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Wacky Beauty Tips And Regimen Turn Out To Be True

By Sheryl Eleazar • April 19, 2013

A girl lying on a spa bed and getting a facial mask

Many of us follow some beauty tips and regimen that help us look good. Apparently, there are some weird and unusual things that can also be used to achieve beautiful hair and skin. Wacky though they may be, they can effectively give great results.

Is Meat Unhealthy? – Shedding Light On Meat Uncertainties

By Sheryl Eleazar • February 1, 2013

cooked meat served with rice and vegetable on a plate

“What you put in your mouth is not bad, but the things that come out from it”…is a cliché that can also apply to meat consumption. Before we give up on eating meat due to the claims and news we hear about it, let us first consider what great things meat can offer.

Smelling A Fishy Odor Even When There Is No Fish Between Your Thighs

By Sheryl Eleazar • December 14, 2012

A photo of a woman covering her nose after a bad fishy smell

A woman’s vagina naturally smells as a sign that it is healthy. Yet, when that smell becomes quite fishy unpleasant, it can be a sign that something is not right. Fishy smelling vagina can be due to different factors.

The Languages of the World: Different Tongues, Similar Words (well, almost)

By Arlyn May Bongay • November 20, 2012

Two men and a woman having a conversation in the American Sign Language

The events revolving around the Tower of Babel is a story known to many. In the story, we are told that there was a time when we all used one language until the the division of mankind and subsequent fall of the tower itself. If this is true, then this could be the closest explanation to the similar (and almost similar) words we share around the world.

5 Halloween-Worthy Events that Really Happened in 2012

By Christopher Jan Benitez • October 30, 2012

Image from Flickr.

All Hallow’s Eve is just around the corner, but instead of sharing make-believe ghost stories with gullible kids around a campfire, let’s be doubtful adults and scare each other with stories that actually took place instead.

What People Should Learn about the Philippine Cybercrime Law

By Christopher Jan Benitez • September 15, 2012

The Philippine Cybercrime Law has been suspended after much uproar from Filipinos in the social media sphere. We now look back into the events that led to the bill’s downfall and pick out lessons that we can learn along the way.

Orange, Gold, Green, Blue, Your True Colors – Yes, That’s You!

By Arlyn May Bongay • September 10, 2012

Surely the 8O’s hit “True Colors” must be more than it sounds. But this article isn’t entirely about the song, it may surprise you that this is a psychological test. Pick out your favorite color, find out how it speaks for yourself – and “see your true colors shining through”.

Rock and the White Devil – Will Listening to Rock Music Turn You Into a Racist?

By Christopher Jan Benitez • August 3, 2012

Bruce Springsteen (with Max Weinberg in background on drums) in concert

Rock music has long been criticized for songs dabbling on the occult, Satanism, and taboo topics, all of which simply attest to how the genre keeps pushing the artistic envelope to the fullest. However, a recent test seems to prove that rock music promotes a darker and disturbing side of the human race.

Eggs: High Cholesterol Aggravator or Good Health Promoter?

By Sheryl Eleazar • July 17, 2012

different kinds of eggs arranged over some green leaves in a big bowl

We have so many misconceptions about health and foods, like cholesterol and eggs. Find out the real score between high cholesterol and eggs through this post. You will be amazed to discover just how much goodness is stored inside the little oblong shell of an egg.

Wastes to Health

By Arlyn May Bongay • June 4, 2012

We call them dirty as soon as we stand up from the toilet and leave the bathroom. This is how we see our bodily wastes. However, who would have known that even as man progresses, getting a little more Neanderthal could actually be a healthier alternative?