Are Home Security Systems Worth the Money?

A break-in often conjures powerful images just like what people see in the movies of black-clad thieves deliberately and expertly bypassing complex security systems using sophisticated technology. This then provides a misconception that only those equipped with such technology and the very wealthy homeowners are vulnerable to burglaries.

In real life, however, most burglaries occur within three to five minutes and are accomplished by thieves gaining access to the easiest entry points, such as the roof, open windows, or a door with locks that are easily taken apart. Thieves usually test the window or turn the door handle, in case the homeowner forgot to secure it. A common method of entry is to break down the door at the locking mechanism. Sometimes, all it takes is a forceful kick to open the door. The same goes with windows – if a window is large enough to fit a person, they will break open the window and enter the house through it.

Stay Safe with Security Systems

It is important to understand what happens during a forced entry to provide homeowners with an idea on how to secure their homes adequately. Home security does not need to be very expensive, nor does it need to be complicated. While changing the locks every so often and destroying the keys can work (ensuring that all the previous keys are destroyed), it can be troublesome. You need something that is reliable, yet something that does not need constant maintenance.

Incorporating security features in your home from the time you are building it is a good idea because you no longer need to worry about it once your home is finished. It can also be cost-effective because you no longer have to allot another budget for it in the future – the cost is already included in the initial budget. It also means that from day one, your home is already safe from intruders and thieves. Needless to say, in building your home, security is one thing you need to discuss with your contractor or designer so that you can secure your home while keeping it aesthetically pleasing.

Protect Your Valuables

This is where home security doors come in very handy. Doors do more than just accessorize a home – they are its safeguard. Installing a door with added protection instantly upgrades your home’s security.

A main door made of sturdy wood, such as mahogany, gives your home a rustic yet regal appearance to your home. These doors are usually pre-hung, with two panels that are weather stripped and bronze finished hardware. You can opt to have a working speakeasy window with a grille so that you can see who is at the door anytime.

You can also opt for a heavy duty door made with Galvan neal steel, which is extremely durable and secure. It can even slow down the spread of both fire and smoke. The only downside to this strong steel door is that it has a very industrial design, which may not work with homes that do not have a minimalist design. You can, however, paint it with colors that suit your home’s look, as it is simply bare metal.

Additionally, here are some features that ensure your front door does not get compromised by burglars:

  • It should have no glass near the doorknob, to prevent them from opening the door from the inside.
  • It should be made from solid material, preferably hardwood and steel. Fiberglass might be an appealing option, but remember that it can crack with enough force.
  • It should have a strong deadbolt because it stays closed even with a credit card swipe or a forceful kick. It should extend through the door frame into your home’s framing.

Home Security Equipment

A security window is often overlooked because homeowners tend to focus on higher technology solutions in securing their homes. It is one of a home’s weakest point of entry because much of the investment is placed on solid locks and doors.

Here are some features you might want to consider for your windows:

Reinforced glass

You may choose tempered glass, which is more durable than traditional glass, making it more difficult to break. Laminated glass also works, or you can look into wire mesh glass or bullet-resistant glass. Burglars would have to strike repeatedly in the same spot to break into a safety glass, which makes a lot of noise, which can definitely serve as a deterrent for them.

Iron bars

You can also opt to have iron bars installed because even if thieves manage to break through the glass, they cannot squeeze through the bars to enter your home.  If you fear that your home will end up looking like a prison, keep in mind that you can opt for decorative window bars that can be customized to suit your home’s design.

Invest in these products today, because home security should never be taken lightly. Your home should be safe and secure at all times.

Photo Credit: George Hodan