Orange, Gold, Green, Blue, Your True Colors – Yes, That’s You!

Surely the 8O’s hit “True Colors” must be more than it sounds. But this article isn’t entirely about the song, it may surprise you that this is a psychological test. Pick out your favorite color, find out how it speaks for yourself – and “see your true colors shining through”.

Rock and the White Devil – Will Listening to Rock Music Turn You Into a Racist?

Rock music has long been criticized for songs dabbling on the occult, Satanism, and taboo topics, all of which simply attest to how the genre keeps pushing the artistic envelope to the fullest. However, a recent test seems to prove that rock music promotes a darker and disturbing side of the human race.

Pit Bull: Why Punish the Breed for Man’s Deed?

In today’s society, pit bulls remain to be the most misunderstood dog breed. This started in the 80s when this breed lost his tag as man’s best companion and used as a weapon of choice by gangs and drug lords. Moreover, it was bred to fight for everybody’s entertainment. I do hope that after reading this article, your perspective towards this breed will change.