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Giving Money to the Homeless – Should You Do It?

By Jesse Veluz • April 21, 2016

the homeless

You don’t have to look far these days to see someone in need. Haggard faces peering over cardboard signs inked with “Homeless,” “Need Help,” and “God Bless” are far too common.

Parenthood: A List of Sure But Unusual Signs that You are Ready

By Arlyn May Bongay • December 18, 2015

One can never be too prepared to be a parent. No matter how much anyone admits to be set for motherhood and fatherhood, something (in case of kids, someone) comes along, reducing everything that you are as “inexperienced”. The author, a mother of three daughters, shares a few crazy characteristics that actually work as a parent, gathered from her own experience and other parents’ encounter of the “little” kind.

Real Time Parenting: Additional Tips to Your Never Ending List of Parenting Strategies Part II

By Arlyn May Bongay • August 15, 2015

How many tips on parenting do parents really need? As in the seemingly endless opportunities in parental growth, mothers and fathers alike should keep their minds open to new suggestions. The author, a modern mother-of-three millennials, continues with five more pointers. This is part two of her list.

Real Time Parenting: Additional Tips to Your Never Ending List of Parenting Strategies Part I

By Arlyn May Bongay • July 31, 2015

For modern day parents who hope to make ends (and timing) meet, we have consulted every blog post, every Pinterest board, Google suggestion, Yahoo answer, and friendlier advice that do not require technology. But then of course, parenthood challenges are unique in every household. Here are a few more, as experienced by the author, which might lend another parent’s hand.

Online Banking + Smartphone = A Very Cool Life

By Jesse Veluz • March 1, 2015

smartphone and online banking

Banking has never been easier and stress free. This is what the author wishes to share with everyone as he goes about continuing to make life a lot less stressful and have more time to actually enjoy it rather than serve it. With all the recent fast-paced breakthroughs in technology, he points out that many of us have not made the most of it.

How I Turn My Mobile Phone Camera into a 24/7 Money Making Machine

By Jesse Veluz • January 27, 2015

I lost my cellphone. Days turned into weeks and gradually, the urgency to get connected back to the grid faded away to such an extent that I looked at it positively and decided I didn’t need one anyway.

There was really no need for that kind of gadget. Or was there?

How Forex Works And Why You Should Start Trading Now

By Jesse Veluz • January 20, 2015

Forex is real. The people who know about it are making money with it. These people are predominantly the same type of people like you and me so you might as well consider diving into the opportunity. There’re only two ways to go: to do it and reap the rewards or not do it and stay where you are. The author shares with you his experiences and why he still continues trading.

Surviving Pre Eclampsia and Living to Tell the Tale (Twice)

By Anne Stephanie Cruz • July 20, 2014

pre-eclampsia condition

For a woman, knowing that she is pregnant is one of the happiest days of her life. However, not everyone goes through this easily. For some women, complications arise in their preganancy which cause a very real threat to the life of mother and child. One of them is called pre-eclampsia

Having a Great Date Even on a Tight Budget

By Anne Stephanie Cruz • June 19, 2014

Date Even on a Tight Budget

Romance and love can flourish even while saving up for the future. Dates and gifts don’t have to break the bank but can still be meaningful and memorable. This article discusses how.

PINTERESTing: A Look Into PINTEREST (And How It Could Work For You)

By Arlyn May Bongay • May 20, 2013

A Screen capture of the author's Pinterest profile with her personal boards

Today, Pinterest’s ridiculously easy one­click curation system has become a platform for artists, bloggers and even entrepreneurs. Here is a little PINTERESTing history and how Pinterest could work for people from different walks of life.