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Arlyn May Bongay

After a brief albeit memorable experience in the hotel industry as a PR and Marketing Communications Specialist, Arly May “Amber” Bongay has made peace with the reality of being a full-time mother. Recently giving birth to their third child, her career has taken a backseat and is presently enjoying life as a mother of three beautiful girls. Although most often (if not always) bogged down at home with Mommy duties, she continues to be an advocate of Violence Against Women, HIV & AIDS Awareness, and Financial Education. She was awarded last year by a popular newspaper in their city as the Performing Artist of the Year for her outstanding performances in Eve Ensler's Vagina Monologues, which is her participation in the advocacy for Women's Rights. She chaired the second photo exhibit on expressive photography for their campaign on HIV & AIDS for the second year and she is a happy distributor in life insurance, where she practices her advocacy for Financial Education as a Licensed Financial Advisor and soon a Registered Financial Planner. That and she is happy to maintain her role as a tickler of life.

She owes her diverse knowledge in other fields to her educational background. She took up Architecture in College then Nursing as a second course and proceeded to a short course in Massage Therapy. So while being a certified Draftswoman and Massage Therapist, she is also a spokeswoman for health and welfare organizations. To further extend her views in life, she became an English and Soft Skills trainer for a leading American call center.

But her writing goes a long way back to Grade School where she began as a staff writer. She eventually worked her way to college as a scholar-Editor in a school publication for a known University. Even then, she has contributed not only to the college paper but to the popular newspapers in her city until today. She is the author of two original plays, one which has been staged twice.

She is married to Jumbo Vedrero Bongay. They now have three deliciously named daughters, Jam, Jelly, and Jube. She is still thinking of pursuing her dreams of publishing her long-biding novels.

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