Christopher Jan Benitez

Christopher Jan Benitez is a Philosophy major with a minor in Creative Writing who has found his calling as a content provider in the world of SEO.

Professionally working for more than five years, he has produced high-quality articles for his clients and employers – both online and offline. He has gotten a lot of his written work published online as a music album reviewer on the Daily Vault, writer for Canned Thoughts, and, at the moment, a blogger for the PrintRunner Blog.

He has also made a mark in print publications as a contributor for the Life and Times section of the Manila Times in 2006 and for Men’s Health in 2010.

As an SEO writer, he has helped increase traffic with the series of articles he wrote for the site entitled “How to Divorce – The Essential Guide to Divorce.” On the other hand, his articles about the different interior design schools in the world have helped become an online authority for information about interior designs.

He is in the process of expanding his repertoire in the Internet Marketing industry by learning web design, link building, and social media.

Outside work, he plays lead guitar for the heavy metal band Descant Gott. Formed in 2005, the group remains strong after having played in numerous gigs and festivals throughout the years. Their participation in the 2006 Red Horse Muziklaban Grand Finals remains a watershed moment in the band’s history. They plan to make history once more as they are in the process of recording their album in culmination of their contributions to the local heavy music scene.

In his attempt to expand his academic endeavors, he is currently enrolled in the Anglo-American Literature program at the University of the Philippines. Putting what he’s learned in his occupation to practice, he owns and writes during his spare time for, a site about professional wrestling (It’s still real to me, dammit!) and has plans to create high converting landing pages to earn that all-important extra income.

Articles by Christopher Jan Benitez

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