7 Ways to be Romantic Without Being Pretty Cheesy or Corny

So how can you be a little less cheesy and still express your indefinite love to your partner? Here are a few ways.

1. Pay close attention to the little things in love

Sometimes these things can really be that trick up your sleeve to an improved relationship. An example scenario should clear this thing up.

Say for example your partner has forgotten his/her lunch at home. If you have some time to spare, drop into his/her office with a special lunch of his/her choice. This might look pretty simple on the hindsight but the look on your partner’s face will be priceless.

2. Talk to your partner about your day and those good old days

That’s a great way to spend your evening. Do remember that nostalgia can really be one of the keys to ignite the passion yet again.

Talk about how you spent that day; whether it was interesting at work or was full of boredom. Ask him/her about his/her day. Talk about the ways you miss your good old days. This conversation will definitely lead to something romantic.

3. Do something simple

Sometimes simple things are capable of making you a standout person among the crowd. These also have the best result.

Do simple things like take a walk with your partner. Fresh air can work wonders. Is it romantic enough? You bet it is!

4. Surprises can be an ace in the hole

You can use surprises to your advantage. Everybody loves a surprise gift. But the traditional gifts like the roses and chocolates aren’t novel enough to serve your purpose. How about something different? How about something that can be free, beautiful and comes right out of the blues for your partner? Surprises you wanted; surprises you’ll get.

You can opt to send an ecard to your partner to express your love for him/her. Several free online ecards with beautiful designs and fonts are available on the internet. So this entire activity is just a piece of cake and can happen within a matter of minutes. It is simple but nonetheless, pretty effective.

5. Always be genuine about your love

If you are genuine with your partner, you might be sure of this fact that your romantic efforts will be well-received. Figure out the things of your partner that you really like and compliment him/her on it. Don’t just lie to him/her by stressing on unnecessary things or saying things like “everything about you is beautiful.”

Statements like that would not be well-received because your partner will be able to detect this fact that you are not being completely honest with him/her. Another thing is that don’t compliment him/her all the time, because that is where you get too cheesy. Timing is everything.

6. Do some meaningful things for her

Gifts like chocolate and flowers are romantic. But like we said before, those are traditional gifts that look good at the start of a relationship. But with time, those gifts lose their true meaning. How about you do something meaningful for your partner for a change? That will have a positive effect on him/her and can also make him/her feel extra special.

7. Take a break and go on a holiday

This should always be a part of a well-organized plan. You should inform your partner of this earlier so that both of you can take necessary leaves from your respective offices at more or less the same time as per convenience. Then just pack your bags and go. Nothing’s more romantic than a holiday where both of you can spend quality time with each other away from work, away from home and most importantly away from stress.

Being cheesy isn’t going to help much to ignite the passion between you two yet again. But the ways highlighted above can definitely help you in that endeavor of yours. We wish you the best of luck and a happy romantic life yet again.