About: Sheryl Eleazar

She is a dedicated wife and mom to a smart and awesome nine year old girl. It is her family from whom she obtains her inspiration. In her spare time she enjoys reading stories or books, cooking foods (sometimes experimenting dishes of her own).

She is a licensed Electronics and Communication engineer, yet is now pursuing career different from what she has studied and trained for. It was more than nine years ago when she entered the married and motherhood life; thus bringing her to the path of a work-at-home mom.

She has been working home-based for about four years. She first worked as a virtual assistant and was then given the chance to write articles. This was just fortunate for her because writing is actually her first love. She was a writer for the school paper back in High School and College.

Many people may show signs of skepticism about her home-based job. Nevertheless, she feels quite lucky to have discovered about this kind of job; and hopes to keep it for many more years to come. She gets to work for a living while at home. With this, she is able to still find time to take care of her family and perform household chores after work.

This home-based work offers many advantages, yet also involves some disadvantages. For instance, the computer may breakdown at unexpected times. When such instances happen, she can turn to her computer technician husband for help.

No job can be described as easy; every job calls for devotion and dedication. This concept also applies to home-based works or jobs. Patience resourcefulness, creativity and more are required to become successful in whatever job a person has. This writer believes that she needs to dedicate the best she has to create written works and articles.


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