Only A True Insomniac Would Understand The Beauty Of Sleeplessness

How does it feel like sleeping properly at 10 P.M. and waking up sharp at 5 A.M.? This is a thing not known to owls, RJ’s, police inspectors, lovelorn, late night train driver, late night flight pilots, and of course insomniacs. Some people are insomniac because they love the night more creative time of their day and some wake up because they have work or studies, while some sleep all the day and that’s why cannot find sleep in lap of night.

Should The League of Legends Bring Back The Dominion Map?

It’s been several months since The Crystal Scar map was retired. To tell you honestly guys, Dominion was my favorite game mode before in League of Legends than the Classic and ARAM game. It is a fast-paced game that you just need to capture at least three towers out of five. To maintain it, you have to defend it at all costs. There’s a custom spell called Garrison which enables to heal or defend the tower you captured in case someone invades it.

Pure Grace Part II: The Radical Messages of Grace

The first part of this article was an introduction to grace-based faith and how it is different from the traditional teachings of churches preaching the law of God. In this second part, the author will reveal three of the most controversial messages of grace.

Pure Grace Part I: Unraveling a Radically Important Message of Our Time

Different churches are openly scrutinized by netizens, believers and nonbelievers alike, owing to revelations of age-old secrets that question whether religion is still relevant in our times. It has become the focus of our attention that steer us away from the real timely message.

You Are A Money-Making Machine: Manifest & Invest

Across the globe; people, culture, religion, have many conflicting views on money. Some call it the root of evil, some claim it to be a gift from a divine patron. The saner lot who view money as a tool to secure their future, are smarter not to intervene. In stead, they focus on how they can generate more money in some surprisingly easy ways.

Giving Money to the Homeless – Should You Do It?

You don’t have to look far these days to see someone in need. Haggard faces peering over cardboard signs inked with “Homeless,” “Need Help,” and “God Bless” are far too common.

Parenthood: A List of Sure But Unusual Signs that You are Ready

One can never be too prepared to be a parent. No matter how much anyone admits to be set for motherhood and fatherhood, something (in case of kids, someone) comes along, reducing everything that you are as “inexperienced”. The author, a mother of three daughters, shares a few crazy characteristics that actually work as a parent, gathered from her own experience and other parents’ encounter of the “little” kind.