Rock and the White Devil – Will Listening to Rock Music Turn You Into a Racist?

Rock music has long been criticized for songs dabbling on the occult, Satanism, and taboo topics, all of which simply attest to how the genre keeps pushing the artistic envelope to the fullest. However, a recent test seems to prove that rock music promotes a darker and disturbing side of the human race.

Money over Compassion: Does Greater Affluence Lead to Less Affection?

Money can buy you happiness, but, as a revealing study conducted by Berkeley psychologists would suggest, it couldn’t afford you empathy. This latest scientific discovery fuels the fire in the argument that having more money correlates to caring less for others.

Three Reasons Why ‘The Hunger Games’ Is One of the Most Important Films of 2012

Breaking box office records is one thing, but there are more reasons why The Hunger Games is not only turning out to be one of the best films of 2012, but also a film adaptation that stands tall over its young adult counterparts that made it to the big screens.

Surf’s Up: Ranking the Best Internet Browsers

If you think you’ve got Internet browsers all figured out, think again. Although there are popular browsers out there commonly used by web surfers, there are some that showcase better features and have more upside than the ones you already know at the moment. On this post at Lifetickler, we crack down how these browsers measure up against each other.