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Do Women Need More Sleep Than Men?

By Armin Dana Parks • January 14, 2017

woman sleeping

It is scientifically proven that women have rights to sleep for a longer time than men. You must be asking why or how? Let us now justify this with scientific reports.

How Reaching Rock Bottom Helped Me Take Control

By Helen Vale • November 20, 2016

rock bottom

Things that others may take for granted mean the world to me and that is because I recovered from addiction two years, six months and 36 days ago. Well, maybe I never really fully recovered, though the blessed day I stopped using cocaine, will always be present in my mind. I am a 32-year-old mother of two beautiful children – Harry, eight, and Lydia, six. I work in the financial sector as does my husband, Martin.

Lottery Can Be Predicted To An Extent According To Math

By Edvin Hiltner • June 7, 2016

Lottery formula - lottery predictions with the use of probability analysis and binomial coefficients

Losing the lottery, especially when the jackpot gets as big as the Powerball’s $1.5B record jackpot, can be devastating. However, if you’ve been playing the lottery for a long time now and kept losing, what makes you think you’ll win this time?

You Are A Money-Making Machine: Manifest & Invest

By Arlyn May Bongay • May 26, 2016

Across the globe; people, culture, religion, have many conflicting views on money. Some call it the root of evil, some claim it to be a gift from a divine patron. The saner lot who view money as a tool to secure their future, are smarter not to intervene. In stead, they focus on how they can generate more money in some surprisingly easy ways.

The Anatomy of the Supermom (And a Little Mother’s Day History)

By Arlyn May Bongay • May 8, 2016

A Pregnant Woman with the words estrogen progesterone and testosterone on her belly and the word intuition on her forehead

May is a celebrated month for Mother’s Day worldwide when motherhood is honored and mothers almost deified with lavishment. But what makes mothers simply endeared above fathers? Is she truly the superior sex or is she a mere human being built for superior purposes?

Good Vibes: The What, When, Where, and How of Humanity’s Favorite Mantra

By Arlyn May Bongay • November 23, 2015

This is not about that song popularized by the Beach Boys. This is not also about a TV series of the same name. What this may be, could be an attempt to decipher how such an abstract concept affect the human anatomy and humanity, as a whole.

Natural Light Photography: Illuminating the Beauty of the Basics

By Arlyn May Bongay • September 7, 2015

Photography has seen the times when anything practically real and natural are masked by layers of correction. The author sheds some light on the magic of natural light photography and unmasks the true beauty of captured life. She is joined by her dear friend, Jessie Villegas, a Lifestyle & Fashion Photographer and a reliable source of refreshing photos for Lifetickler.

The Ways of the Words: What Happened to Grammar and Spelling Over the Years?

By Arlyn May Bongay • June 29, 2015

Some of the new words we have come to accept and use over the time like zoosh, hacktivism, irritainment, soulpatch, tweeps, geekism, whoofy, etc.

When the world decided to change with the technology it created, language took a form of its own. It adapted. Owing to slang, abbreviated words, acronyms and disregarded grammar conduct, we have added to and omitted from the dictionary. The older generation can only flinch as the “newbies” “zoosh” the global “lingo.”

Women’s Pregnancy Fears: Reasons Why Some Women Don’t Want Pregnancy

By Arlyn May Bongay • July 15, 2013

The Author and her husband poses for their Maternity shoot; the author's 6-month belly carefully cradled by the husband's hands

Contrary to presumptions of female productivity, not every woman wants to get pregnant. In the US, of the 4,000 respondents who haven’t conceived, there is a staggering difference between the 14% who are trying to get pregnant and the 60% who are trying not to. What gives?

Human Skin Problems With Animal Names: Get to Know Them Enough to Get Rid of Them

By Arlyn May Bongay • April 26, 2013

A composite photo of Keratosis Pilaris or Chicken Skin, Stretch marks on a lower back skin and a Dry skin patch of the hand

Bumps like chicken skin, striped skin patterns like a zebra’s and reptilian-like scaly skin in nether areas and on visible body parts – these are real human skin conditions. Let’s put the clinical spotlight on these skin problems and find out if there is any way we can switch off these “animal” tendencies.