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Old Wives’ Tales in a New Man’s (and Woman’s) Generation

By Arlyn May Bongay • May 19, 2013

Few of the popular Old Wives' Tales

In the turn of the century, technology has eclipsed the era of superstitious beliefs. As gadgetry and robotics became man’s ultimate gift and curse in present time, the age-old warnings are shunned aside. Science has proven some to be true, but do the children of the new generation have anything to fear from old wives’ tales?

Unusual, But Cool Appliances And Gadgets Can Make Life More Interesting

By Sheryl Eleazar • May 16, 2013

the egg cuber

Appliances and modern gadgets help make our lives simpler and easier. There are also some unusual items you can find in the market that do not only make life more comfortable, but also make living more fun and enjoyable.

Unusual Memorials: 5 Unique Ways You May Not Know To Remember Your Dearly Departed

By Sheryl Eleazar • May 13, 2013

There are different ways by which various cultures bury their dead. Some burial methods are as old as time and were practiced due to the unique settings of a particular location while others have been developed in order to suit present circumstances.

Sleep Starts: Feeling Of Falling When Falling Asleep

By Sheryl Eleazar • February 22, 2013

image of a young teen girl in seemingly deep slumber

Have you ever felt a weird sensation of falling when you are at the onset of sleeping? Indeed, you are not the only one with such a strange experience. This occurrence is known as Sleep start. Continue reading to know more about it..

Kabang: From A Regular Aspin To An Extraordinary Canine Hero

By Jeffrey Lumanog • November 30, 2012

The story of Kabang, the hero Aspin, is nothing less than humbling and heartwarming. They say dogs are man’s best friend but she proved how these four-legged brutes can be great lifesavers as well. Without hesitation, she was ready to give her life just to save the lives of her little masters. As a result, she captured and continues to capture the hearts of millions of people all around the globe. Now, more than being hailed as a dog hero, it’s time to repay her greatness and noble heart.

Pit Bulls: Our Forgotten Heroes

By Jeffrey Lumanog • April 24, 2012

They are being labeled as menace, vicious, shows aggression to humans, can snap anytime, etc. Isn’t it sad that this breed suffers the most among the canine family because of the hearsays? I will share another great article that you need to read to understand this breed further.