games.

After all who’s to say that without this technology there would have been a much steeper drop in violence? There is no substantial evidence supporting the theory that the more the number of game sales increase, the violent crimes incidences also increase.

In fact, it just shows the opposite. It seems that just like the “weapons effect” – which led people to believe that guns turn people into dangerous aggressors and used by anti-gun advocates as a strong basis – studies on video games have simply led many to be unconstitutionally deprived of playing video games.

Video games are not the culprit. Or are they?


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69 thoughts on “Do Violent Video Games Make People Violent?”

  1. I do agree with how the media tends to sensationalize these events the same way they tend to do with guns. I think that what it comes down to is that basically, some people may have certain issues like autism that makes it hard for them to distinguish between reality and games, or they might get too attached and start having an unhealthy obsession with a game that might lead them to do certain things in real life.

    Don’t really want to go that indepth, but it’s really more of certain people having issues in life, be it a society thing or a mental health thing, and when something does happen and the media goes to their home to do their reports they find that he has a copy of some game that has guns or the sort and then that tends to get blown out of proportion etc.

    1. That’s right, there are many instances wherein crimes are committed because the person has the motive, history, and the psychological state to do it. It just so happen that many teens play video games nowadays and unfortunately, the issue is blown out of proportion. The focus becomes the act and the game and not the other factors that may have also played a role.

  2. It won’t make you a violent person. If you are a normal person with a sense of good judgement . In fact, I have a friend who does it all the time. He said ” it helps him relieve stress and makes his mind calmer “.

  3. People tend to do what they see instead of what they hear. Some gamer’s connect their fantasy world to their real life and that what causes them to be violent depending on what type of game they are playing. Less educated gamer’s who grew up playing violent video games will end up doing violent things depending on what video game they are playing. They will feel like the game is part of their life and they will think that the real world is the game world so they end up trying to play the game in real life. This does not only apply to game’s, it also applies to movies, pictures and the people around them. It is not about the games that they play, it is about WHAT THEY SEE and WHAT WILL THEY DO ABOUT IT? If they are taught well about this thing’s when they were still kids then they will know what’s reality and what’s not, it’s partly the parent’s fault too. Heavy gamer’s who does not socialize with anyone will most-likely connect their game with real life. Most gamer’s who end up being violent are MALE’s and male’s need attention a lot of attention. Male gamer’s find it in the game that they play, the game make’s them feel important so they end up “falling in-love” with their fantasy world and they try to make it their reality since in real life sucks for them. They find joy in the video game’s that they play so they spend more time on that.

    I’ve been playing game’s since the time of super mario and pacman.I still play game’s until now and I never been violent because of the game’s I play. Game’s doesn’t make people violent, People makes themselves violent. Everything a person does is a choice, violence is a choice. Games may have helped a person chose that choice but the “correctness” of their choice depends on their maturity level.

    1. I like what you said about choice, and violence being a choice. Some people reasons out though, that when they are under the spell of great anger and hatred, violence just come spontaneously. And according to those who are against these violent games that we see around us nowadays, these feelings of being powerful and immortal that are stimulated while playing hours and hours make it very easy to lose control.

  4. Regarding the influence of media in general on behavior it might be instructive to consult the opinion of those who have the most at stake in the attempt to direct the actions of the public. I refer to advertisers, I mean Madison Avenue.

    In 2005, for instance, Ford Motor Co. spent approximately one billion US Dollars on advertising its products. One assumes that Ford expected to influence consumers both directly and indirectly by these efforts and expenditures.

    Considering that merchandisers and manufacturers routinely spend huge sums in the effort to sway the buyer, and expecting that, to some degree at least, they monitor the effectiveness of their ads and decide, as a result of their findings, to keep doing it, we have to believe that media influences choice and behavior in the audience.

    Can it be any different with Video Games?

    1. I think that if we study human psychology including how a person is handled at home, his peers, his environment and other factors that may contribute to violence and add this up with the influence of media such as video games, it would be a totally complicated and lengthy process. Imagine multiplying this with the number of respondents necessary to arrive at a conclusion. This is exactly why, up to now this topic still sparks unending debate between the pros and the anti.

  5. You know what they say, “Games are for kids”. But this should not be the case. Parents or parent figures should be there and should take time to explain to their kids the difference between the game and reality. Like in GTA, for instance, the player can practically mug, knife, shoot anyone. And they get money, to boot (pun intended). The parents should teach their kids that what he just did in the game, they should not do in real life. It’s all about awareness and information dissemination. We should be aware that violence, whether it be committed in real life and reported in the 6 o’clock nightly news, or it be done through a push of the button on a keyboard or a gamepad, is still violence. And too much of that in our daily diet, will inevitably lead us to being violent. We’re just human, after all. Not all of the times can we be strong emotionally, and there may be that one weak moment, when a kid’s teacher gets too rough and gets into the kid’s head, and the kid decides to get back by mimicking what he just did in GTA. Not a good example to follow, for sure.

    Games are great. I play them a lot. But there should be a moral responsibility attached to it. IMHO.

    1. Thank you so much about, Nat. I cannot agree with you more. Nowadays, we often witness parents using video games as a tool to relax (because we know they get to engrossed with the game and stop interrupting our daily routines). If we want them to behave, we give them ipads; if we want them to do something, we bribe them with kinect, wii or PlayStation. We forget that like vices, too much of it will also cause negative effects. Minors, most especially, need guidance and proper teaching of what is good and what is not. We need to help them identify reality from entertainment and encourage that they also learn to connect positively with real people .

      1. I allow my son to play video games with his own computer since he is 7 and he likes to play war-type games. What surprises me is that as he gets addicted to it the more he wants to become a soldier to fight criminals. I do what you suggest, that is, I guide and teach my kid what is good and what is not. I believe that helps my son to enjoy the game while at the same time to know what is game and what is reality. Now my son who is turning 11 still likes to play war games yet when he is with his friends, he’s choosy with his words as he is careful to hurt someone’s feelings. He’s respectful to elders and grows a real gentleman. And he performs well academically. So I just let him play.

  6. I blame the parents for not teaching their children AND NOT MAKING SURE THEIR BUYING A 18+ VIDEO GAME (it shows on the cover). I used to want to shoot a wall with my father’s gun but my parents keep telling its wrong and i might go to jail. I got scared and stopped doing that right now I’m addicted to video games and treat them as a religion (;

    1. I agree, accidents can happen and sometimes its scary how people feel too powerful when they hold a gun. I suppose the fact that YOU KNOW you are addicted to video games is a good sign. 😉

  7. when playing video games people get to release their feelings. i can really relate in a way that my boyfriend plays this game called Defense Of The Ancients or DOTA, whenever he gets to play that game he gets to spat bad words every time. it pisses him off most of the time and it really does make him violent, it event comes to a point that he would kick the chair after playing and he event broke his computer’s mouse. i’ve tried playing the game myself and it really can capture your feelings and could even make you mad. and whenever there tournaments in internet cafe`s you would really feel the heat, people trash talking and you would hear some noise coming from the tables when players get pissed and punch the table. what bothers me is, the fact that there aren’t age restrictions on playing the game i see it myself when i get to accompany my boyfriend in internet cafe`s kids who play dota really do hardcore trash talking which sometimes results to fights.

    1. Sometimes, Jeva, it may also have something to do with ‘peer pressure.’ Teens or kids go with the flow, they tend to get influenced by the actions of others. So the influence there may not have to do directly with the game but with the friends and other kids surrounding the player. Alarming, isn’t it.

  8. Woah. The numbers and the statistics are big scare for me. What a shocker.

    We just discussed this in our Communications 16 subject and they were talking about a boy who shot his househelp just because he transferred the channel from Robocop and the boy thought it was fine because it was happening in Robocop. It truly is sad and I believe although the video games are the biggest factors in desensitizing kids, I think the culprit are the parents. With all due respect, I think it all lies in the hands of the parents – they allow for these violent video games to be bought, they allow their children to play – hence they hold such a huge responsibility with their kids and these video games.

    Although I am not in any position to judge parenting styles, I believe a child or a person will become the way he/she is today because of the way he/she was raised up to be. And what other environment does someone grow up in other than the environment they have with parents?

    1. I totally agree with you. Sometimes no matter how angry or carried away we are in any situation, if we have been raised in a way that we are taught what is right from wrong or that it is wrong to curse, it stays with us. Parents plays a very important role on this one.

  9. Well, this issue is not new. There are many incidents that had happen long time ago same as this. But the question of many people,”Why is he/she has a behavior like that?” Especially people who don’t have any hint what might be the causes why his/her friend/lover/sister/daughter/son and etc. There are many factors affecting to this. And I agree that media has the big role in changing the attitude or behavior of one person to another. The person who’s playing that particular game might get the attitude or behavior of the character he/she’s playing. For example, if he’s playing Dota for a day, and the game dota is a fighting game where you should kill you enemies. In that case, the player might have the chance to do it in the real sense of world.It’s still okay to play this kind of games but you have to limit yourself. Give yourself a due time in playing violent video games or watching violent movies. And also, if you’re a teenager you tend to be a hard headed. You don’t want others to dictate you especially when you’re so fund in one thing, like playing. In this sense, parents takes place. They should know how to discipline their children. They should know what’s good and bad for their children. Parents are one of the big hand to prevent the children to produce a violent behavior base on what he/she sees and plays everyday.

    1. I could not agree with you more. That is why for teens, parents should keep track of the kind of games their children play and should always be there to guide. Of course, there should be a balance between social life and entertainment. Thank you, May.

  10. I really think that video games have a very strong influence especially to us youth. There is that abstract thing that can get inside our minds without us even noticing it. I think it is also the reason why some schools use digital learning as they call it, it is maybe because of this certain effect that affects our minds. But anyway, at the end of the day, I think it really depends on the person himself/herself if he will let that violent game affect his normal way of living.

  11. I personally don’t think that video games make people violent. This is just stereotypical – if it does make people violent, murders and injuries would be all around us when we walk in the streets. No matter how many hours of violent gaming you do, you still have a choice – to do the deed/s in real life or not; to be influenced or not; to make good judgement of what you have just played or not. Parents also play an important role in the discretion of the games their children play and they should also guide their children on what to do and what not to do with what they see in there game/s. I myself am an avid gamer and i have not once done any of the violence i have seen and/or played in my games.

  12. As a teenager in a modernized world, though I’m not into playing video games a lot , I am very disappointed on how teenagers nowadays are acting. They are committing crimes, running away from home, committing suicides ,etc. What the hell is happening?! just because we’re developing into a hi-tech world, does it mean we should change our values and norms we learned in our home and in school?
    but I believe there is a big difference between aggressive disposition and violent action, and, while it’s probably impossible to study, I highly doubt that violent video games are a significant cause of violent behavior.

  13. I don’t actually think so. I grew up playing with almost all the violent video games, name one and I know it. And if not I’ll look for it. And hell yeah! I will nail my ass out in that game. but anyway, yeah! Based on my experience I never been that violent as experts and psychologists say. Video Games are just games. The personality and attitudes still depends on the environment where a kid grows up. My mom and my tito even sometimes plays with me and nothing happened. It was even fun.

  14. I think video games can make people violent, because people get influence by video very easily. Its the parents that need to take action and warn their kids of the effects of video games. Parents need to start disciplining their kids at a very young age so that they will understand and listen to their parents.

  15. for me video games cannot make a person violent,cause i think that video games cannot really affect the person who is addicted to it.,some children or teenager even love to play a lot because they are having a lot of fun.Also It just depends if their is some family issue, school problems or something that can make the person disappointed or embarrased.. And video games is not the reason why many children or teenager try to hurt or kill themselves because we really dont know the real reason why they try to do it.. and it depends on the parents if they have always talk to their children and always their if they a problem, so that the children will not felt that they are alone.Even thou the parents are working very hard, still they have to make time with their childrens.

  16. I don’t think video games deserve all the blame. They can’t be that influential to a person who already has his values straight. However, a young person, who’s still in his formative years can be highly vulnerable to what he sees in video games. After all, it is very easy to inject violence into someone’s system when you sugarcoat it with fun. It is a sad truth that many game designers out there use violence into their games. Considering that we are in an age where children get a lot of exposure from such.

  17. Video games can affect and influence people. Especially to the kids, they thought the world of video games and the real world is the same. However it is the responsibility of the parents to educate their children. In my opinion if a person plays violent video games frequently, the violence in the game becomes part of who the person is or affects and absorbs the violence from video games and become part of his/her personality. In some points video games have also advantages but I think violent video games should be banned especially to the children.

  18. i think the level of influence by video games or level of addiction to video games depends on how that certain individual controls himself. but only if that person is old enough to decide for himself. as for the youngsters, it is the parents responsibility to discipline their children and also guide their children. it is also their responsibility to check out and make sure that their child/children is/are playing games that are appropriate for their age. parents must also take precautions on choosing the friends for their children. their children can either be influenced by his friends or be an influence to his friends 😀

  19. i was once a video game addict and my favorite games were war games, specially those that includes shooting people and spilling out their blood. at first, it was really amusing but as time past i realize that my way of thinking has been changed. i became more brutal and became more hot tempered. so i decided to stop. stopping it really was hard but i think it was worth it because not only was it time consuming, expensive and destructive, it also affected my personality.

  20. No, of course not! I believe people kill and be killed because they are not normal; something in them is bothering that they become restless and succeptible to any violent acts. Video games keep kids and adults aware and be updated of the technology growth in the world. It gives us information on things that though they already exist in this world but we can only see because they dont come in handy. Parents just have to be vigilant and be aware of what their kids have been up to. It is not hard for us Filipinos because kids always look up and listen to parents.

  21. As a kid, I had the idea that games wer made for socialization, a means to interact with friends. Well, not until I learned about video games. Violent games are usually meant to be played against an opposing team. I have learned to play those games too, but I dont think I have absorbed the violence within the game. Despite the constant game exposure, whats important is that there is sufficient parental supervision. Parental supervision is important in letting the games (kids) know between reality and make-believe. The amount of time spent playing violent games can also be controlled by parents. And with enough supervision, social interactions will be more and time spent playing games will be lessened.

  22. Video games disrupt a child’s mind and it destroys the bond in the family… I’ve played video games in my childhood and even today. when we play games, our parents are usually with us. it served as a bonding time for us. in the case of this issue, i guess violent games are inappropriate for children or minors. if in the television there is a parental guidance posted on the screen, there should be guidance and restrictions to these video games. many of the children nowadays have done and said inappropriate things that are not supposed to be done at their age… many violence had happened and those involved were people at a young age. i guess, to minimize violence, parents should include this issue in their household rule to keep their children be guided.

  23. this is a good article mam Janice 🙂
    as what i have observe with my cousins who are addicted to video games, they follow what they saw on the video games. although they learn other things, but most of all they learn violence. they reinact it with their siblings and classmates. Children must be guided by their parents ,and choose only those not that harsh games.

    1. Thank you, Thea! Yes, just like kids sometimes re-enact that they could fly or they have powers after watching movies about super heroes. I see a lot of kids who can relate to that. 😉

  24. Depending on the age group, I can say that violent video games can or cannot influence the behaviour of the person. If a child is playing those violent video games, there is a great tendency that those children will be more violent. Violent in a sense that they are aggressive with there interaction to others. This is mainly because children, according to Lawrence Kohlberg, are in the Pre-conventional stage. The pre-conventional stage focuses on Reward and Punishment. The child might think acting violently is good because they saw it while playing the game then they will act violently. In order to control this, there must be parental guidance so that the child will know that it ia bad to act such. Comparing it to teens and adults, it won’t be much of a problem since they know what is right and wrong because in Kohlberg’s Moral Development Theory, where they(teens and adults) are in the conventional and post-conventional stages know the importance of social norms/rules. 🙂 But I read an article about “Lavender Town Syndrome” where a pokemon game has town named Lavender Town where everytime you enter that town, the background music plays a creepy music. Most of the children who frequently heard that song while playing the game committed suicide or acted strangely. I find it strange but I guess it is something related with programming of the game.

  25. Back when I was a child, games were created to have fun and socialize. Now that computer games were created, kids play to compete with each other in a certain game. A lot of computer games were created with a high violence theme. Since most of the video games player are kids, they tend to practice the things they see in the game. Since they are easily influenced by the things they hear and see. For some serious cases, these video games could lead to suicide due to bullying. Yes, these video games may lead to violence but with proper guidance and education, video games could be a means of gaining friends and educating one’s self.

    1. Yes, the games may be violent but it may not directly contribute to ones personality if there is proper guidance and education. Thank you, Daphne.

      1. I dont agree with kids playing with violent video games because i am a student and lots of my classmates/boys like to play those games and it cause then to want to try it their selfs and they get in a bit of trouble.

  26. It is common that as many people come to hear of video gaming, the first thing that would enter into their minds are the various bad effects it brings especially to children. It may cause obesity, attention problem, addiction and a lot more. But the worst bad effect according to most people is how it makes video gamers prone to be violent. It may be caused by the nature of the game BECAUSE Gamers are rewarded for being violent in many games. The act of violence is done repeatedly in which the child is in control and sees the violence in his own bare eyes such as killing, kicking, stabbing and shooting. However, although many people equates video games to violence, I personally believe that in whatever we do choices are always in stake. In other words, it depends on how people deal with those games. I mean we cannot always make perfect choices but we can at least choose the right ones. If they say it is in the nature of the game, i say it is in the nature of the person. If he or she has been growing up within an environment exposed to violence then I guess there is nothing to be wondering of. I also think that parental guidance is an important role in order to avoid or if not lessen the violence in the minds of the gamers.

  27. They somehow affect children because children nowadays are very sticked to games. Even 2 or 3 years old kids know how to use iPad because there are a lot of games on it -.-
    We cant deny the fact that technology develops very fast, so do games. Lets take a look at fighting games. Children just can imitate the actions on the games because parents or baby sitters cant always watch over them 24/7. I am sure the purpose of games is to entertain, educate children, help the development of children and a stress reliever. so, it would be better for game programmer to produce more educated games which can attract kids at the same time 🙂

  28. For me, violent video games do not directly make people violent for i believe in the saying that too much is dangerous. This may be associated with parental guidance. If parents really care for their children then they can guide their children not to imitate such thing in the real world. in the case of people who don’t need parental guidance at all, then i guess it’s on the personal perspective of the person on how he/she deals with it or shall i say the psychological aspect of a person wherein sometimes we try to incorporate what we see in video games/tv in our lives..

  29. For me playing video games has a negative and positive effects on the users,however being affected by the effects is not a reason to be violent,user should learn to control there mind and learn to live in real world not in the world of games… I also play violent games since i was in elementary but my attitude and my personality didn’t change because i learn how to manage my self i did not lock my self in my room and play computer games for the rest of the day i also have social life i play with my playmates to diverse my attention on playing violent games and that’s the reason why computer games did not affect my well-being. So my conclusion to the issues of being violent and committing suicides by the users who expose in playing violent game is that they lack two things having a social life and proper guidance of their parents.. I never heard any Filipino commit this kind of issues because Filipino is a happy person so i am proud to be a Filipino.

    1. I think I agree with you about your conclusion but I am not yet sure about Filipinos committing any violent actions because of computer games because (1) we may not have looked into a citizen’s behavior well enough, with the help of ‘proper’ investigators and psychiatrists (like in other countries) trace a citizen’s behavior to his past (2) we might have some data but such never got to the internet .. or well.. maybe.. Filipinos can also be violent, human as we are we are all prone to that, but it’s not under the influence of any video game. As for your being proud to be a Filipino, well.. i’m happy for you.. but I.. errr..when i look at the bigger picture.. errr.. I am.. never mind.. that’s another story. 😀

  30. All things exist for a purpose, for me video games are great! We can meet new people, make friends and because of this I can easily get close to their other friends. But if we play too much, it’s not good for our health and it may cause physical and psychological problems that would lead to suicides, crimes, etc. As what I experienced is that the video games are nothing in future. So, it’s good to use in a right purpose and if you can control yourself, it’s not bad to play sometimes but not too much!

  31. I do agree that our current techs and video games affect the way people think. But I think that a person’s environment can really change them and I think video games are just a stepping stone to what they would become. If a child is exposed to a negative environment and her/his way to “escape” that environment would be to play violent video games then there’s a sight possibility that he/she would become violent. However, the one at fault here would obviously be the parents if something like video games can affect a child. Most, if not all, people can distinguish between a game and reality. So basically, what a child becomes in the future is the responsibility of the parents.

  32. Video Game is very different from reality… We all know that but.. constantly we need to be alert to the type of video games the kids play it can influence there young minds to do crazy things…

  33. For me playing video games has a negative and positive effects on the users,however being affected by the effects is not a reason to be violent,user should learn to control there mind and learn to live in real world not in the world of games… I also play violent games since i was in elementary but my attitude and my personality didn’t change because i learn how to manage my self i did not lock my self in my room and play computer games for the rest of the day i also have social life i play with my playmates to diverse my attention on playing violent games and that’s the reason why computer games did not affect my well-being. So my conclusion to the issues of being violent and committing suicides by the users who expose in playing violent game is that they lack two things having a social life and proper guidance of their parents.. I never heard any Filipino commit this kind of issues because Filipino is a happy person so i am proud to be a Filipino. Amen :D…….

  34. In my own opinion it really depends on the person. We are not all alike so the effects of video games will vary. For example, I find video games a good way to spend time with my friends and also to relief myself from a stressful day but to a friend of mine he plays a favorite game of his like his life depends on it. He would curse a lot if he loses and blames his friends for playing incompetently which leads to a lot of useless arguments later on. I have often witness in internet cafes teammates fighting each other after losing a match in a MOBA game (ex: Dota, Dota 2, Lol, & HoN) or picking a fight on the opposing team, which makes me really wonder because me and my friend don’t exhibit the same behavior. SO yeah it really depends, if you are a responsible person with good judgement and self-control then playing video games will not be a problem.

  35. I actually agree with the idea of this. I’ve heard and seen similar cases with these. Most children tend to follow or idolize their favorite characters on video games. I have the same issues with my brother. He’s really into video games and i think sometimes he got carried away and cry everything he lost a game. This violent video games maybe difficult do stop but i think it could be regulated.

  36. I would say that not all video games make people violent. Video games are not the only influences on a person’s nature. It’s not really a matter of the type of video game the person plays but it’s more on the type of person that plays it. Like for example, a person may be interested in playing FPS(First Person Shooter) games because he has a nature that is prone to some violence. He doesn’t play it THEN gets violent.

  37. In my opinion playing video games does have positive and negative effects to a person especially at their young age. Parents should SET LIMITATIONS on this matter, like the amount of time for playing and if there are signs of addiction that could affect there studies which in this case, is the responsibility of the parents. Parental supervision is also needed so that kids will know the consequence of their action. Video games helps enhance our skills in problem solving, logic, strategy, and for some it relieves stress.
    I also play video games for fun and relaxation. 🙂
    Another thing is that there also many external factors that may lead a person to being violent.

  38. For me it just depends on the person playing the game if he gets affected or not. I play video games a lot and I never tried to hurt other people. Probably people get affected by video game violent when they take the game very seriously. People should know the difference between fantasy and reality.

  39. for me, the technology is rising up, and continuing change our lifestyle in this modern time, games are made, to entertain people not to influence the person playing. sad to say people are being manipulate by the technology, this actions may be a wake up call for the parents to discipline there children on how they tackle these issues with there kids,

    as a gamer ,playing games gives you the feeling of you belong to a group, feeling of excitements and chances of being in the top of everyone else (competing with others) . in my case it is possible not be a violent person. playing violent games cant change what you are, its you is making the violent don’t blame the game.

    these issue will never gone, if these “players” and “gamer”, if they don’t have discipline for them self, absence of parents guidance.

    we should take this seriously, because these topic is one of the things, parents,individuals and for the government should give there attentions.

    it is embarrassing to know that gamer turns to a criminal influence by there favorite game, these could led to a law banning HIGH PROFILE GAMES.

  40. For me Some of us actually play video games when we have no homework or chores to do. And I always study first before i play or watch TV.

    In game called Defense of the Ancients or “dota” some players do things like:
    1.Whenever you lose a Dota game, you want to grab your weak team mate and punch him in the face.
    2. When you get amazed at anything you call it ‘imba’. ‘He scored 99 at his math test, imba!’. You also call things that annoy you, ‘imba. ‘That guy is imba.
    3. Winning a Dota game makes you feel like a celebrity. You stand up feeling that everyone is looking at you. You tend to snob weaker players and treat them as your fans.
    4.. You start getting fat because of lacking exercise but you ignore it. You think that as long as you win, you’d be a handsome celebrity.
    5.You become so thrifty on anything except on Dota. You would endure not buying food for breakfast, lunch and dinner, then spend everything you earn playing Dota.
    6. Dota became a third party on your relationship. Your girlfriend is starting to let you choose between her and Dota. The worse thing is, you choose Dota.

    Dota should never come first nor second. There are a lot of things to focus on. If you are making enough money from Dota to run a big family, no problem. What you should spend time thinking about is how to be successful in your real life, not your Dota life. Treat this game, not your studies, as past time. Play for fun.

  41. I started playing video games at the age of 8 and it doesn’t make me a violent person in reality. I play video games because it’s fun and it helps me relieve stress just like what Verley Brown’s friend said. I played Warcraft III whole day but it didn’t made me jump, I played Grand Theft Auto when i was 13 but it didn’t made me crazy and kill people, and when my parents don’t allow me to play, I dont ran away or kill them it only depends on the person
    if he/she can handle things the right way. Just sayin’ ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  42. In my opinion playing video games does have positive and negative effects to a person especially at their young age. Parents should SET LIMITATIONS on this matter, like the amount of time for playing and if there are signs of addiction that could affect there studies which in this case, is the responsibility of the parents. Parental supervision is also needed so that kids will know the consequence of their action. Video games helps enhance our skills in problem solving, logic, strategy, and for some it relieves stress.
    I also play video games for fun and relaxation. :-)!
    Another thing is that there also many external factors that may lead a person to being violent.

  43. For me playing video games can really affect one’s behavior especially to those youth that does not have any social life. They are too attached with these kind of games, they do not even go outside, nor eat nor sleep, their brain cells are already damaged. Before, I used to play Counter Strike for 5-6 hours a day, and you know this game is about using guns and killing your opponents, but it didn’t affect my behavior because I still go outside with my friends, and my parents are also guiding and reminding me that too much playing violent games can affect your way of thinking, so playing violent games was not really a problem for me.

  44. It needs parental guidance when it comes to 18+ mature games because
    mature games are mostly related to brutal,crime, drugs etc. if minor kids are intend to play mature games, kids must be guided their parents.

    in my opinion i dont think violent video games could increase the crime among the youth. it because most tendencies of playing games are kids will stay home so any family members can watch over their kids.

    parents have to guide them. because allowing your kids to play video games wholeday is not healthy to the kids. and the seller also have responsibilities to guide the buyer before allowing them. it may be help to decrease violations.

  45. I myself do not think video games are the direct cause for violence in youth. Yes, it is true that video games can desensitize people from violence and the tools that are often used during an act of violence (guns for example), however this does not make someone think it is okay to hurt someone. As a young gamer I will admit ever since I began playing the more violent video games such as Call of Duty, the Far Cry series, or Bioshock I have been more into weapons, however I have never thought it would be okay to injure someone. People need to understand that video games are far from what the main factors of a young person acting in violence. In most cases, the youth that commit an act of violence have much larger problems that effect them a great deal more such as divorced parents or parents with a drinking problem or if they were abused, they also are more likely to do something like rob a store if there is a major financial issue within the family. I am not trying to blame the parents only, but in most cases that’s the biggest factor, someone who has plenty of money has no reason to rob a store and just because they play GTA doesn’t mean that they think its a good idea to rob someone. The reason most people blame games is because its an excuse. The kids that are going to think its okay to rob a store are going to have the more violent games because they already have no restrictions. Another thing to take into consideration is that most of these people who make these claims are adults, most of which do not play and/or like video games. When they were children there weren’t very violent games other then things like doom or mortal combat, they did however have violent movies and music which can be just as or even more violent, they don’t blame these things because they like them and don’t see a problem with them. That means they are being biast.

  46. I do not think it’s the children fault for being corrupted by violent video games, more so it’s the parents fault to blame for their behavior. Because, they are the ones that are allowing them to buy these games and they are the ones that are letting their children to play these games. There’s an old saying, “It’s not the child’s fault, it’s the parents fault.”However, there is a time when the child needs to quit playing for awhile. As a gamer myself, I’ve played Halo, Gow, COD, and TF2 for some time. And I admit sometimes I fantasize about killing aliens. But would I ever want to do it in real life, HELL NO!!! I’m just saying, that parents need to take control of what content their children are being exposed to, as we children are just being lead by example.

  47. The reason why we have so many cases, is because it’s mostly bad parenting. It’s not the child’s fault for getting the game if the parents doesn’t care or isn’t looking at the rating. The parents should be in control of what their kids get video game wise. But, these children are just being lead by example, which is a very poor example. I admit, that I play video games with shooting and explosions and stuff like that, but would I want to do that in real life, NO! So again, I think it’s the parents fault for letting their children get a hold on this explicit content. Parents need to be more restrictive when it comes to this sort of thing.

  48. I have a little brother- age 7- who plays violent video games. Our dad lets him play whenever, while our mom tries to get him off. He never does any of his homework, and over time, he gets more and more violent. He insists that he win everything. He is always trying to start a fight with the other 4 kids in the house-one of them being older(age 14), the rest all younger

  49. I say that violent games are not a cause in violence. People may play violent games but that does not mean that they are going to be violent. I have five younger siblings that play violent games with or without me but they are still not violent.

  50. Violent video games help relieve stress. Some kids agree because when we are stressed out we like to do things or play things that are violent. I am against that violent video games affect children and teens under the age of 18