6 Most Popular High-Tech Wedding Trends To Look Out For

Let’s go through a few of the most popular high-tech wedding trends to look out for in 2017 that can give your party that X-factor you’ve been craving for.

1. Using drone for wedding cinematography and photography

Cinematography coupled with still photography are considered a part and parcel of every wedding party. The demand for skilled wedding photographers is still quite high. But do remember that the very skilled photographers don’t use the traditional camera set up to take photos anymore.

Drones are the new hot topic of wedding photography as well as cinematography.

With these drones, you’ll be able to capture the aerial footage of your weddings in a jiffy. Who doesn’t like a bird’s eye view? Almost nobody; right?

2. Robot bartenders for all your cocktails and mocktails

Isn’t that exciting? Course it is. It’s going to add to the excitement of your party and increase the level of fun a level or two.

Satellite bars are considered to be one of the hottest wedding trends of all. And the best thing of getting a satellite bar is a robot bartender that comes with it.

Your robot bartender will be capable of serving your guests drinks and entertain them at the same time with various cool tricks. Want to up the wow factor? Get a satellite bar in your party straight from the pages of a science fiction novel. Well, it’s part of the reality now.

3. Hi-tech wearables capable of tracking movements

Wearable technology’s become extremely popular these days. The same thing is perfectly applicable in the case of weddings.

Integrate hi-tech wearables in your wedding plans to make the day more memorable. With these devices, you will be able to track things like heart rate, pulse rate, movements etc.

Now you will actually be able to answer questions like: ”How fast was your heart beating at the time of your first kiss?” Isn’t that neat? You bet it is.

4. Hire a mirror photo booth

Photo booths are fun and are usually considered the heartbeat of every party. How about giving your photo booth a high-tech touch?

Get yourself a mirror photo booth.

Mirror photo booths are the latest of all photo booth concepts. These photo booths capture full-length photographs through the use of a touch screen based reflective surface. Just strike a pose and let the booth work its magic. You will be able to customize the photos inside the booth itself.

Your photo would be printed within ten minutes. That’s pretty neat; isn’t it? High tech stuff you wanted, high tech stuff you would get for sure.

5. Incorporate a 360-degree live stream of your party

This one’s done mainly for those people who failed to attend your party for any reason whatsoever.

Through 360 degree videos, people would be able to get a 360-degree cinematic view of your wedding and visualize each and every significant incident of your wedding in minute details.

Several videographers have incorporated this technology in their wedding cinematography projects. They also provide the options of an app through which you will be able to send out personal invitations to the invitees who can then watch the 360-degree live stream on their respective mobile devices.

6. 3D print your wedding decorations

3D printers have created a huge buzz in this technology-oriented society. With the passage of time, they have become cheaper and also readily available.

You can incorporate this technology in your wedding decorations. 3D printed decorations can be an inexpensive and stylish alternative to traditional decorative items. The best thing about this is that you are pushing up the hi-tech stuff of your wedding on one hand and your budget’s getting cared of on the other.

So what do you think? Aren’t these ideas cool? Of course, they are!