Rene Förster

RDForster, 41, is an Internet Marketer with more than eight years of online content writing experience. He has written a wide range of thoroughly researched topics on SEO components and strategies, fitness and health, entertainment, sciences, history, cars, gadgets and more.

He believes that people should not have a hard time in understanding something they read online or anywhere else. As such, his writing style is simple, direct and mostly devoid of unnecessary complicated words that tend to leave readers guessing the meaning of.

Furthermore, his experiences and exposure to different cultures have enabled him to see things from a variety of angles and consequently apply it to his writing. He was born in the small town of Amorbach in rural Germany and started his early schooling here. In the early 1980’s, his family immigrated to the Philippines.

His education centered around a strict Catholic diocese schooling system as well as classic literature authored by the likes of Alexander Dumas, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, M. Twain, Tolstoy, and Dana Fuller Ross to name a few.

His college education started in the University of the Philippines, which is where he discovered what it meant to have freedom of expression and as a result, developed an open mind. It was in the late 90’s that he had his first exposure of the Internet and with that, he found himself immersed in the information so readily available. He became a self-confessed history buff, fascinated at first with the history of his homeland and then moving on to broader and diverse subjects.

In 2004, he stopped working as an employee for a publishing company and business process outsourcing companies and decided to work freelance writing, editing and proofreading from home. It was through this line of work that he met a generous mentor that gave him the break he needed.

Combined with his perseverance and unwavering ethos, he strives to make each publication easy to understand and informative.

A husband to a beautiful and highly successful wife and father to two bright children, he currently resides in the Philippines.

Articles by Rene Förster

A Guide To Buying A Second Hand Car

There are so many things to look out for when purchasing a second hand car. Most people would advise you to study everything there is to know about the car you have your sights set on. The author of this article does not believe that you have to be a half-cooked mechanic to know what to look for in buying a car. Things can be simplified if you know what to look for.

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Understanding Car Insurance

Car insurance policies can oftentimes be overwhelming to the uninitiated. Simple understanding gets lost with all the technical jargon, acronyms, and meanings. This article attempts to get rid of all the law-talk and lay it out in more easy-to-understand terms. The author also dissects the policy into chunks to facilitate comprehension. A car insurance policy need not be complicated after you’re done reading.

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How To’s In Blogging

The author came across a small post on his Google + wall and found it very straight forward and concise that he decided to expound on the subject. The article portrays his own understanding of the crucial points of optimizing a blog. Should you wish to challenge any claim, feel free to leave your views in the comments area.

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Who Lie Better, Men Or Women?

This is an attempt to figure out who, men or women, can tell a lie better than the other. The write-up covers the basic areas where both genders tend to lie the most. Due to the extremely wide coverage of the topic, and the complexities of the human mind, this warrants your input, enlightenment or whatever reaction you, the reader, feel like sharing.

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