Do Women Need More Sleep Than Men?

It is scientifically proven that women have rights to sleep for a longer time than men. You must be asking why or how? Let us now justify this with scientific reports.

Lottery Prediction According To Math – How To Pick Winning Lottery Numbers Based On Probability

If you’ve been playing the lottery for a long time now and kept losing, what makes you think you’ll win this time? It’s high time you forget your old lottery strategy for good and learn how to pick winning lottery numbers using Math. The lottery prediction based on probability formula shows patterns that will help you pick winning numbers and win the lottery in no time.

The Anatomy of the Supermom (And a Little Mother’s Day History)

May is a celebrated month for Mother’s Day worldwide when motherhood is honored and mothers almost deified with lavishment. But what makes mothers simply endeared above fathers? Is she truly the superior sex or is she a mere human being built for superior purposes?

Women’s Pregnancy Fears: Reasons Why Some Women Don’t Want Pregnancy

Contrary to presumptions of female productivity, not every woman wants to get pregnant. In the US, of the 4,000 respondents who haven’t conceived, there is a staggering difference between the 14% who are trying to get pregnant and the 60% who are trying not to. What gives?

Is Meat Unhealthy? – Shedding Light On Meat Uncertainties

“What you put in your mouth is not bad, but the things that come out from it”…is a cliché that can also apply to meat consumption. Before we give up on eating meat due to the claims and news we hear about it, let us first consider what great things meat can offer.

The Languages of the World: Different Tongues, Similar Words (well, almost)

The events revolving around the Tower of Babel is a story known to many. In the story, we are told that there was a time when we all used one language until the the division of mankind and subsequent fall of the tower itself. If this is true, then this could be the closest explanation to the similar (and almost similar) words we share around the world.