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Dog Debate: Purebred vs. Mutt

By Jeff Caceres • February 15, 2017

Most dog owners will prefer the pure breed. Some owners are fine with the mixed breed for their K9 buddies. Does it really make any difference if your pet is a purebred or just simply a mix of breeds?  Or is having a dog companion dependent on the right dog for a pet lover?

Are You Pro or Against a Long Distance Relationship?

By Anne Stephanie Cruz • April 30, 2015

long distance relationship

It is a given that long distance relationships are not for everybody. Although, the hopeless romantics believe that, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder…” there are those who know, based on experience that more often than not, in reality, this saying ends with “…for another”. Does a long distance relationship really work?

Legalize Gay Marriage: Yes Or No?

By Sheryl Eleazar • March 22, 2013

gay marriage cards displayed and sold on card shelves of Target in Tennessee, USA

Gay marriage or same sex marriage is a hot topic of debates all over the world. Take a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of this union to have a better understanding and firmer stand in this argument.

Teaching Sex Education In School: To Be Or Not To Be

By Sheryl Eleazar • January 25, 2013

Students participating in classroom discussions

Sex Education has been a topic in debates. Find out what the opposing groups of pro and anti have to say about their respective positions.

How Nudity, As An Effective Marketing Strategy, May Or May Not Be Accepted In Different Cultures

By Rene Forster • July 24, 2012

In light of recent events that occurred in Süderlügum, Germany, where 250 nude shoppers took advantage of the free shopping spree worth 270 EU (337 USD), the author wonders how other cultures or societies deal with it if they adopted the same strategy.

Crowning “Miss Takes”

By Arlyn May Bongay • May 3, 2012

A cartoon image of a transgender contestant in a Q and A portion - two hosts is asking, what is the essence of being a woman?

The Miss Universe Organization has turned heads with the recent addition of a transgender to the pageant. Online discussions argue whether or not Jenna Talackova should be allowed. But this debate delves into a different aspect in the pageantry. Is it a change in the competition or another scandal?

Live and Let Die

By Janice Antoniette Förster • May 2, 2012

A photo of a hospital patient.

The ‘Right To Die’ debate is not new. Many people argue that when the patient has a terminal illness and the pain is agonizing, ending his life terminates the suffering, soothes the situation and saves medical resources. Should we allow it or not?

Money over Compassion: Does Greater Affluence Lead to Less Affection?

By Christopher Jan Benitez • April 23, 2012

Money can buy you happiness, but, as a revealing study conducted by Berkeley psychologists would suggest, it couldn’t afford you empathy. This latest scientific discovery fuels the fire in the argument that having more money correlates to caring less for others.

Human Cloning: Concur Or Differ?

By Sheryl Eleazar • April 19, 2012

a word cloud of words related to cloning

To clone is to copy exactly what the original is. If animal cloning is allowed, then why not human cloning? If given the chance to allow or disallow human cloning, would you agree or disagree? Weigh down the advantages and disadvantages to know which side to take.

Do Violent Video Games Make People Violent?

By Janice Antoniette Förster • April 10, 2012

An image of a furious-looking young man on a game console.

Video games have been in existence for many decades. Growing concerns about their negative influence are high. Are they directly linked to youth violence or not?