Bring Your Good Luck In For 2013

Some think luck influences events in their favor. Others think luck is random and unreliable.

A few weeks ago, we welcomed the New Year 2013 based on the Gregorian calendar we are now using. A few days from now, on February 10, will be the start of the Chinese New Year of the Water Snake. As such, many of us try to integrate and incorporate symbols of good luck in the celebration.

The usual symbols (and practices) of good luck that we know are roundshaped fruits served on the table, wearing of polka dot shirts or dresses, sprinkling of on doorways and stairs and so on. Many also listen to what Feng shui experts predict to be lucky. Here are some of the expert’s predictions for this year.

Feng Shui Expert’s Predictions

Lucky colors are green, purple and blue. Of all the three color hues, blue is said to be the luckiest of all because it is the representation of the ‘water’ element. In case you do not want to invite even a hint of bad luck, stay away from yellow and red as they represent earth and fire, respectively. Apparently this color guide is not only applicable to the color of dress or shirt you are wearing, but also on the accessories you use, the car that you drive, the paint you are applying on your wall, etc.

The best day to begin a business venture is on the 17 of February while the following day, February 18, remains a favorable day for working. Other favorable dates for starting a business, giving birth or weddings are the 11th of February, the 12th of April, the 10th of August, the 9th of October and the 8th of December.

Industries likely to boon next year were those related to the water, wood and metal elements, including insurance and finance, journalism and education, and metal and mineral­related businesses…

Just as you were warned about red and yellow (colors inviting bad luck), the industries that must take heed of these predictions this year are those related the earth and fire elements such as construction, paint and property.

Time For A Facial Muscle Exercise…

Amanda’s husband has been bedridden for quite some time, yet, she lovingly stayed by his side.

One day, the husband asked that she come nearer so she can clearly hear what he wants to say. Tearfully, the man spoke

“You Have stayed by my side all these bad times. When I got laid off from work, you have been supportive of me. When my shop was mugged, you were also there. When I got sick, you were still there…You know what I am thinking?

Amanda said with her heart filled with warmth, “What honey?

Her husband replied, “That you are bringing me bad luck!”

Believing Can Be Beneficial

Many people believe in luck. On the other hand, many also believe that luck does not exist, or if it does, then it only manifests itself after a lot of hard work. People have opposing beliefs in luck and each person has his/her own reasons for their individual perspective. Nonetheless, believing in luck can do something good for us.

Research has suggested that people who think of themselves as lucky actually are lucky because they are more willing to take advantage of opportunities…

…belief in positive superstitions could have their basis in quite different mechanisms, such as the promotion of self­efficacy and optimism…

According to psychologists, there is a useful function for believing in luck. Belief in luck upholds a person’s ability to cope in disheartening events like disasters and deaths. He feels optimistic that one day he will wake up and the stream of bad luck will finally end. It promotes optimism and self efficiency. If one believes it is his lucky day, he is more confident in facing challenges and in taking risks. He takes actions that other people would otherwise not take because of the risks. Thus, believing in luck fuels a person’s motivation and willingness to act accordingly.

…you can create luck for yourself and your company by finding ways to put yourself in that right place at that right time…

Taking Some Actions To Invite Luck

So folks, luck and action go hand in hand. While it is not wrong to believe and follow predictions and superstitions on how to be lucky, we should not depend our success completely on them. To be truly lucky, we need to work for it and be inspired by our beliefs. To truly bring in and invite good luck, good fortune and success into our lives this 2013 and all throughout the coming years, here are some pointers that we need to implement.

See Where You Are

Recognize the present situation and possessions that you have and devise financial goals based on them. It may help to write down your goals and post them in places where you can often read them and be reminded of the path you want yourself to walk on.

Know Where Your Money Is Going

You worked hard to earn your money so it is only proper that you know where it is really going. Often you say that you do not actually have an idea why you are rich one day after receiving your paycheck and go broke the next day. It is not bad luck that drained your wallet but your wasteful and hasty use of it. It will be good to track your expenses for a month. You will know where each cent goes and how much more is supposed to remain in your pocket.

Spend Wisely And Save Up

In case you end up having extra bucks to spend, do not be too excited to spend them. Instead, try to save a part of this extra money and buy only what you need if possible. Who knows? Months from now, you may already have the start­up capital for that small business you were planning to put up.

Just Do It

Sounds familiar? Indeed, this Nike slogan is a very powerful affirmation that lets you think that you should act accordingly when you see the opportunity. Do not allow yourself to fail because you were hesitant and unwilling to take action.

Focus Your Mind On Success And Good Fortune

For sure, there are many things in your life that can make you feel down and disappointed. Yet, do not let these distract you from your goals. Remain positive and optimistic so you can take on any challenge that might come your way.

Plant Good Seeds

Do to others what you think is good and it will certainly come back to you. In case you feel that it doesn’t or hasn’t, at the very least, you would not feel guilty for having stepped on other people just to have things your way. You can sleep peacefully at night because you know you have not done wrong to anyone. That alone will make you feel fortunate as many people can hardly get some sleep because of their troubling conscience.