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Microwave Oven Use Is Scientifically Proven To Be Safe Contrary To Scare Stories

By Janice Antoniette Förster • August 10, 2012

Lady who exhibits fear of the use of microwave

They may be the greatest time saver in the kitchen, but all through the years microwaves have often been in the middle of a “safe or unsafe” controversy. There are people who do not believe that the only difference between this appliance and other forms of conventional cooking is speed – and these unsettling things they say against microwave can easily go from bad to worse. So is your microwave killing you, or is this just propaganda?

Corporal Punishment Should Not Be An Option For Child Discipline.

By Sheryl Eleazar • April 19, 2012

father talking to his son about discipline

Instilling discipline into a child’s mind should not be done through corporal punishment. Beat a child and he will simply grow up in pain and bearing bitterness until he grows up. You don’t need to hurt or hit a child in order to teach him what is good and bad.

Why Can’t Science And Religion Be In Harmony?

By Rene Forster • April 2, 2012

Religion and science have always been looked at the same way we look at oil and water – they cannot mix. In fact, many lives have been sacrificed because of this clash. In this write-up, the author attempts to show you that the two actually co-exist peacefully. However…

Respect For Others Is Nearing Extinction

By Sheryl Eleazar • March 30, 2012


Lack of respect is indeed a problem that majority of people seem not to mind, although it poses a serious dilemma on our values and character education. In fact, when we tolerate this disrespectful behavior, it can eventually lead to crime and violence. Clearly, our present society lacks the clear perception about respect.