Natural Light Photography: Illuminating the Beauty of the Basics

Photography has seen the times when anything practically real and natural are masked by layers of correction. The author sheds some light on the magic of natural light photography and unmasks the true beauty of captured life. She is joined by her dear friend, Jessie Villegas, a Lifestyle & Fashion Photographer and a reliable source of refreshing photos for Lifetickler.

Real Time Parenting: Additional Tips to Your Never Ending List of Parenting Strategies Part II

How many tips on parenting do parents really need? As in the seemingly endless opportunities in parental growth, mothers and fathers alike should keep their minds open to new suggestions. The author, a modern mother-of-three millennials, continues with five more pointers. This is part two of her list.

Real Time Parenting: Additional Tips to Your Never Ending List of Parenting Strategies Part I

For modern day parents who hope to make ends (and timing) meet, we have consulted every blog post, every Pinterest board, Google suggestion, Yahoo answer, and friendlier advice that do not require technology. But then of course, parenthood challenges are unique in every household. Here are a few more, as experienced by the author, which might lend another parent’s hand.

The Ways of the Words: What Happened to Grammar and Spelling Over the Years?

When the world decided to change with the technology it created, language took a form of its own. It adapted. Owing to slang, abbreviated words, acronyms and disregarded grammar conduct, we have added to and omitted from the dictionary. The older generation can only flinch as the “newbies” “zoosh” the global “lingo.”

Women’s Pregnancy Fears: Reasons Why Some Women Don’t Want Pregnancy

Contrary to presumptions of female productivity, not every woman wants to get pregnant. In the US, of the 4,000 respondents who haven’t conceived, there is a staggering difference between the 14% who are trying to get pregnant and the 60% who are trying not to. What gives?

Dear Mr. Abercrombie & Fitch, The World is Round and Beautiful – I Hope You Get the Gist

Women will kill to get what they can when it’s Sale Day. But when women (and teens alike) kill themselves just to fit into the jeans that their society decides they couldn’t fit in, someone must take the blame. Mr. Mike Jeffries, here is what we have to say.

PINTERESTing: A Look Into PINTEREST (And How It Could Work For You)

Today, Pinterest’s ridiculously easy one­click curation system has become a platform for artists, bloggers and even entrepreneurs. Here is a little PINTERESTing history and how Pinterest could work for people from different walks of life.