10 of The Most Unique Homes On Airbnb

Since Airbnb hit the real estate scene in 2008, many guests are choosing the short-term rental platform over traditional hotels. They offer some of the most unique experiences to explore a city or local area, and have all the amenities and comforts of home. All over the world, homeowners are renting out their properties to wanting travelers seeking more out of their vacation. With that in mind, here are ten of the most unique homes you can rent on Airbnb around the world.

Windmill In Amsterdam

A few miles outside of Amsterdam, you’ll find a romantic windmill that looks just as adorable on the outside as it does inside. For roughly $200 per night, you’ll enjoy a three-bedroom property with huge wooden beams, a garden, and a spectacular view of lush green plains. The owners live just two miles away. For an inside look at what it really means to live in windmill, check out their documentary called “The Art of Windmill Maintenance.”

Airstream Trailer in Southern California

California is home to some of the most amazing views in the country, and arguably the world. From Echo Park real estate views to San Francisco hillside terrace views, Californians and visitors alike have it good.

Called the “Malibu Dream Airstream“, this Airbnb stay is one of a kind. It’s hosted in a traditional, converted Airstream trailer and overlooks the Santa Monica mountains as they roll down to the Pacific ocean below. The interior was stripped down to its aluminium studs and redesigned with large frameless glass panels. The trailer is connected to an outfitted deck for unrivaled sunset and sunrise views. For more photos, check out the host’s property Instagram page. The property has also been featured in Country Living Magazine, and several other publications.

Barn In California

Dubbed “The Love Nest,” this barn is located in Morongo Valley, California, and is home to a variety of animals that visitors are free to feed and play with. The property also features a “Draft Horse Saloon” where guests can play pool, ping pong, and horse shoes––or just have a drink. Above the barn is a private room with an old-fashioned clawfoot tub in the room, and an outside bathroom. Fall asleep with a million stars and wake up to the sound of distant roosters.

Capsule Tower In Japan

The historical multi-cube shaped Nakagin Capsule Tower was designed by Kisho Kurokawa in 1972 and is a are example of Japanese Metabolism––a modernist movement that symbolized Japan’s postwar cultural resurgence. The building was the world’s first capsule architecture built for residential use. And now, during your trip to Japan, you can visit it.

This capsule is one of the earliest examples of efficient living, and you’ll see exactly what we mean when you enter. Every piece of furniture and feature is tucked away into easily organized corners and crannies. Some even suggest that staying here feels reminiscent of being in a rocket ship or a building built in the future.

Anyone with an interest in architectural history should definitely give this place a try. And probably sooner than later, since there’s been a major tug-of-war over whether the building should be demolished, thanks to its costly upkeep.

Seashell House in Mexico

The Conch Seashell house has had its share of architectural fame and popularity. It even has its own entry in the ever-popular travel book Atlas Obscura. The white sea-washed property is shaped just like a cluster of conch seashells, and on the Isla Mujeres in Mexico, it offers fantastic proximity and views of the Caribbean. The house was designed by famous Mexican artist Octavio Ocampo. Like its exterior, the interior design is reminiscent of the sea, but will all the necessary comforts of a lavish home.

Plane In France

With this unusual and quirky listing, guests can stay on a true plane accessed via an attached deck. The interior of the small jet has been completely gutted to fit a bedroom in the cockpit, a living room, small kitchen, and bathrooms (in the original bathroom area of the plane).

The dining room seats are traditional airplane seats with seatbelts, and the experience feels nothing short of traveling on an airliner. It accommodates four people, and from late spring to early fall, guests can even enjoy an on-site pool and water slides. The plane is also located just two minutes from the Tharon, Pornic and Saint Brévin beaches.

Cubehouse In Rotterdam

The cube houses in the center of Rotterdam are more than just a sight to see––this is one of the city’s most iconic attractions. The cube houses were designed by Dutch architect Piet Blom. In this unique residential development project, the homes are cube-shaped apartments tilted 45 degrees.

Those interested in learning more about the apartments can explore the Show Cube Museum, while those who want a more personal experience can book a Cube House apartment. There are three levels to the cubes, which has two bedrooms and is centrally located.

Yacht In Italy

Why stay on land when you can stay on a yacht? This Airbnb yacht experience in Italy is for all the water enthusiasts around the world. The yacht is located at an Italian fishing town in Cinque Terre, close enough to all the main attractions, but far enough from tourists to offer a more local, cultural experience. With six beds, the interior has plenty of comfortable space and is dressed in rich mahogany wood.

But more interesting than its decor is its history––the boat was originally constructed in 1948. According to its Airbnb page, “For fifteen years the boat stayed in Sicily but in 1965 came back to the Sailing Club ‘Italy’ in Naples and in 1968 in Rome. Around 1971 it was bought by an executive of Banco di Napoli and returned to the capital of Campania to be sold again in 1975 to George Peruffo. Finally in 1983, the boat meet the actual owner and found the friendly waters of the Ligurian coast.”

Campground, South Africa

The Giraffe View & Zebra Safari Tent experience on Airbnb is unparalleled. This building-tent hybrid in South Africa has two bedrooms, a private deck, fire pit, picnic table, and hammocks. The interior is built from stone, canvas, and wood. But most importantly, from the comfort of your own “home”, you have the chance to see free-roaming zebra, giraffes, and other animals. Most visitors also see plenty of animals on the drive in. The hosts live nearby and run safari services; an optional excursions well worth the trip.

Castle In Ireland

Whether you’re hosting a wedding party or just gathering a group of friends, there’s no doubt that renting an entire Irish castle will create lifetime memories and an extraordinary experience. The 19th-century Wilton Castle in Ireland has seven bathrooms and seven bedrooms. It sits nestled in the banks of the Boro River, and as of now, hasn’t received anything less than five stars across the board from its visitors.

Though the house is considered luxury accommodation, complete with modern fixes, upon exploring the castle, you’ll find old-world ruins and dungeons. On any given day, you’ll see cows roaming pastures and roads nearby. Upon arrival, the host is happy to share the history of the castle and educate you on the local area.

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