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PINTERESTing: A Look Into PINTEREST (And How It Could Work For You)

By Arlyn May Bongay • May 20, 2013

A Screen capture of the author's Pinterest profile with her personal boards

Today, Pinterest’s ridiculously easy one­click curation system has become a platform for artists, bloggers and even entrepreneurs. Here is a little PINTERESTing history and how Pinterest could work for people from different walks of life.

Reading Female Body Language – Decoding The Messages Behind Her Actions

By Sheryl Eleazar • May 10, 2013

A young blonde woman displaying bodily gesture

Speaking through words is not the only way that a woman may communicate with a man. She could be silently sending out important messages through her different body movements and gestures. To really understand her, men have to learn how to decode the messages of her body language.

How To’s In Blogging

By Rene Forster • January 5, 2013

how to blog

The author came across a small post on his Google + wall and found it very straight forward and concise that he decided to expound on the subject. The article portrays his own understanding of the crucial points of optimizing a blog. Should you wish to challenge any claim, feel free to leave your views in the comments area.

Medications And Treatments For Bacterial Vaginosis

By Sheryl Eleazar • December 21, 2012

a glass half-filled with pills and tablets

Bacterial Vaginosis may disappear after some time, but leaving it untreated can lead to other serious health issues. It is always best to consult a doctor to know which medications are appropriate and which ones may do more harm than good.

Smelling The Essence Of Bacterial Vaginosis

By Sheryl Eleazar • December 7, 2012

It is quite common for women to acquire Bacterial Vaginosis. Learn more about this infection in order to protect yourself from the risks it can expose you to.

Uncommon Uses of Common Household Items

By Janice Antoniette Förster • May 18, 2012

What are the two most common things we see in the kitchen? The answer would be salt and vinegar – and this is true regardless of financial status, race, culture and creed. Did you know that you can save a lot of money AND do your part for the environment with these 2 common ingredients? Find out how now.

Help Save The Earth By Knowing How To Reuse And Recycle Leftover Foods.

By Sheryl Eleazar • April 19, 2012

a gray compost bin containing food wastes

A great amount of edible foods go to waste all over the world. It takes a lot of energy and resources from our slowly dying earth to produce foods. Some of us carelessly throw away foods while others die in hunger. Use foods smartly and help save our mother earth.

Popping the Spot on the Danger Zone

By Arlyn May Bongay • April 12, 2012

In a world where vanity is advertised, we are overwhelmed by the want to look perfect. We resort to sorts of treatment just to look like the next top model. But while worrying about beauty on the surface, the dangers that await us lay skin deep. Find out how a zit can be lethal.

See How You Can Magically Multiply Large Numbers In 3 Seconds

By Jesse Veluz • March 27, 2012

A woman confused in math

Mathematics is one of those subjects that can be quite boring and unappealing to most people. Many of us believe that mathematics is a difficult subject to pursue. Nevertheless, there are ways that the difficult task of number computations can be simplified and made easier. One excellent example is Mnemonic that can be used to mentally multiply numbers at lightning speed.