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Eat Well Without Slaving Over A Hot Stove

By Krystal Brown • February 25, 2017

dish recipe to save money

The economy is a mere shadow of its pre-2008 glory. More people than ever are looking for ways to cut costs. After housing and transportation, food is one of our biggest costs. This article will teach you how to eat tasty food for cheap—just by using your microwave and oven. Therefore, there’s no slaving over a hot stove.

What is Expense Tracking and How It Helps an Entrepreneur?

By Armin Dana Parks • February 25, 2017

Expense managing app

Money management is not a cakewalk, it requires a lot of dedication and perseverance to maintain a healthy bank account. Expense tracking aids in achieving this feat of managing money with ease and keeping it healthy.

5 Tips To Help You Hire Your Dream Wedding Band

By Armin Dana Parks • February 23, 2017

wedding band for hire

So, you’re getting married – congratulations! There’s plenty to do in preparation, not least of which is arranging the perfect wedding entertainment for your special day. If you’ve got your heart set on a live band performing for you and your guests at your wedding reception for the ultimate party to celebrate your marriage, don’t book anything until you’ve read this post. Here are 5 essential tips to ensure you hire the wedding band of your dreams.

Remember These Tricks If You’re In An Accident

By Bart Costello • February 15, 2017

car accident

Millions of individuals get into a car accident every year in the United States. Whether you’re in a minor fender-bender collision or a total loss, the activity afterward is very hectic and can be overwhelming to deal with.

Wine Glass Etching – A DIY Guide to Ideas and Patterns

By Joseph Webb • February 13, 2017

etched wine glass for gifting

If you know the first thing about crafts that involve glass, you must have come across and even tried glass etching.

7 Ways to be Romantic Without Being Pretty Cheesy or Corny

By Allan Lloyd • February 11, 2017

Ways to be Romantic

It’s not necessary for romance to be like something cheesy or corny. Although it might look pretty good at the start but with passage of time, it becomes unnaturally awkward. Cheesy lines like “you complete me” don’t look so romantic like the way it used to be at the start. But does it mean that the bonding between you two has diminished over time? It’s just that the infatuation level has diminished by a notch or two which isn’t much of a problem.

6 most popular high-tech wedding trends to look out for

By Allan Lloyd • February 10, 2017

bride and groom hugging at the wedding in nature.

Weddings are particularly viewed in a traditional way. That is not necessarily a bad thing. How about giving it a high-tech push? Break out of the classic mould and make that special day of yours a stand out one with the incorporation of a few avant-garde forms of detail.

How to Save Big on College Textbooks

By Cyrus Vanover • February 10, 2017

College textbooks

Don’t let the high cost of college textbooks stand in the way of your college dreams.

Improve Your Finances In 2017

By Andrew Reilly • February 9, 2017

budgeting - coins stack and hand holding the coin,finance concept on white background and selective focus.

You can take control of your cash and improve your finances in 2017 if you know where to turn to for support. It is important that you don’t panic and that you do what you can to take control of your finances.

How To Impress Every Professor

By Sarahmarie Fowler • February 9, 2017


Your professor is your guide, mentor, and friend. He is your only guru who will give you and your work, a nice ride. He will take care of your research and evaluate your job every time.