Jeffrey Lumanog

Jeffrey started his writing career by accident. His wife asked him to cover some work for her because she can no longer handle several jobs. As a ghostwriter, Jeffrey already had more than a hundred articles published on different websites owned by individuals and companies from around the world.

Other than writing articles, Jeffrey has several interests that he juggles as of the moment. He is currently playing in a band as a Bass player. They play cover songs from the classic rock era like Led Zeppelin, Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, Black Sabbath, and many more. Of course, as every band would dream of, writing their own music and dreaming about becoming famous one day.

Breeding dogs is one of his hobbies. Together with his wife, they breed pitbulls, which they consider as one of the misunderstood breeds in our society. Recently they have acquired Halo, a very nice and loving pit. He’s a perfect partner for their standard pit bull, Sasha. In a couple of months, another American Bully will be joining the family. Other than Halo and Sasha, they also have Cody who is a mixed Japanese Spitz and Siberian Husky. Before the pit bulls, they had Daphnie and Marty, two pure breed Shih Tzu.

It was hard for them to lose these two fur babies. Daphnie was stolen in the early morning of January 8, 2009 and Marty died due to infection a year before. Moving on was difficult but life must go on.

Other than playing instruments and breeding dogs, Jeffrey has this 90% restored Volkswagen Beetle. He acquired this beetle as his dad’s gift in 1997. It was his first car and this started his fascination with old cars especially Volkswagens. He drove this car during his college days and he had it restored in 2000 after graduation. Until today, he is using it as his daily driver.

Jeffrey is also fascinated with tattoos. He currently has three inks, one on the left part of his neck, and two on both arms. For him having an ink is like having an artwork for the rest of your life that reminds you of a special someone or an event that is worth remembering each day.

One of his tattoos says “KILL EM ALL,” which gives him inspiration; overcome any challenge that comes into your life.

After getting his degree from the University of the Philippines, Jeffrey started working as a community development officer. They give talks to local communities and sponsor seminars regarding livelihood and many more. He also worked as a marketing staff from a small country club that gave him the opportunity to organize a car show that was participated by hundreds of car enthusiasts around the country. The event was covered by AutoExtreme of RPN 9 in 2003.

Articles by Jeffrey Lumanog

Kabang: From A Regular Aspin To An Extraordinary Canine Hero

The story of Kabang, the hero Aspin, is nothing less than humbling and heartwarming. They say dogs are man’s best friend but she proved how these four-legged brutes can be great lifesavers as well. Without hesitation, she was ready to give her life just to save the lives of her little masters. As a result, she captured and continues to capture the hearts of millions of people all around the globe. Now, more than being hailed as a dog hero, it’s time to repay her greatness and noble heart.

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Have you thought about going San Diego, California? I strongly recommend you visit this wonderful city of the Pacific coast. It is full of heritage places, theme parks, museums, shops, art galleries, beaches, restaurants, events that being held all year round, and many more that you will surely enjoy. This article will give you a brief idea on what to expect.

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Pit Bull: Why Punish the Breed for Man’s Deed?

In today’s society, pit bulls remain to be the most misunderstood dog breed. This started in the 80s when this breed lost his tag as man’s best companion and used as a weapon of choice by gangs and drug lords. Moreover, it was bred to fight for everybody’s entertainment. I do hope that after reading this article, your perspective towards this breed will change.

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