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Pure Grace Part II: The Radical Messages of Grace

By Arlyn May Bongay • August 16, 2016

The first part of this article was an introduction to grace-based faith and how it is different from the traditional teachings of churches preaching the law of God. In this second part, the author will reveal three of the most controversial messages of grace.

Pure Grace Part I: Unraveling a Radically Important Message of Our Time

By Arlyn May Bongay • July 12, 2016

Different churches are openly scrutinized by netizens, believers and nonbelievers alike, owing to revelations of age-old secrets that question whether religion is still relevant in our times. It has become the focus of our attention that steer us away from the real timely message.

You Should Not Take Vitamin Supplements

By Jesse Veluz • March 15, 2015

vitamin supplements

Albeit controversial, the author would like you to keep an open mind when you read this article. He informs us of what we have been doing wrong all this time as well as why the food supplement industry continues to grow at an exponential rate and a few other eye-openers regarding vitamin and mineral supplements.

Bulk Of Your Money Should Be In The Stock Market – Not In The Bank

By Jesse Veluz • February 15, 2015


Although the mere mention of “stock market” would seem to intimidate the daily grinder, I came across a snippet of information and got enlightened. It completely changed my point of view as well as my personal financial management skills. Here I describe my eureka moment and how it is possible for common folks to do the same thing.

Why Lottery Should Be Taken More Positively

By Anne Stephanie Cruz • August 15, 2014

mega millions lottery

The lottery industry has been seen in a negative light for the longest time. What most people don’t know is that they have been helping millions of people all over the world by funding projects and supporting various charitable institutions.

Dear Mr. Abercrombie & Fitch, The World is Round and Beautiful – I Hope You Get the Gist

By Arlyn May Bongay • May 28, 2013

stop bullying women based on size - all women regardless of size and shape deserve respect

Women will kill to get what they can when it’s Sale Day. But when women (and teens alike) kill themselves just to fit into the jeans that their society decides they couldn’t fit in, someone must take the blame. Mr. Mike Jeffries, here is what we have to say.

So You Think You’re Not Sexy? Find Out Why Others Beg To Differ.

By Janice Antoniette Förster • May 22, 2013

I have come across various types of people. Most people I know, especially in the adolescent age to their late thirties, are very particular about their body size. But when it comes to size preferences, do men really generally like thin women? Do you really have to adhere to what society considers beautiful in order to remain attractive to a man? Do men really have to look muscular in order to ensure that women would give them a second look? Let’s incorporate psychology and observation and try to look at it in a more realistic perspective.

Marriage Is Not The Answer To Untimely Teenage Pregnancy

By Sheryl Eleazar • April 13, 2013

Bride and groom kissing one another after saying their I dos

Marriage is beautiful and good if you decide to do it for the right reasons. Untimely or unplanned pregnancy is certainly not a good reason for teenage couples to marry. Various things need to be weighed properly and carefully before making the decision to commit to marriage.

Views Of Abortion – A Simplified Understanding To An Unending Debate

By Janice Antoniette Förster • February 15, 2013

Human fetus 10 weeks with amniotic sac therapeutic abortion

To say that abortion is a controversial subject is an understatement. From the regular citizen up to a governing body’s higher echelons, the issue of abortion has either made or broken careers and lives.

Genetically Modified Organisms: Harms That They Can Bring

By Sheryl Eleazar • January 22, 2013

image of tomato plant with blue-colored tomato fruit

Genetically modified organisms may have some benefits to offer. Yet, benefits are not the only things GMOs can provide. The disadvantages of genetic engineering are overpowering that your approval will change into disapproval.