About: Jesse Veluz

Jesse is a PHP/MySQL programmer with more than a decade of experience in web layout, design, and coding.

His skills include HTML, cURL, htaccess, jQuery, CSS, Gimp, WordPress, and Search Engine Optimization.

He is now writing and publishing useful articles to share his own experiences and opinions. He writes about entrepreneurship, internet marketing, website development, and practical living.

As a staunch supporter of the open source community, Jesse aims to share tools he has developed for web development.

He invented the following tools that anyone can use for free:

GridFlair - A CSS framework used for developing responsive websites fast.
Dxray - A X-RAY glass see-through effect experiment using jQuery.
GFSlideshow - A lightweight fluid slideshow for a responsive website.

Jesse also works for offshore clients.

He is the programmer of WP Simple Login Security as commissioned by WealthTraders. The plugin enables two factor authentication before users can log into a WordPress website.

For complete list of his projects, visit his main website Jvcodex.

Jesse enjoys cooking for his family, traveling, and watching live bands in his spare time. He enjoys the music of Tina Arena, Sean Kingston, Eminem, Ja Rule, Black Eyed Peas, Blackstreet, James Ingram, and Linda Ronstadt. His musical tastes even go back to the oldies such as Kenny Rogers, Carole King, Nat King Cole, Elvis Presley, Beatles, Pilita Corales, Ric Manrique Jr., and Ruben Tagalog.

Jesse likes to stay in shape with a daily exercise regimen. He believes his wants and needs in life are simple: To travel, spend quality time with loved ones, and enjoy life.

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Articles by Jesse Veluz

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