Cause Of Early Hearing Loss Linked To A Genetic Mutation Of An Inhibitor

By Paul Harrison
Amidst all the confusion of the most probable causes of early hearing loss, a new study conducted by researchers of the University of Melbourne has shown that there is a very strong possibility that early hearing loss may be brought on by a genetic mutation of the SERPINB6 inhibitor.  Download here

Fun and Bizarre Ways of  Making Money on Fiverr

By Christopher Jan Benitez
Money isn’t the only thing that makes the world go round but fun and bizarre things as well! For those looking to find ideas or ways on how to make money  online, maybe you’d like to read some of the strange yet effective services people have been selling on Fiverr.  Download here

How to be an Online Marketer in 20 Minutes: Promote Your Site Like a Boss

By Christopher Jan Benitez
A website needs to be promoted to be seen and heard. If you forego marketing your site to the public, you not only prevent yourself from showcasing how awesome you are, but also waste the opportunity of being more than just a guy who has a website. Learn the ins and outs of promoting your site through online marketing to improve your site traffic and receive the praise you deserve.  Download here

Bring Your Good Luck In For 2013

By Sheryl Eleazar
Do you know what your lucky colors are? Do you know if it is your lucky day? Do you believe at all in luck? Believing in good luck is not bad, provided you do not simply rely on it in order to succeed in life.  Download here

Is Fiverr Worth Your Time And Effort Or Not?

By Sheryl Eleazar
Wondering where to get $5? Check out, is a place where you can buy and sell almost any kind of gig for $5. Gigs here can vary from crazy hilarious to professionally serious. As with other websites, has advantages and disadvantages to offer.  Download here

Facebook and Google Make Moves for Battle Towards Online Supremacy

By Christopher Jan Benitez
With Facebook acquiring Instagram and Google+ making subtle yet immense changes to its user interface, the online world watches as two of the biggest online market share owners stand their ground in this tense and compelling online fight to the end.  Download here